Graduates: What to wear to an Interview

‘Dress to make an impression’, the phrase makes sense for every dressing but holds a lot more significance when it comes to graduates going in for an interview. It is important for a graduate to dress smart, as you want the people on the other side of the table to take you seriously and not consider you a kid just out of college.

While being fashionable and trendy is one thing, it is important to not let fashion take over the better part of you as the objective for an interview is the interviewer should remember you and not your attire. Smart and crisp fashion are the keywords to remember when it comes to interviewing fashion for graduates or anyone for that matter. While what you present as your achievements is one part of the interview, one needs to ensure that how you look and dress works in your favor by presenting you in the best possible light.

There are some checks that a graduate should bear in mind so as to not wrong with the interview dressing.

1.How to dress:

You have seen people wearing serious business suits when they go for business meetings, this should be your foundation when you start thinking of your interview attire. An interview is not the place or time to experiment with clothes, accessories or perfumes. Avoid stark and bold patterns, funky jewelry, contrasting colors and an overdose of your favorite perfume. Look neat and tidy. While every industry dressing demands are different interview basics remain the same. Being creative is okay but being formal is a must.

2.What to wear:

For the boys, it’s okay if you don’t want to wear a formal suit but a smart formal shirt with well-fitted trousers is a must. Jeans is a no whether it is for the boys or the girls. Accessorize with a smart belt and matching shoes and ensure you wear your formal socks and leave the funky ones in your wardrobe.


For the girls, formal skirts, button shirts, formal trousers are all great to go with for interviews. Be careful on the colors and be subtle. Another important point to remember is to completely avoid tight, ill fitted or too short dresses when going for an interview. Ensure your clothes are well ironed. Accessorize with comfortable formal shoes and keep the jewelry simple and minimal. Avoid wearing accessories that make a lot of sound as that can be very irritating and distracting at an interview.


3.Hair and Makeup:

For the men it is best to avoid goatees, stubble, long hair and beards. It is best to go with a clean look well shaved, short hair neatly gelled and combed. For the ladies, again hair should be neatly combed avoiding open hair. Women tend to fiddle with their hair and hence pulling them back into a ponytail is the best hairdo for an interview. Go easy with the makeup. You are just a graduate and young, stick to minimal makeup that makes your natural shine. The dark smoky eyes are not for an interview. Energetic eyes with a simple dash of kohl and eyeliner and well-defined lips with neutral or formal lip colors are the only makeup that you would need for an interview. However nervous you may be, get a good sleep previous night as you don’t want to carry puff eye bags with you at the interview.

What you wear at the interview will be interviewer’s first impression of you and your personality and hence take time and effort to get it right. Most importantly, wear your confidence and a bright smile which will be your biggest winner at the interview.

Zara trending autumn style

Zara collection is always exclusive and every fashion lover owes one for sure. Autumn is here and Zara is all decked up with their high on fashion autumn collection. You just cannot have enough of it. I personally cannot wait to tell you what exclusive Zara has to offer this autumn.

My look book goes below

  • Zara ‘s Mohair cape – It is just stunning, whether it is stitching, design or color . I cannot take my eyes from it. A wonderful outfit to update your wardrobe mohair cape
  • Zara embroidered jacket – Its gives you a very rustic feel. The thread work is just amazing. It perfectly describes the boho in you.embroired jacket zara
  • Zara kimono style blazer –Kimono style blazers are here for stay. This high end autumn style is very in for this fall. I love the teal blue shade team it with black leggings and you are ready to make a style statement.kimono blazer
  • Zara’s stripped style poncho– Ponchos are back in vogue. This is a daring and unique fashion. I love the use of beige color in this poncho .It’s a stunning outfitstriped poncho zara
  • Zara’s cape jacket– So you have a secret love for Goth and gothic look but cannot wear it day to day. This cape jacket is a tailor made solution for you. The cape style jacket is the onlytruly new-season coat update around for this winter. cape blazer zara
  • Quilted Jacket – Quilted jacket are always perfect and safe buys for winters. If you don’t like too much of drama in your style then quilted Jackets are perfect for you. It is elegant and sophisticated much on high trending fashion.quilted jacket zara
  • Knit wear Zara – This knit wear by Zara enhances your feminine side. The intense charcoal gray gives it a require aesthetic. Team it with your stylish trousers and you are ready for stylish winter strolls. It is simple yet impactful.knitwearwoman zara

This autumn warm it up with Zara


Inglot lip paints for fairer skin type

While buying a lip shade we keep several factors in our mind such as shades type, lip shade pigmentation, brand and price. It is equally important that while you are buying a lip paint for yourself, you must considerate your skin type. Considering your skin type will only enhances your lip beauty. For example I feel dark matte colors such as red wine, purple and coffee brown shades look better on gals having dusky complexions. Here are top 5 Inglot lip paints that suits more on fairer skin type.

  1. LIP DUO LIPGLOSS ANDLIP PAINT SHADE NO.11– This one is tailor made for fairer skin type. Inglot lip shade number 11 is very in. At the same time, it also compliments your skin type perfectly. It’s a perfectly pigmented, cream- gel consistency based lip gloss.lip shade 2 inglot
  2. LIP DUO LIPGLOSS AND LIPPAINT SHADE NO.19-This Inglot Red shade is a very risky shade, if wore incorrectly. Wear it when you are wearing darker outfits such as black, red and emerald green. It comes with enriched Vitamin E and emollients.inglot 19
  3. LIP DUO LIP GLOSS AND LIP PAINTSHADE NO.22– Play safe with this shade of Inglot. The gloss, the paint and the hue all works very well for the fairer skin type. This shade is very versatile you can wear it anywhere and it can never go wrong.lip paint 22
  4. AMC LIP PAINT SHADE NO. 59- It’s different and it’s outstanding. This Inglot shade provides a very good coverage and its biomimetic peptide formula stimulates collagen synthesis gives you a fuller and long lasting glossy effect. This raspberry color inspired shade is very striking and very wearable.shade 59
  5. AMC LIP PAINT SHADE NO. 57-This shade is very magical and it also gives you a very nice coverage. It has a cream gel consistency so it works very well for those who have chapped and dry lips. Shade 57 can be worn on a day to day basis. It gives you a very natural look.amc lip paint 57

Hope you like this compilation of Inglot shades and yes you have to remember the exact shade no. as slight variation in shade number and you might ended up buying another shade.

Bebe trending dresses

Bebe outfits are something that every fashionista cannot do without. Bebe outfits and its collection are always delightful. In this post; will list some of the hottest trending Bebe’s outfit.

Jacquard tile mock neck tops – It’s a cove table mock-neck knit top detailed by striking high-contrast jacquard-tile motifs. Back keyhole gives it the required edge. Fabric details 66% Rayon, 33% nylon, 1% spandexbebe black nd white

Sequin mesh dress– this one is my personal favorite, a perfect party outfit. It’s a long-sleeve dress in sheer mesh detailed by an opulent, artful sequin design and partially lined. Fabric details for the outfit is 100% nylonmesh dresh

Lace trim sheer Ponte dress– If you like peplum styles then this one is for you.A stunning take on the black peplum trend, this luxebebe dress comes with a peplum, gold lace details with a daring sheer mesh top. Pair it with nice pair of black suede boots and golden neck piece.Fabric details 68% rayon, 27%, 5% spandex.bebe peplum

Anika  Billowsleeve top– Ultra-chic crepe style top with a slit billow sleeves and unique geo-stud detail. It gives you a daring bohemian vibes. At the back it comes with a gold tone Bebe logo.Team it with black leather pants and aviators. Fabric details 97% Polyester, 3% spandexanika-billow-sleeve-top

Ottoman mock neck crop top– It’s a super-sultry crop top in a rich ottoman jersey, flaunting a sleek mock neck, open back and strategic seaming that emphasizes curves with an exposed zip closure.Fabric details 95% Polyester, 5% spandexbebe military

Body con midi dress– Emerald green color is never out of fashion and is very high on glamour quotient. Bodycon Midi Dress features a zip back closure and a lovely silhouette that shows off your fabulous curve quite well. Team your dress with lovely clutch bags and opt for coffee brown or icey coral lip shade will help you enhancing your look. Fabric details 88% Nylon, 12% spandexbebe green

Petite faux leather dress– It’s a beautiful faux leather dress with a cap sleeves and a unique front curved slit. Don’t go for faux leather dress if you have bulges as it will highlight that area even more prominently. Fabric details 55% Cotton,45% polyurethane.faux leather dress

So hope you like our top picks of the day and have a happy shopping.

How to wear peplum right way?

Peplum styles making quite rounds these days.Many celebrities also have been observed adoring this look off lately. The peplum trend started last year and looks like this trend is going to stay this year too. You can choose from peplum dresses to tops, skirts, shorts and even pants. Peplums work best for women with hourglass figures but different peplum styles flatterdifferent kind of body types. There are different kind of peplums namely gathered, flared, pleated and lots more. Peplum makes your hip area look voluptuous and cinches the waist.The smartest way to wear a peplum top is to pair it up with a pencil .skirt. Choose the color wisely! A wrong selection of hues could make your peplum appear over the top.

How to choose a right peplum style for yourself?

Whether you are choosing a jacket, a top or a peplum style.  Choose your peplum style according to your body type. In this post we will share how to carry your peplum the correct way.

Gathered Peplum– This works well when you want to create a curve at the hip area which makes your waist appear cinch .If your body type is straight with a defined waist, then this one is for you.

gathered peplum

Flared Peplum-This style of peplum flares has a straight fit. The waist of the flared peplum typically is not as cinched as it is in other styles. If you are heavier at the bottom this kind of peplum will flatter your body type.

flared peplum

Pleated Peplum– Pleated peplums are the most flattering ones on any kind of body shapes. It can make you slimmer around your waist area. It accentuates and hides your flaws at the same time.

pleated peplum

Men Fashion for Summer

Beat the heat in style with fashable guide to summer fashion.

Working daysralph-lauren

  • Let’s start with Working days. For the office day try cotton trouser with a slim fittings Ralph Lauren Polo.

Weekendsmen fashion

  • For weekend go for sport shoes with worn T shirt and swim shorts.

Let’s think out of the box

  1. Shades – I love to wear sunglasses and I think I am religious about them. I recommend discovering latest collection of Louis Vuitton sunglasses for this summer.shades
  2. T-shirt – Check out the Ralph Lauren POLO for regular best fit.Ralph Lauren tshirt
  3. Belt and shoes – Many boys make mistake in this segment. What to do? Pick up shoes and belt of same colour for regular outfit. Hence, black-black or brown-brown.   belt and shoes


Hi friends! Usually I give tips and reviews and discuss style stuff but my today’s post is really useful for the women and especially working women. I have prepared a list of the things which should be there in your handbag when you go out. Take a look on the list;

  • Pen and notebook – these things are one of the obvious things which should be in your bag.pen and diary
  • Wet tissues – to clean the dirt and pollution of skin, you need to have wet tissues in your bag.Picture1
  • Safety pins – when you find any cut in your dress, you would not buy new dress right at the time. It will help you in such pins
  • A bottle of deodorant or mist – this is because a deodorant doesn’t last for that long time.deo
  • Compact – for touch ups, you will need compact so it is better to keep it in bag.lakme-9-nine-to-five-flawless-creme-400x400-imadz65cfbf7n3cc
  • Sanitary pads – I am sure that you understand the need of keeping this always in your bag.sanitary pads
  • Rubber bands – to tie your open hair within some second, a rubber band should be present in your hand bag.rubber bands
  • Sanitizers – it is not possible that you will get water and an anti-bacterial soap any where anytime to wash your hands. A sanitizer should be in your bag to kill bacteria in your hands. Stay hygienic and live healthy.dettol-instant-hand-sanitizer
  • Lip gloss – do I really need to suggest you this one, girls? A moisturizing lip balm is even great to keep in hand bag.lip gloss
  • Mint gums – instead of keeping unhealthy sugar candies, keep mint gums in your gums



Block printing is a very traditional way of designing fabrics. In block printing, a particular design is selected or formed on a wood block and then printed repeatedly on the clothes. The pattern of block printing came in India after 17th century from outside country.block printing

It has been so many years to block printing on fabric. Women used to wear sarees and men used to wear shirts of block printed fabrics. It was in fashion trend in early 60s and 70s. But after that the craze of block printing decreased as the new fashion techniques and trends were coming at that time. But as the time changed, the fashion of block printing has been revived again. Even the new techniques for block printing have come for printing different kinds of dresses.

Now a day, not even sarees and shirts but also one piece dresses, gowns, skirts, salwar kameez, men’s kurtis and sherwanis are available in attractive block printed fabrics. Block prints on fabrics is hit in fashion. A dress with block prints is in vogue and it will be more appreciable than a plain dress by fashion savvy.block printing

So friends, let’s check out some block printed apparels and handbags to taste the grace of this classic fashion revival.


Hi boys! If you are a fresher in your college, then this post is a must read for you because after the beginning of the new session, a fresher’s party is organized in every college to welcome the freshers. You must be invited in your college’s fresher’s party so here are some outfit ideas for you;fresher's party outfit ideas for boys

  • 2 piece suit without tie – if you are willing to rock in the fresher’s party, then a 2 piece suit would be perfect but make sure that you are wearing it without tie. A classic black 2 piece suit with a white or even a black shirt is all you need to leave impression on your seniors.
  • Navy blue blazer with denim pant – I think just like me, most of the girls like this combo on men. A dark denim pant with an ordinary t-shirt or a button down shirt would be the coolest if you complete the look by wearing a navy blue blazer with it. You can choose any other dark color also for blazer.
  • Nehru jackets – one of the trendiest outfit ideas for men and especially for teenagers! You can choose dark colored sleeveless Nehru jacket to pair with a simple pant or a denim pant and a button down shirt. I remember the handsome hunk Aditya Roy Kapoor during the promotion of Aashiqui 2 wearing dark Nehru Jacket with casual denim pants.
  • Vests for men – when you are wearing a pastel shirt with a denim pant then choose a classic vest to pair with this ordinary outfit to make it little extra ordinary. This look is perfect for you if you are not willing to make so much effort to choose classy and dramatic outfits for the party.



Hey girls! My today’s post is especially for the fresher girls because they must be preparing for fresher’s party as the new college session has been started and fresher’s party is just around the corner. Here I will suggest marvelous outfit ideas for you so do not miss it;fresher's party girls outfit ideas

  • One shoulder dress – an ivory or white off shoulder is a cool choice for a teen party. With this outfit, pick sequin heels and an open hairdo.
  • Full sleeve dress with wide shoulder – when you are thinking of flaunting full sleeve, then a wide shoulder one piece dress is your solution. A black dress would be great with cut out full sleeves with an amazing graceful look.
  • Printed dress with crop blazer – you can pick a printed dress with any print and just pair it with a crop blazer and red or black pump shoes and the fierce diva of the party is ready.
  • Pencil dress – a plain pencil dress is always a hit for any teen party. By the way, a floral pencil dress would also rock. Isn’t it?
  • Skater dress – the skater dresses are the most popular prom dresses these days. You can choose a red wine lace dress to set an impression in front of your seniors. With this I remember Jacqueline Fernandez in song “JUMME KI RAAT”.
  • Animal printed off shoulder dress – if you are willing to look the most glamorous girl in the party, then this outfit is for you. You can pick any animal print outfit with off shoulder pattern or sheer or lace pattern.
  • Neon colored dress with lace shrug – you can choose any neon color one piece dress and then pair it with a classy lace shrug and you are ready to stun in the party.
  • Tank dress – do not choose simple or plain tank dress otherwise it would be too casual. I would suggest you to select a sequin tank dress or tank dress in metallic shades.
  • Crop top with high waist maxi skirt – when you are not comfortable in wearing the dresses mentioned above, this pair is perfect choice for you fresher’s party outfit.

freshers party outfits for girl

fresher party tips for girls


Also view Footwear styles for College Girls , College wardrobe essentials for Girls


Wow! Such an elegant white lace dress it is. I always suggest ladies to choose something cool and comfortable for casual wears and I think this dress is a great choice and especially for summers.Lace-Dresses

The button down texture makes the skater dress chic and lace pattern is making it stylish. A sleek belt is added in the outfit for elegant look.


Oh wow! I am in love with this dress. In fact every girl will fall in love with this lovely outfit. There are so many reasons to grab this dress such as the red color which is adored by every woman, the lace structure which is in trend now a day and the skater dress for a perfect chic and girlish Lace-Dress

I would suggest such a mind blowing dress for a prom night or a date.


Micro pleat dresses are going to overcast in this season. Usually pleat dresses are considered as golden era fashion but micro pleat dresses are quite different from pleated dresses and looks more stylish than pleated outfits. micro pleated outfits


Hello friends! Today we are going to talk about cute skater skirts. For a stylish and chic look, skater skirts are there for you in trend. Usually skater skirts are found to be thigh length high waist skirts with a free hemline. It is a kind of A – line skirt which is getting very popular now a days. Let’s have a discussion that how to look fabulous with skater skirts in different ways.skater skirts

Pairing with skater skirts;

Pairing with a skater skirt is so easy. You can pick a simple t – shirt to wear with your skater skirt. In fact ordinary tops will work with a skater skirt but make sure if your top is not lengthy. Tank tops and ganji tops are perfect to pair with it.

The best way to wear the skater skirt is that you should pair a high waist skater skirt with a crop top. Well you will get a look like a mid riff outfit in this pairing.

Colors and prints for skater skirts;

You can try various colors and prints for skater skirts. But remember, if you are wearing a printed skater skirt then pair it with a plain top and if you are wearing a plain skirt then pair it with a printed top. Although, printed skirt with printed top or plain skirt with plain top will be nice.

You can try any kind of footwear and accessories with skater skirts. You can wear it in casual wears as well as for outings.

Skater skirts with thigh length are popular but you can give a try to knee length skater skirts also.


Trendy and cool Maxi skirts! An ultimate approach to style with comfort! Here we are going to discuss about how to flaunt in maxi skirts. Before discussion I would mention that maxi skirts are one of the cool and classy fashion trends which are never outdated. Here are some styling ideas to try with maxi skirts. Have a look below;maxi skirts

Pairing with maxi skirts;

The one thing which I like most about maxi skirts is that we can style it in so many ways. You can pick a cami top, tank top, ganji top or even an ordinary top with your maxi skirt. But the best way to carry maxi skirt is to pair it with a crop top. Pair your crop top with a high waist maxi skirt to get a mid – riff outfit look. In fact mid – riff outfits are in trend now a day.

Prints and textures;

Although various animal prints are in trend but I would suggest you to choose floral print maxi skirt. In fact plain maxi skirt would be more classy and catchier than printed maxi skirt. Pastel colors are going to overcast this season. So go for plain pastel colored maxi skirts.

Accessories with maxi skirts;

It depends on the place and occasion for where you are wearing maxi skirt. Suppose if you are wearing maxi skirt then you do not need to wear accessories with it and you can keep it simple. But if you have chosen it for outing, then you can select any one kind of accessory such as a chunky neckpiece or a statement hand piece.

Carry a cross body small sleek bag with your max skirt look. That would really suit with the personality in maxi skirt. Tote bags or clutch bags with this look would not be that working.

You can select flat footwear, pencil heeled or wedge heeled footwear with it. But I think flat footwear would be more suitable and comfortable with this look


Hello ladies! Just check out this beautiful and marvelous gown. What a classy texture, I would say! The magical dusky pink shade looks very classy. You can style this enchanting outfit with elegant accessories and English rose makeup.evening gown

A simple hairdo would be enough to wear with this dress. The dusky pink outfits for special occasions are really great selections.


Hello ladies! Today we are going to discuss about French dresses. French dresses are originated from French traditional dresses in which a dress which looks like a heavy gown and paired with a stylish French hat which is adapted as head piece now a day. The western fashion has a vast contribution by French dress patterns and attire trends.french dress

Basically a French dress contains a well fitted or sometimes a tight bust with a wide lower area. Usually in French dresses, the lower area or you can say the skirt portion is much wider than bust and is especially designed as a gown. In fact most of the western dresses such as one piece dresses and gowns are inspired from French fashion. The latest prom dresses are also inspired from French fashion apparels.

Lace and sheer is dramatically added to these dresses to make them look classy and appealing. Plain French dresses look more beautiful than printed French dresses. In an event organized in France, Aishwarya Rai Bachchan was seen in a pretty French dress. She was wearing a peach French dress and paired it with a cute hat. She was stealing the show in her cute and descent look.



The fashion trends always keep changing at an interval of time. In fact some trends are there which are revived. Here we will talk about men’s attire trends that are going to overcast in this season. So have a look below;men's attire trend 2014

  • Double breasted blazers – the fashion of double breasted blazer is again in vogue and the trend is revived from 60s men’s attire. You can style such blazers in various patterns for getting a classic look.
  • Check printed blazers – the check prints are in vogue and considered as a hit fashion trend. The classic plaid and check printed blazers are going to rock in this season.
  • Tropical prints – the colorful and classy print is in vogue in this season. In spite of wearing this print on beaches, the print is a hit for casual wears also.
  • Camo prints – this dark color print looks really nice. The print contains dark and solid color shades. In this season, this print is going to one of must haves in men’s wardrobe.
  • Watercolor prints – I love the watercolor prints as the print contains greenish bluish color shades and gives an exotic feel. The print is in vogue in this season.
  • Floral prints – floral print is a hit in women’s fashion attire but in this season this print is going to cover men’s attire also.
  • Mirrored lenses – mirrored sunglasses were very popular in the era of 90s and the trend has revived in this season. Mirrored lenses are there for you in this season.



I loved this pretty little white dress with lace pattern. The dress is tremendously embellished with lace. A thin sleek belt in metallic color is added in the dress to make it more trendy and classy. The texture, length and design in the outfit together make the dress more elegant.lwd lace dress

The dress is a perfect choice for a night out or a prom party. You can style this dress with a statement bracelet and keep a tote bag if you are wearing this dress for a casual outing.


Tea length dresses are back again. It is one of the oldest western outfit trends. The trend of tea length dresses and skirts is being hugely popularized by Hollywood and Bollywood celebs. Tea length dresses are popular since the era of 50s and 60s. You can see veteran actresses wearing tea length dresses and skirts in movies of 50s and 60s. Then the trend suddenly disappeared after the decade of 90s. But this time the tea length dresses are again in vogue.

I must say that it is one of the most classic and elegant innovations of fashion and styling. A tea length outfit is a great balance between a thigh length/knee length outfit and floor length outfits. A tea length dress is perfect choice for an ultimate elegant and sophisticated look. Let’s have a brief discussion on styling tea length outfits.tea length outfits

Types and textures;

Tea length dresses are available in various textures such as tea length maxi dress and tea length pencil skirts. Tea length maxi dresses seem better then a floor length maxi gown. But a tea length pencil dress is my all time favorite because a pencil dress of any length is a big hit.

Pairing for style;

The styling of tea length outfits can be done in different ways. If you have picked a tea length skirt then make sure that the skirt is a high waist and pair it with a crop top or a tank top. The combo of crop top with a high waist skirt is usually called as midriff dress.

A one piece tea length dress can be styled with a ribbon belt or a sleek belt having dark color of belt and light color of the dress. That would be a very pretty look.

Prints and colors;

Various kinds of prints are in trend but for a tea length dress, two prints are most suitable; floral prints and graphic prints. For a casual look, floral printed tea length dress would be better than a graphic print tea length dress.

Footwear for tea length outfits;

Footwear with a tea length dress needs to be catchy and classy. Usually wedges and pencil heels are supposed to be great to wear with tea length dresses but the most suitable foot wears are kitten heels.