How Shahrukh became Gaurav in the movie Fan


Enchanting prosthetics and a lot more efforts brought to screen helped in to bring live to Gaurav.  Hollywood make up artist Greg Canon created the whole 3D prosthetic makeup look. Greg said, “Normally he take 10-15 days for such transformations but he had to do this in just seven days.

Prosthetic is the process of using prosthetic sculpting, molding, creating and casting techniques to make advanced cosmetic effects.

Perhaps, it is not just SRK who should enjoy all the credit for Gaurav – VFX technology, digital enhancing, prosthetics and a lot more effort together with Khan’s engaging acting skills brought to screen the character that is now ruling hearts.

To fortify a realistic grade that worked with the emotions and story, over 500 hundred hours were spent grading the VFX plates and fine-tuning for the grade of the movie, Ken added.

Gaurav’s making and character required a lot of research and prosthetics makeup. The irony was, Gaurav had to look alike yet different.

It almost took Shahrukh khan four five hours daily to put on silicon based prosthetic makeup which is created by Oscar winning makeup artist Greg cannom. That’s how Shahrukh turned into Gaurav and wins accolades.


7 Gym Goers essentials products

We all love to work out and burn our fats. A lot of hard work and conviction goes to make a desirable built. Every gym bag has some essentials. Our advice fills your bag with these below mentioned items and set yourself up for a more lucrative workout. Whether you’re just starting out or have been doing it for years, you’ll benefit from our picks.


Breathable clothes– Without good training clothes, you will always juggle in between the workouts. If you are going to hit the gym after work, remember to pack some breathable clothes which are neither too tight nor too loose. It should be breathable.


A good towel– Needless to say you are going to sweat heavily but nobody wants to sit in their own sweat. So own a good pair of towel to keep sweat at bay.


Right shoes– According to ones need one has to choose from varied ranges of shoes available like cross-trainers or running shoes or training shoes. Choose your shoes according to your workout regime and have an extra pair of it.


Gym accessories – are always attractive and great head turning impressions .You can choose from colorful training socks to cool designer gym bags to funky wrist bands.


Music– A cool music is must. A fast beat music motivates you to work out more. your personal selection will always keeps you going to have a great workout sessions.

images (4)

Shaker bottle– A gym bag can never be complete without a cool shaker bottle.  You can always use it for all of your refreshment needs. It can surely keep your pre- and intra-workout supplements, water or protein shake.


Facial wipes or facial tonic mist– To keep you face cool ,disinfected and refresh wet wipes and facial mists are a must have. Facial tonic mists gives you are very refreshing feeling after heavy sweated workout.

So gym goers, with these tips keep it stylish.

Image Sources: naturalsupplementreviews, sportsdirect, super-lavanderia

Bollywood raving on Bardot top

Bardot top is the latest summer fashion style which is ruling the vogue. Picking on its summer-infectious vibe, Bollywood beauties are going the Brigitte Bardot way with off-shoulder and ruffled tops. Here’s the celeb brigade, doing it their special way.


Lisa Haydon does it quite effectively and effortlessly. White Bardot top is a hit collection this summer season. She teamed it with a gold glittery pant and a laced black choker. In short she owns the look effortlessly.


Sonakshi Sinha- is another actress who aces the look. She paired her white Bardot top with a black midi. It’s a very high fashion look yet with a easy-breezy vibe to it. She completed her look with dewy makeup and straight hair style. The off-shoulder style is simply summer perfect.


Prachi Desai- in her best fashion forward phases. She is looking like a fashion diva. She definitely this time did it like a pro. The Bardot-inspired top wore by Prachi is a cropped version done with noodle straps. Steal the style in the noodle strap Bardot inspired top with panache. Nail this look with a super cool bob cut, a black tortoise shell glasses and berry red shade lip color.


Athiya Shetty: does it in a very elegant and alluring manner. Even the choice of blue shade is very dreamy and gel with the vibes of summer. She teamed it up with a rigged jeans and cool glares. Her fashion sense perfectly defines why less is more.


Alia Bhatt: is looking very adorable in her stunning striped Bardot top. She teamed it up with a printed skirt and is looking astonishing every bit. It’s an ultra feminine soft girlie look with very natural rosy makeup.


Deepika Padukone: Brings in the boho style with the trending flared bardot top. She teamed it with denims and silver sneakers. She wore the casual look with a classic twist.

shraddha kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor:  Pleated perfect Bardot’s style in white is simply ravishing. The neck brace just add on to the look. She completed her look by teaming it with denim; blow-dry loose curls and mesmerizing red lips.

So ladies, what’s your Bardot style are?


Turkish Bath or Hammam- Retreat and relax


Turkish Bath better known as hammam is the Turkish variant of roman style bath. It’s a method for deep cleansing and relaxation. Turkish bath is similar to that of a sauna but with a twist of ancient Greek and Roman bathing practices. The Turkish bath or hammam starts with relaxation in a warm and high temperature room that is heated by a continuous flow of hot, dry air, allowing the bather to sweat heavily and freely.

Procedure: On entering the Turkish bath or Hammam, the first room is much like the changing room with wooden benches around the perimeter of the room, and hooks to hang your clothes while you are getting ready for the Turkish style bathing experience. There are ladies on duty as you enter and you will be given a black soap (olive oil soap) for exfoliation of the skin and a lava clay. Afterwards the scrubbing process will start. Moving on from the changing rooms, you will passed through huge tiled rooms with domed style ceilings filled with steam and shower panels and you have to recline all over the floors to receive steam and perspire. After performing a full body washes with a black soap and receiving a massage bathers finally retire to the cooling-room for a period of relaxation and rejuvenation.

In Turkish baths mostly lining of the walls were tap with piping hot water from which we filled our buckets before retreating back to the mats. To start with slosh the water all over yourself, then you are covered in black soap and therapist penetrates the pores to remove excessive dead skin. In the hammam baths spa’s mostly conveys the atmosphere and magic of oriental bath, with a pleasurable relaxing atmosphere. It’s a very effective treatment with numerous healing and retreating properties. Traditionally, bathing sessions ends up with oriental pastries and mint tea.

Image Source: theistanbulinsider

7 Trendiest Nail Art this Summer – Latest Nail Arts

Summer is back with the bang. In summer, everyone wants to feel fresh and keep themselves cool because there is already too much warmth in the air. Now feel the summer with the trendiest summer nail art. We have selected 7 most fashionable trending nail arts for our lovely ladies.

Watermelon nail art: Watermelon is the fruit I could easily associate with summers. Water melon nail art is a very lively nail art.


DoI: While making a nail art always apply a nail tape to protect your skin from the nail paints. Use three base colors in the shades of green, red and forest green and for making dots you can use black nail paint. Take a sponge and dab it on your nails using red, green and parrot color and you can make black marks by a pointed brush. Finally seal it with a top transparent coat and voilà the water melon nail art is ready.

Vibgyor Gel nail art: Gel nail art is relatively easy and it instantly gives you a look as if your nail art has been done by the professionals. Vibgyor nail art is young, fun and flamboyant. All you have to do is mix the different hues on your nail and seal it with a top coat. Vibgyor nail art is quiet trending.

nail art designs

The other two trendiest nail arts will be based on summer vacation theme: When we say summers vacations seems to go hand in hand. We all to go to summer vacations, don’t we

Beach sea shell star fish nail art: Ever body loves a beach holiday. Beach evokes liveliness in all of us. To make a beach inspired sea shell nail art you need three base colors white, blue and sandy golden preferably glitter and a stencil to outline a star fish design. Take a sponge and add three colors on it blue, white and sandy golden. Damp it well on your nails to finish a design with a help of stencils draw a star fish and seal it with the top most coat. You are ready to hit the beach with a stylishly done nails.

nail art

African sun set nail art: It’s an African vacation inspired nail art. Take base color in yellow, orange, black and tangy orange. You have to be good with brush holding and making a tree, a giraffe out of a brush filled with a black color. Its highly innovative and attractive nail art right now.



Pattern base nail art:

Color fun ice cream nail art: ice cream nail art needless to say go very well with summer theme. We all like ice creams. Play your own color riots and add princess pearls to your nails and you are ready with the fun filled ice cream nail art.

ice creamnail art

Fruit nail art: pineapple based design is currently coming in all the running fashion design. You can add stick of coconuts, banana and pineapple as shown in the image. You can change the base color as per your preference and mood.

fruits nail art designs


Pastel manicure: It’s for those who like simple soft feminine look. Choose any two contrasting pastels colors like peach and blue, pink and blue, lime and mint green and add a silver lining to it. You could modify it by adding shells, stars, and hearts to get an extra personal touch.

 summer nail art

The Unseen Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

Have curly hair!! And don’t know how to style it? Here is your style guide for short curly hair. Short curly hairstyles are donned by many celebrities these days. Especially when the summer is approaching everybody is tempted to get their curly hair shorter. Generally curly hair texture is thick and heavily voluminous. For high end fashion look, opt for a spiky curly strand. Here’s listing the most unseen short curly hairstyles for women.

  • Curly vintage style: This curly bob style hair cut is trending the most. Indian celebrity Kangana Ranaut has been spotted in the same trending curly hairstyle. If you are blessed with natural curls then this is most fashionable hair style which you should willfully opt for. This haircut style looks very charming and aristocratic.

 vintage curls

  • Textured curly hairstyles: Short curly haircuts for curly hair are very simple to style into a textured pixie hair cut. Curly hair has natural volume and bounce; spiky strands style for a curly hair gives a very contemporary and high fashion look.

textured pixie cut


  • Retro short haircuts for curly hair: Retro-style hair cut usually looks fabulous on short curly hair. It instantly gives you a diva like sophistication and glam on. This hairstyle looks good on all the face types.

retro short hair


  • Balayage highlights: Balayage highlights look very appealing on curly hair and this particular hairstyle is often use by the hairstylist to soften your facial features and if you face tends to look little harsh then this is your haircut.

bayalage hairstyle

  • Curly bangs: Curly bangs bring instant glamour to you boring hairstyle. Use a texturizing serum to get curly bangs. Curly bangs are also very in this summer season.

curly bang


  • Perfect spirals: No curly hairstyle is complete without a perfect spiral hairstyle. It’s one of the timeless curly hairstyles. This particular hairstyle looks good on an oval face.

perfect spiral

  • Afro– A bold choice to go for. It’s an enduring and daring hairstyle. This hairstyle works better on coarse hair and tight textures than the loose curls because you require the volume to get the fullness.


afro hairstyle

  • Curly shag: If you have a curly hair texture like Rihanna then definitely curly shag is your hairstyle. It is fuller towards the roots and feathery at the ends. This hairstyle works for those who have square faces.


  • Modern Tight curls: Get chopped, your curly hair to the nape of the neck. It gives you a very modern, contemporary and stylish look. This short curly hair style looks really good on round faces.


modern tight curls

  • Tuble down curls: Ask your hair stylist to cut your curly hair really short and let your front hair tumbles down. The front hair should have long bangs which could be made into side swept bangs too. This hair cut looks ideal on elongated face.


  • Partially pinned: It’s a simple sleek look that brings all the attention to your stunning face! This style is apt for those with medium length hair and an oval shaped face.


partially pinned


  • Completely tousled: This curly hair style is a perfect way to frame and enhance your face and bring all the attention to your facial features.

completely tousled


  • A symmetrical curl: This is quite thrilling and outsparks hairstyle. Those who like Goth- look mostly opts this hairstyle. This hairstyle looks best on those who has a square face or define jaw line.


  • Exquisitely coiled curly hair look: These curls are glittery, neatly coiled and frizz free.    All types of face shapes with hair that is naturally curly can achieve this look.

coilded curly

  • Faux bob: This curly hairstyle gives you a glamorous makeover instantly. Again all face    shapes with hair that is naturally curly can achieve this look.


  • Classically edgy: It’s a very fashion forward hairstyle for curly hair. It’s a very formal hairstyle and best part is this hair style will work with any face shape and all hair densities.

classically curl

If you’ve been blessed with natural curls, then these are the trendiest and running short-curly hairstyles. It is also true that some of the ladies aren’t fans of their naturally spiraled tresses and this is likely because they aren’t quite sure how to style them. We these styling tips you sure going to love your curls. With above mentioned short curly hairstyle, you’re sure to rock and become a total lover of your naturally curly hair.

Kazo summer collection 2016

Kazo’s summer look book is here. It’s fun, stylish and full of colors. So we picked some of our absolute favorites which are a must have in your summer wardrobe.

Vanesa Top Kazo– It’s an off shoulder spaghetti strap top available in peach and pink shade. It is made up of BUTTER GEORGETTE and is absolutely trending and will be hot selling product this summer. Team it with a rigged jeans and turtle shades and you are good to go.

vanesha top

Patricia Top-It’s a band neck front overlap top. It is in poly fine twill. A very sheek design available in tangy orange color.

patrica top

Sarah Shirt– This cucumber color is very easy and pleasant to the eyes. A perfect attire for your corporate meetings. It is a Shirt with spread collar with lace yoke detailing made up of poly light moss.

sarah tshirt

Hannah cape– It’s a pretty floral printed cape. Instantly fell in love with this one. It’s a semi fitted one. You can go on a movie viewing and it is also a very good option for your summer brunch.

Hannah cape

Lauren Top-Its one of my favorite in the entire Kazo summer collection 2016. Its a printed textured fabric. It is a printed front overlap crop top. A must have in your summer wardrobe.

lauren top

Theresa Jumpsuit– This off Shoulder Culottes length Jumpsuit just adds oomph’s and oomph’s to your personality. Carry it with a white oversize beach hat or with a soft braid look.


Zuilie Dress-It is a Overlap tulip dress with clasp detailing on the waist in supreme white color. It is a heavy moss twill plus poly interlock. It gives you an instant glamorous diva feel.

zullie dress

You can buy all these summer outfits @ So pretty ladies have you bought any of these from the latest Kazo collection. If yes sent us you fashable photo wearing #Kazo summer collection2016 and get a chance to be our summer diva of the month.

Trend Alert a half bun

Half bun is trending very much these days. Doing the half bun is so simple, and the best part is that it suits absolutely any length or hair type. Every other celebrity is seen with this look.

How to make a half bun?

  1. Brush your hair well and divide it into two parts.
  2. Tie the top half with a hair tie and make sure the ponytail is tied tightly.
  3. Gently tug and tease the tied hair to add a little volume and make your bun look fuller.
  4. Twist the ponytail around the base where it is tied, and then secure the bun with a few bobby pins.
  5. Brush or style the bottom section of your hair that is let loose and finish off by making sure the bun is in the shape you desire.

What things you will need

  • A comb
  • Bobby pins
  • A hair tie

This style could be perceived a bit odd to some of the people. It’s a very casual look with some kind of madness streak to it and unlike many hair styles, the “bun” works well with any texture hair. If you find it too enduring to your sober personality you can do this hairstyle in gym.

The art of dressing upon floral design

With spring setting in, floral designs are back in vogue. As the weather gets warmer dark shades of the winter are replaced with soft pastels, heavy materials replaced with lighter fabric and florals hit the racks again to bring out the warmth in dressing. Floral designs have inspired designers through different eras in creating attire that makes a style statement. Be it in the form of huge flowers in a flowing maxi dress or small flowers in the casual shirt or using an ornate flower brooch to wear on the fancy saree, floral designs can be worn on just about any occasion.

Whether you choose to wear that georgette maxi dress with huge floral print or that pretty floral top or the latest skinny leggings with floral print there are many ways to get the floral dressing right to go with the spring look. Here is a simple guide to refer to when choosing florals so as to highlight your feminine side subtly without overdoing the flower power.

Picking the size of floral print you choose to wear:

If you have a tiny built you can go ahead and choose the dress or the top with bold floral print. This helps in adding to your persona giving you a bolder look which would be subdued if you went with tiny florals. Similarly, if you are on the heavier side, you may want to go with smaller floral prints that give you a smaller appearance. Flowy tops with soft fabric go great with small floral prints and look chic too. Younger girls should opt for smaller to medium size floral look why the older women would go with the bolder florals.


Floral print accessories are awesome to try when going for the floral look. Sunglass frames, hair bands, bandanas and scarves, belts, shoes, purses and whatever you can imagine can be experimented with. The trick to being remembered here is to be subtle and don’t go overboard with the floral print. For instance, a plain peach dress will go great with a pair of floral stilettos, but a floral dress and floral stilettos would make you look like a flower garden.

Create your own edgy style statement:

If you have the right body frame and are willing to go with a powerful floral look, go with a pair of denim or white shirt paired with floral leggings to make your own style statement. Floral shorts with plain t-shirts of pastel shades are a great trend to look out for to get the chic look. Be creative and mix and match to create a look that you will own.

Go floral bohemian style:

Dressing floral for the beach party, experiment with different hair accessories to go with your floral party dress. From wreaths to floral hair pins to using actual and real flowers, style as you please to get the right floral look you desire.

While florals are almost a blind trend for women to follow, always remember to be subtle to bring out the best from your design and try to go neutral rather than being stark. This is two keywords to remember when wearing upon florals designs.

Sustainable Fashion: A debatable topic: Green is the new black

Eco fashion these days is highly debatable. Sustainable fashion is a new revolution to fashion industry. Eco fashion is done with a motive to enhance the purchaser awareness of social and environmental concerns on the clothing manufacturing sectors.

Sustainable fashion can best be bore in by creating sustainably designed products which inflates the longevity of a garment. There are certain reasons behind the formation of the sustainable fashion movement and one of the major reasons is the rapid fashion phenomenon. According to the various research reports, low-cost clothing flies off the shelves faster, so now the brands have started focusing on cheap garments with short lead time. Recent studies conducted on carbon footprints in the United Kingdom were actually triggered by excess clothing bought by customers, which dangerously increases the rate of carbon dioxide emission into the environment, setting off alarms in those uprooting for sustainable fashion. People want to buy more garments every season even after knowing the fact that they are going to discard it at the end of the season. With this blog we aim to put a light on Consumers psychological behaviour which has to be changed to implement the sustainable fashion movement.

 Motive of debate

Sustainability, by definition, should meet and pile up with current generation needs without compromising future generations. The major trial in sustainability is the cooperation of all suppliers of individual components. They have to be ethically secured and accountable for various arenas like labour to transportation from factory to retail outlet, aftercare and disposal of garments.

For the fashion industry, green is the new black to focus on sustainable practices. According to a site source, “Several incidents in the twentieth century helped the rise of conscious consumerism. One is the fire in a Nike factory in Indonesia due to poor working conditions, resulting in protests and boycotts by employees and the media. And now Twenty-four years later, Nike is one of the leading companies in implementing sustainable practices.

Brands like Levi’s have showed implementation into the lifecycle of their garments to raise consumer awareness about sustainable fashion. A case in point is Levi’s Care Tag For Our Planet initiative and several big brands like Gucci, Calvin Klein, MK, Stella McCartney and Puma are also stressing on sustainability.

Ouch, Concerns of fashion industry

After the oil and gas industry, the fashion and textile sector is the most polluting, because each stage of a garment’s life cycle threatens our planet and resources. To produce a kilogram of cotton which is equivalent to one T-shirt or a pair of jeans requires more than 20,000 litres of water, one of the major resources. About 8,000 types of chemicals are used in the conversion of raw material into garments. If some clothes do not sell or when they go out of style, they land in giant landfills, adding to the pollution. So love you planet and join hands in sustainable fashion plead.

Fashion for Skinny and Curvy girls

Women can spend hours in front of the mirror trying to figure out what attire suits them most. Fashion trends come and go but to wear your own style statement is to understand your body type and wear the fashion that compliments you. While every woman dreams of having a combination of the perfect waistline and the perfect curves, very few actually have it. Respecting your body type and dressing accordingly is what your personal fashion is. Here are style tips for the skinny and curvy girls that go a long way in creating your own style statement.

For the skinny girls:

For many you are an object of envy. While there are people struggling with weight issues, you may be dealing with complexes of looking too thin. For the skinny girls, there are a few style checks that go a long way in wearing your personal style statement.

Loose and baggy clothes are a strict no:

While you may think loose clothes add a little weight to your skinny figure, they actually make you look like a hanger. And hence, opt for clothes that flaunt your body. If you find clothes are not available for your size, it would be worthwhile to alter them and stitch them as per size to fit.


Fabrics that cling or are thick both work great for skinny figured women as they tend to accentuate their figure.

Colors & prints:

Dark colors especially black make women look slim, so avoid it. Go for lighter shades with huge prints like florals that add curves around your frame. Horizontal stripes are also a great option for the skinny girls.

Dress pattern:

You are lucky that you don’t have to worry about picking up that flared dress. The flares and layers in tops and in skirts are a great way to add an illusion of curves. Also chunky accessories make you’re otherwise tiny frame some weight.

Hiding thin arms and legs:

Sleeveless can be best avoided by skinny girls as it makes the arms look very thin. Go in for three-fourth sleeves, blazers and puffed sleeves to avoid highlighting very skinny arms. Similarly for the legs, go in for pants with a little flare at the bottom, such as boot cut. Shorts that puff up around the hips add on the curve factor for the skinny girls.

For the curvy girls:

Being plus size can be very demoralizing sometimes when it comes to picking the right fashion. Here are a few handy tips for the curvy girls that would definitely help you in picking clothes that highlight your curves.

What to wear:

Jeans and skirts are the best bit for the curvy girls. Tight jeans hug the curves at the right places giving legs an overall skinny look. Similarly, A-line or pencil skirts give you an overall leaner look.


Oversized clothes are nothing short of a fashion blunder, but the key her is to get loose clothes that do not cling. This just means getting the right size between oversized and tight to fit and highlight your figure right.

Colors and prints:

Dark colors and small prints make a great combination for the curvy women. However, you can select bold prints as long as they don’t make you look huge.
Undergarments: Invest in the right kind of undergarments as they are the foundation for your outfit. Right undergarments can actually help camouflaging the ugly bulges.


Avoid fabrics like wool that make you look bulky. Go for soft cotton that would not stick to your body and will leave you cool and comfortable even for the hot seasons.

Skinny or curvy, there is very little you can do to completely transform your body type but dressing as per your body requirements in what fashion is all about. Most importantly, fashion works for you only if you are comfortable in what you wear and confident about carrying it, after all, being a true fashionista is all about being what you are.

Women Wardrobe Essentials: New color to your wardrobe

Many times, we don’t realize but a closer look at your wardrobe, and your wardrobe only reflects a certain color, a black or blue or any one color. This is the time when you know you need some change and add some color and zing to revamp your wardrobe. A boring wardrobe can be very depressing and can even reflect upon your moods and personality. There are many simple ways in which you add that splash of color to your wardrobe without being too bold. All that you need to keep in mind is to be experimental and open to new things to incorporate in your wardrobe.

1. Bags:

stylish handbags

A bag is one accessory that one can really play around with. Have you been sticking to a brown or a black, well it’s definitely time for you to change that one. A small clutch or a big bag that has the whole world in it, you can leave your inhibitions aside and try funky colors and prints to add some zing with this accessory you carry. Stop thinking a black bag goes with every outfit, experiment with a green or a tangerine and how you add style with that little stroke of color.



Add some color to your wardrobe by getting some trendy scarves in vibrant colors and different prints. Scarves are an inexpensive way to add style to a regular and boring outfit. They are cheap and no one stopped you from stocking multiple scarves in checks, floral, neon, or block colors.



A beautiful and smart neck piece is all that you need to add a vibrant splash of colors to your attire. Beads, chunky stones, Contrast shades, metals, neon colors pick the style you desire and wear colors that make the world look at you.

4.Lip and Nail colors:


Lipsticks and nail paints are the easiest ways to add the dab of color to your style. While browns and maroons were the most commonly worn shades, the trend today has moved to wearing the most unconventional shades. Hot pinks to a deep wine lips and dark neon for the nails are the new trends that let you color yourself pretty.


summer shoes

A plain white of black t-shirt with jeans can be just turned into a fashion to look upon with just a bright pair of flip flops or the pretty floral wedges. Women’s footwear has never been restricted to one color and there are just no rights or wrongs when it comes to mixing match. So go ahead and add a dab of fresh color to those pretty feel.

6.Coats and Shrugs:

women coats and shrugs

A black dress becomes colorful with a floral summer jacket. Printed jackets and bright shrugs have been a trendsetter and it really helps stocking up on them to pair it with your outfit the day you are going low. Bright and vibrant prints in these jackets are sure to pep you up instantly and let you walk around in colorful elegance.

7.Hair Accessories:

hair clips

There are gorgeously cute hair accessories around be it funky hair bands, bows, rainbow clips or even the fun tiaras and wreaths that you can use to add color to your everyday wardrobe. The glitter or mattes or the multicolored whatever you choose to dress your hair, just make sure you wear it with ultimate confidence.

There is nothing more demotivating than waking up to a drab and boring wardrobe. So, just go all out explore skirts, pants or even socks to add in that element of color and transforming your wardrobe into a rainbow of colors.

Graduates: What to wear to an Interview

‘Dress to make an impression’, the phrase makes sense for every dressing but holds a lot more significance when it comes to graduates going in for an interview. It is important for a graduate to dress smart, as you want the people on the other side of the table to take you seriously and not consider you a kid just out of college.

While being fashionable and trendy is one thing, it is important to not let fashion take over the better part of you as the objective for an interview is the interviewer should remember you and not your attire. Smart and crisp fashion are the keywords to remember when it comes to interviewing fashion for graduates or anyone for that matter. While what you present as your achievements is one part of the interview, one needs to ensure that how you look and dress works in your favor by presenting you in the best possible light.

There are some checks that a graduate should bear in mind so as to not wrong with the interview dressing.

1.How to dress:

You have seen people wearing serious business suits when they go for business meetings, this should be your foundation when you start thinking of your interview attire. An interview is not the place or time to experiment with clothes, accessories or perfumes. Avoid stark and bold patterns, funky jewelry, contrasting colors and an overdose of your favorite perfume. Look neat and tidy. While every industry dressing demands are different interview basics remain the same. Being creative is okay but being formal is a must.

2.What to wear:

For the boys, it’s okay if you don’t want to wear a formal suit but a smart formal shirt with well-fitted trousers is a must. Jeans is a no whether it is for the boys or the girls. Accessorize with a smart belt and matching shoes and ensure you wear your formal socks and leave the funky ones in your wardrobe.


For the girls, formal skirts, button shirts, formal trousers are all great to go with for interviews. Be careful on the colors and be subtle. Another important point to remember is to completely avoid tight, ill fitted or too short dresses when going for an interview. Ensure your clothes are well ironed. Accessorize with comfortable formal shoes and keep the jewelry simple and minimal. Avoid wearing accessories that make a lot of sound as that can be very irritating and distracting at an interview.


3.Hair and Makeup:

For the men it is best to avoid goatees, stubble, long hair and beards. It is best to go with a clean look well shaved, short hair neatly gelled and combed. For the ladies, again hair should be neatly combed avoiding open hair. Women tend to fiddle with their hair and hence pulling them back into a ponytail is the best hairdo for an interview. Go easy with the makeup. You are just a graduate and young, stick to minimal makeup that makes your natural shine. The dark smoky eyes are not for an interview. Energetic eyes with a simple dash of kohl and eyeliner and well-defined lips with neutral or formal lip colors are the only makeup that you would need for an interview. However nervous you may be, get a good sleep previous night as you don’t want to carry puff eye bags with you at the interview.

What you wear at the interview will be interviewer’s first impression of you and your personality and hence take time and effort to get it right. Most importantly, wear your confidence and a bright smile which will be your biggest winner at the interview.

A Positive Mind Helps You Lighten Your Skin Tone

Mahatma Gandhi once very truly said, “a man is a product of his thoughts”. Coco Chanel, the icon of fashion and fragrance also withheld the belief that real and long lasting beauty comes from within which is further enhanced with proper training as long as one feels good and confident in his own skin and wears a positive attitude. Many other icons have carried forward the belief that ‘happy girls are the prettiest girls’; all of them reiterating the importance of letting happy and positive thoughts dwell in your mind rather than give room to negative thoughts in your mind and soul.

It has been scientifically proven that a positive mind and approach to life leads to a healthier and radiant skin. Positive thoughts and relaxed minds are like a vitamin boost for your skin and helps as an immunity booster for the skin.

To understand the relationship between positivity of mind and the wellness of your skin, there are some basics that need to be understood:

1.Your skin mirrors your emotions:

Do you ever feel that you get your ugly acne and unjustified boils whenever you are feeling sad, or negative. The PH of the skin suddenly goes for a toss when our mind is not in the right frame of mind. Stress and negative thoughts even darken your skin tone far more than what the UV rays of the sun can. While human mind can never be free from problems, it is important to balance out negatives with positives. When you know you are stressed, it becomes all the more crucial for you to practice simple breathing and meditation exercises. These stress relieving exercises are known to have a deep impact in calming the mind by increasing the oxygen supply in the body.

2.Stress and anxiety affect the skin color and the body energy levels:

Deadlines, exam pressures, dealing with relationship problems are very few of the many stress and anxiety issues that affect our minds. Did you know every time you are stressed or your mind thinks negative, it puts your internal system of a hormonal rollercoaster that first thing impacts your skin tone. Negative emotions make your body resilient to stressors and affect your body’s ability to release neurohormones that combat the stress hormones. These hormones as the result give your skin a tired and worn out look and make your energy levels go down immensely. The next time you see the dark circles increasing you know the root cause lies within.

3.Positive thoughts substitute the world’s most powerful skin cream:

To stay young and beautiful, you don’t need a botox; to keep your skin spot free, you don’t need a spot corrector; all that you need to inject is your mind with some positive thoughts. Positivity of mind is the best help and remedy to obtain clean and problem free skin. Exercise, morning walks and everything that can help you relax will leave your skin feeling fresh always. Staying hydrated helps you wash away toxins that build negativity in your system and also help in keeping the skin fresh and young longer.

4.Positive thoughts are a result of positive habits:

Positivity of mind is not different from positivity in practices. What you practice will determine the health of your body and mind. An individual who practices healthy habits produces far more stress fighting hormones than the ones who don’t. Breathing negative habits like smoking, only harm your body and mind’s stress fighting ability, in turn, affecting your skin and system. Always wear your self-confidence and look at yourself as the best solution for your own problems.

Always remember doing what you love will help you stay positive and happy and hence invest most of the time in doing what you are passionate about. Staying happy and positive is the best that you can give your skin and your beautiful skin will only stay thankful to you for the same.

Best Designers from the Globe

With the world in the midst of globalization, fashion and fashion designers today have gone beyond boundaries to leave their mark. The fashion industry is booming and evolving and while Milan is still the fashion capital of the world, new avenues are emerging. Designers and designs have made an impression and become the household names beyond the countries where they operate. Let us look at some of these best designers and their inspiring signature collections that have left a mark on their fans.

1.Ralph Lauren:


He is not a designer but a brand that the fashion industry vouches by. For decades, he has been a name that has provided a uniform for the elite. The most known brand from his stable Polo has created a collared shirt empire known for being crisp fashion. He infused color and comfort in men’s wear making it the most preferred brand for the elite.

2. Jason Wu:

Jason Wu

The budding designer shot to glory when First Lady Michelle Obama wore his one-shouldered white chiffon studded with Swarovski crystal dress and his talent for exquisite formal wear shone. Full-length designer gowns, huge and gorgeous bows and silk headscarves are some design elements that are unique to the Wu collection.

3. Victoria Beckham:


A style icon herself it was only natural for the former spice girl to start designing clothes herself. Beckham labels have won accords in 2011 and 2014 for bringing out best women wear collections at the British fashion awards. What is really noteworthy about the Beckham collection is their posh and classy workwear fashion. She also came out with a great collection of loose and breezy wear to go with denims.

4. Thakoon Panichgul:

Thakoon Panichgul

This Thai-born designer living out of New York has become a known name in the fashion industry for blending distinct influences and styles into his sporty and chic collections. From silk and delicate gowns to organzas, his eye for style and detailing sets him apart making him a niche brand. In fact, his limited addition line created for Gap was sold out right at the start.

5. Erdem Moralioglu:

Erdem Moralioglu

This Montreal-based designer is a new and fresh name in the fashion world. Inspired by florals and pastels, his recent collections have made pastel tinted aesthetics a trend. Also, his custom designed graphic prints are highly appreciated.

6. Marc Jacobs for Brand Louis Vuitton:

Marc Jacobs

The most respected brand in the industry, Vuitton was initially into designing luxury luggage which extended its line with Marc Jacobs into the ready to wear lines. The designs flaunt textures, graffiti and urban accents and textures giving fashion a whole new dimension.

7. Anna Sui:

anna sui

Anna Sui the American fashion designer is a leading name and brand with her exclusive line of clothing, perfumes, cosmetics and accessories. Sui’s research is fashion is unparalleled and results in a gorgeous fashion that can be one’s addiction. Her designs exhibit modern attitude and spirit in every sense.

8. Manish Arora:


An Indian name, well known globally, Manish Arora is one of the most celebrated names in the fashion world for his unique designs that blend Indian heritage with contemporary fashion. He launched his own label ‘Manish Arora’ and also designed exclusive collections for the iconic French fashion house Paco Robanne.

While these are just a few of the many notable icons in the fashion industry, tell us your favorite picks of fashion designers and their designs that inspire you the most.


Bollywood celebrities go traditional way

Festive season has already begun. This Diwali dress like as your favorite celebrity do. From canary yellow to pastels shades all colors are very in this Diwali.

  1. Kareena Kapoor Khan-looks absolutely in this canary yellow salwar suit . Kareena wore an Anarkali gown fashion and it was heavily embroided with off white thread work.She goes minimal with the jewellery with a stunning plaited hair do.kareena
  2. Aishwairya Rai Bachchan – wore a black and gold Sabyasachi outfit.Sheattended the L’oreal x Femina Women of Worth Awards 2015 in this gorgeous attire. She completed her black appealing style with sky high heels and bold red lips.Aishwairya Rai Bachchan
  3. Amy Jackson and Lara Dutta– look amazing in neon shades of pink and orange lehenga .The sheer dupatta adds to the glamour.So this Diwali bling in style like Amy and Lara.Amy Jackson and Lara Dutta
  4. Jacqueline Fernandez-wore it elegant way. Jacqueline wore a pastel saree for Anamika khanna show. She kept the makeup minimalistic and wore jasmine garland over her hair. JacquelineFernandez
  5. Deepika Padukone –wore a Designer NettedAnarkali Churidardress. The churidar dress is embellished with zari and embroidery and full sleeves with floral designs on it. The color was easy and breezy to the eyes. She looks like a beautiful damsel in this attire.deepika-at-launch-of-song-deewani-mastaani-9
  6. Sonam Kapoor– ivory suit indeed looks royal and elegant. She wore it at promotion of Prem rattan Dhan Payo .She looked absolutely amazing .With pearl Mang tikka and royal ring she looks like a princess. You can go for bold hues and orange shades to ape this look.sonam
  7. Kriti Sanon– She was dressed in a grey tank top style blouse and Grey lehenga with gold jewellery at Amazon India Couture Week 2015. The lehenga was heavy embellished with heavy golden zari work. This outfit was completed by the red dupatta.kriti sonam


What to wear at card parties?

Are you invited for a card party? All this talk of card parties around Diwali made us think about what to wear and how to gamble in style.Indo- fusion and contemporary outfits really go well with the essence of the card party. Here are some outfit ideas that you can refer to for a Diwali card party evening.
To begin with a card party is no place to flaunt your heavy designer suit so for something subtle yet fashionable.
1. Kaftan tops and cigarette pants– Kaftan always look nice when you have to wear something Indo fusion theme. Team it up with sleek pants and potli clutch to complete the look. Go for lemon, hot pink shades .It is a very versatile wear.kaftan lemon
2. Contemporary Saree– Contemporary Saree with a nice drap and embellished blouse always look great.You can opt for a velvet jacket blouse or imported fabric blouse. Go for indigo blue color or black color to add more charm. To complete the look carry a clutch and cocktail ring and keep rest of the look minimalistic.deepika-padukone-in-mirror-work-saree
3. Crop top and maxi pleated skirts– crop tops is a versatile buy. You can team it up with cowl pants, dhoti pants and at card parties you can wear it with a pleated skirt. Team it up with wooden boho jewellery.sonam crop top
4.Geogrette central cut kurti and palazzo pants-If grand is your style then palazzo and cut outs is going to be your  perfect attire with Card party. Team it with crystal blingy stilettos.Geogrette central cut kurti and palazzo pants
5. Silk kurta and A line pants– Silk kurtis are very in and are going to be very chick and classic this season. Team it with A- line pants for slimmer look.Complete the look with traditional chappals.Silk kurta and A line pants
6. Mirror work Sarees -is in vogue and is higly trending. Go for pastels shades and pearl jewellery to complete the look. This will stand you apart at card parties.Mirror work Saree
7. Evening gowns– Evening flowy gowns look very nice and elegant at card parties. Go for bold lips and minimalistic accessories if you are going to wear flowy gowns at card parties. To accessories you look have fun clutch.gown
So ladies buck up and gamble in style on this Diwali Card party. Have Fun.

Mirror Work – The newest trend in traditional fashion

Mirror based work is getting quite popular these days. It’s looks very chick and pump up the whole outfit in seconds .Be it Saree, Lehenga or Kurti mirror embellishments just looks simply amazing. Here are a few ideas using on how mirror work can play pretty with fashionable and stylish couture too.
1. Deepika padukone in salmon mirror work -Sarees Bordered with Round Mirrors just look very nice and traditional Abd salmon color is always a hit in festive season.deepika-padukone-in-mirror-work-saree
2. Nargis Mirror gown-Designers ace Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla presented a fun way to wear traditional gown and how to play with mirrors on a choli. This Diwali stand out with this traditional mirror gown.Nargis Fakhri-In Abu-Jani-And Sandeep-Khosla-Outfit-AT-amfAR-India-2013 (2)
3. Mirror blouse– In this outfit Tabu is spotted wearing mirror blouse and red saree. Mirror blouses just add more to the needed sheen in the festive mood. You can team up your mirror blouse with warm color sarees.Tabu-red-saree
4. Mirror embellished kurtis– Kurtis with mirror work look very enriching this Diwali. With mirror work surpass the look for the festive season.mirror kuti
5. Geeta basra mirror lehenga-is perfect outfit for our Bff’s reception and you can also use it easily at festive season. You can go for indigo blue, golden hue and mustard shades for this season.harbhajan-singh-reception
6. Play with grey and ivory colors– Designer Purvi Doshi plays with mirror work the new trend on grey and ivory colors. Team it up with a nice passa or a dangler.Designer-Purvi-Doshi-mirror-work-Designs
With mirror work, keep the makeup and jewellery minimalistic.

Who wore the best Halloween Costume 2015?

Spooky spirits, Haunted mind and Scary fashion all become synonyms to each other on the Halloween eve. This year Halloween costumes are taken to the next level when celebrities get into the spooky spirit. Here are our top picks of this year Halloween get up.

  1. Katy Perry– in the most creative outfit .She wore a mic drop outfit and pulls it off very spookily.katy perry
  2. Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend Casper Smart– look very spooky. Look at the contact lenses it says all. Couple wore creepy and skeleton makeup with their all-black outfits. It was looking dreadfully stunning. J.Lopez called it “Haute courture skeleton2. Jennifer Lopez and her boyfriend
  3. Heidi Klum-Heidi Klum dressed up as iconic character Jessica Rabbit from “who framed Rogger Rabbit”. Prosthetics and make up have really done wonders here.rabbit
  4. Kourtney Kardashian and her team-She dressed up in golden and red jumpsuit supported with a mini team.4. Kourtney Kardashian and her team
  5. Ashley Fink and Will Sherrod – pulls out the look quite creatively. Ashley worn a witch outfit inspired from wizard of oz.5. Ashley Fink and Will Sherrod
  6. Sonam Kapoor – joined the Wednesday Addams Family in her grown-up age. Her costume was designed by Dolce and Gabbana.With dark lips and lots of kohl she really made it spooky.Halloween_Sonam
  7. Lady Boner: Colton Haynes as Ursula. He just nailed the outfit. The wig, makeup, prosthetic work and outfit are all on point and create devil magic. He went out of the way. A big spooky applause for him. He captured the true spirit of Halloween.Colton-Haynes-Dressed-Up-Ursula-From-Little-Mermaid

For me Colton Haynes won hands down and nailed the Halloween costume and spirit completely. So Fashionistas, let us know who in your opinion wore it best in this Halloween.

DIY- Hair mask- The secret of soft looking hair

Tips to apply Using a hair mask after shampooing prevents it from drying and getting rough. It adds to the natural layer of oil on your locks and gives dry hair a shine as well as bounce and strength. There are variety of hair masks such as almond hair mask, ginger hair mask and orange hair mask. Masking your hair weekly repairs it very quickly. It helps in repairing the damage hair and smoothens the hair cuticle which gives your hair a very natural hair glow and bounce. It also prevents fuzziness.

Tips to apply hair mask

  • After shampooing your hair gently squeeze out the excess of water from your hair
  • Comb you hair well with a wide toothed comb to avoid tangles and hair breakage
  • Take a coin sized amount of hair mask in your hands and run it through the length of your hair
  • Start by massaging your scalp well and good for about 5 minutes and then gently smoothen the mask in the downward direction
  • Keep on the hair mask for about 10-15 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly first with lukewarm water and then will cool water to seal the cuticles of your hair
  • You are done with masking and rinsing your hair

Nourish your locks well with hair masks