Fairytale fashion is a colorful and enchanting fashion for kids. Fairytale fashion belongs to the apparels and accessories like fairies that we have seen in Disney movies and there are many favorite characters from the fairy movies such as Cinderella, Ariel the mermaid, Snow-white etc. many girls love to dress like Barbie dolls.KIDS FAIRYTALE DRESSES

You cannot dress your kids always like a fairy so the fairytale fashion is opt on special occasions like any theme party, fancy dress competition or any school function. All the little girls take interest when they are asked to dress like a fairy. Here, I am suggesting some ideas for your little girl that how to dress like a fairy.

A colorful gown with designer texture is a perfect fairy dress for your kid. You can ask her for her favorite fairy character from movies because there are lots of choices available in the market now a day. So you do not have to search for so long. A colorful gown which is heavy from bottom is perfect for your girl. Now select the matching gloves with the dress and the length of the gloves should be up to the elbows (if you want to dress like Cinderella or a princess).

You can choose beautiful and fabulous accessories for her but look out that the accessories should not be heavy or unbearable. Crystal stone light neck piece with a multicolor bracelet is a great combo. Make the look perfect with a head piece. 


POODLE SKIRTSPoodle skirts were first designed in 1950s and then became very popular among girls. At that time, even the Hollywood beauties also used to wear poodle skirts. The length of these skirts was up to knee or below the knee. The texture of braces was provided to the design of skirt. The poodle skirts were worn even after 1950s but the length of the skirt was shortened.

Poodle skirts were very popular among kids, teens and adult women in 1950s. It was a very famous trend at that time. The trend of these skirts was popular for so many years. After 1950s, the trend of these hemispherical skirts again popularized in 1990s. Girls and women used to wear it with button down shirts and broad neck tops having full sleeves and tight fitting.

Now a day, it may seem old fashion to wear a poodle shirt with length up to the knee or below the knee. You can rock with your look by wearing a poodle skirt with a plain tank top or a ganji top. It would look elegant if you keep your hair in free style. To look perfect, carry a tote bag or a side chain bag with this evergreen outfit.


HOW TO USE RIBBONS TO DECORATE KID’S CLOTHINGRibbons are not just for tying girl’s hair. You can also try other fashionable stuff with ribbons. We can do a very cool things with ribbons. We can decorate kid’s clothing with colorful ribbons and it would be very pretty idea for kid’s fashion. Here I am giving you some ideas that how you can use ribbons to decorate the clothes of kids;

  • Decide an appropriate color of ribbon. For example, red, purple, and green colored ribbons would suit with any color of clothes and especially with light colored clothes. With brown or black color, always try to select white or ivory color to decorate.
  • A cute little bow tie to baby boy’s clothes would be very pretty. You can make a design like a boy tie with ribbon on the neck of t – shirt. But if it’s a baby, then avoid designs on the neck due to the risk of choking.
  • You can add the colorful ribbons as a border on kid’s clothing. The option of color contrast in this case is a great thing. If you want to make the ribbon more visible, then make a belt loop of it making a bow design near the tummy. Use broad ribbon for belt loops.

Only the borders and or belt loops are not sufficient to make kid’s clothing fashionable. You can try other creative designs by ribbon and then stitch it to the clothes. You can make alphabets with the ribbon or a flower.


PHOTO SHOOTS TIPS FOR YOUR BABIESThere is a very common wish of all parents to accumulate all the beautiful memories of their baby and then to conserve it for the entire life. Some parents like to make a collage of baby’s pictures and arrange a special photo shoot for that. If you want to conserve all the mesmerizing memories of your angel, then plan for a portfolio shoot. Here are some tips for your baby’s portfolio;

  • First and the most important thing for a photo shoot, select an appropriate studio according to your budget. The portfolio shoots are possible in all budgets.
  • Select a theme of the photo shoot in which manner you want to take pictures of baby. Stylish themes, traditional themes, modern themes, cartoon themes, animation themes etc………. the choice is yours.
  • Decide colorful apparels for baby’s photo shoot and do not take too many pictures in single apparel. Change the apparels at least once or twice if you want a better photo shoot.
  • Get ready for the shoot if your baby has taken a nap, because after that a baby gives naturally cute and interesting poses itself.
  • Take a close – up picture when your baby is sleeping. This type of picture brings out the innocence of the baby.
  • You can take the colorful prints of baby’s hands and foot. This is quite interesting and it would remind you about the first foot prints or handprints of your baby.
  • The tininess of a baby emphasizes the cuteness. So take close – ups of baby’s hands, feet, face or the whole body.

After a memorable portfolio shoot of the baby, your baby is going to proud on his/her parents after growing up for the rest of his/her life.


MATERNITY COSMETICSThe cosmetics which are used during pregnancy and after the pregnancy need to be different than other ordinary cosmetics and should be chosen carefully. This is because the ordinary make – up cosmetics contain many toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, parabenes, phthalates and lead. These substances are found in mostly lip sticks and nail paints.

But now a day, different kinds of cosmetics are available in the market, which do not contain these toxic chemicals mentioned above. These cosmetics are very safe for would be moms and for new moms and are totally harmless for baby and mother both. Here is a list of some famous brands which provide special maternity cosmetics;

  • Novena maternity skin care
  • Maternitique skin cosmetics
  • Baby centre maternity cosmetics
  • MILF cosmetics (mom intent on looking fabulous)
  • Belliskin maternity cosmetics
  • Emoi emoi maternity cosmetics0
  • Bionee maternity cosmetics
  • Ultra maternity cosmetic products.


SKIN CARE FOR BABIESA baby means a newly born living being with growing tissues, very gentle body parts and the softest skin. Usually many babies suffer from various skin problems which are temporary and very natural at their stage but there are lots of myths related to baby’s skin care which further cause problems for a baby. Besides those myths, here are some important and useful tips for baby’s skin care;

  • Skin rashes are very common so do not be afraid of them. Rashes are not harmful and are cured naturally within a span of time. So do not try to cure them with any special remedy.
  • The diapers should not be so tight because the skin of a baby need to respirate and for that the diapers should be little lose so that air can enter in the diapers.
  • Avoid powdering your baby because for a baby’s skin, it is useless.
  • While washing the clothes of baby, do not use strong detergents because the baby’s skin can be easily infected with strong detergents. Select mild detergents for your baby’s clothes.
  • For a newly born baby, it is necessary to keep the baby away from sunlight till 6 months after the birth of the baby.
  • This is the most common and biggest mistake which usually parents do. They keep the baby in bath tub and play with them. Do not keep your baby in soapy water for more than 3 minutes.
  • Unhygienic kisses and pecks on a baby’s cheeks are also responsible for skin infection in babies. So be careful about this.
  • Do not be so usual and normal if you see any unusual skin problem in your baby. At this stage, you should definitely consult a doctor or a baby’s dermatologist.


FROM WHERE TO SHOP FOR BABIESAll parents try to give the best to their babies. It is interesting to prepare your baby in incredible styles. Here I am informing you about the best stores from where you should buy clothing and accessories for your angel. The following shops most reputed stores for baby clothing and here you can find fashionable variety for your baby because they have famous brands in their stalks. The names of the shops are;

  • Mom & me shop
  • Lilliput shop
  • Cucumber baby store
  • Gini and Jony baby store
  • Disney store
  • Angry bird store
  • The couture baby boutique
  • First cry babies shop
  • MeeMee shop for babies
  • Chhota Bheem store
  • Baby center store

Carter’s shop


PILOT WEARS FOR BABIESBabies are the living beings which make any person feel happy. If you give a little touch of styling in their clothing then it would make your baby even more fascinating. The fashion is for every person and every class. Pilot wears are the fashionable clothes for your babies. They are trendy and attractive clothes for babies.

Pilot wears are mostly worn in solid and dark colors such as navy blue and black colors but some people choose various light and bold colors for their babies. Pilot wears include paddy jackets with caps and pants which is perfect attire for babies in winters.

When you are choosing pilot wears for your baby then look out that the clothes should not be too heavy for the baby because these clothes are made in such a way so that your baby should be protected in the dress worn. The little colorful boots look more stylish and classy with these pilot wears.


 BEAUTIFUL ACCESSORIES FOR BABIESIt is very interesting activity to smarten up the babies in a very colorful way. Some parents just love to do so. The cuteness and innocence brings out more spark on a baby’s face when he/she is accessorized. Here we are talking about the accessories which are suitable for babies. Here the accessories do not mean the neck pieces or hand accessories because such kind of accessories are not bearable by little babies.

Basically for accessorizing the baby, beautiful hair bands and headpieces should be included. The head pieces and hair bands should be selected for girls and if you want something for your baby boy then go for woolen caps or stylish beanie caps. The various headpieces and caps are there available in the market now a day with innovative designs and patterns. The accessories for babies are available in which various famous cartoon characters are printed such as Chhota Bheem, Angry Birds, Mickey Mouse, Winnie the Pooh etc.

The hair bands for girls are available in very cute and lovely designs and patterns. Beautiful bands with garland designing and colorful fabric flowers stitched on them. For boys, a long and colorful range of caps is available. These baby wears are decorated and embroidered with different colors and crystals. The headpieces and caps are necessary to cover the skin of baby and to beautify the clothing of baby.

Accessorize your baby in your own way to emphasize the cuteness of tininess.


A baby needs intense care because the growth of the body of a baby takes place in a little instant manner so when you are selecting clothes for your baby you need to be careful at that time. Grow suits are the perfect wears for your baby. The grow suits for babies are like bodysuits are available for the adults.

The grow suits available for the babies resemble like bodysuits because it is a kind of one piece costume which covers most of the area of the body including thighs of the baby. The grow suits are available in various colors, designs and prints. The grow suits having prints of various famous cartoon characters are very trendy and appealing because cartoon is a thing which fascinates kids and babies a lot.GROW SUITS FOR BABIES

The grow suits look pretty in light and bold colors. But some people use to choose always some particular colors for their babies. For example; the mostly chosen color for a baby girl is pink and for a baby boy, blue color is chosen. You should try some more colors. The beauty and spark of a baby does not need and specifications of fashion and styling. So select various designs and colors for your baby and let your baby grow up naturally with grow suits.


LITTLE BOOTS FOR KIDSBoots are one of the most fashionable foot wears. For kids, little beautiful boots are available in various attractive designs and colors. Fashionable and attractive boots in various patterns are available for your cute kids. The kids need more care than adults and that is why it is important to cover their body in such a manner so that their body can stay protected.

Little boots would protect the feet of your kids and in fact it can make your kid looking lovely because a little touch of fashion in your kids clothing can enhance the cute and bubbly look of your kids. The boots are available in a long range of various colors and designs which fascinate kids a lot. The fabric of the boots needs to be little mild and it should not be as hard as the leather which is used in making boots for adults. For making boots for kids are made with various types of fabrics.

The color of the boots should match with the dress of the kids. This is because it will look more fascinating and appealing. When you are selecting boots for kids, then always check that the boots should be in such a texture, so that it can bind the foot properly and should not be lose with the feet.

Fashion for babies in winters

Fashion is for everyone whether it is a youngster, an old person, a child or even a baby. Babies are already very cute and a little touch of fashion sense can raise the beauty of their mesmerizing face. In winters, babies need intense care to prevent from bad effects of cold. So it is necessary to choose fashionable and sufficiently warm clothes for your baby.

Baby’s skin is softer than us so selection of fabrics should be done carefully. Pink, peach,  charcoal grey colorsdownloadimages  are  in for a baby girl and  navy blue, cherry red, yellow colors  are in  for a baby boys are in trend. But don’t bind your child in any specific colors, try more light colors this season than dark colors.

For babies, light colored sweaters are best. Keep a bearable hat on baby’s head to prevent the entrance of air through ears. Many designer hats and sweaters are available in the market on which cartoon characters are printed. The color of the woolen socks should be matched with dress.

Don’t wrap your baby in so many warm clothes as baby would feel suffocated. Fashionable parents keep their babies fashionable.

How not to Dress your Kids in 2012?

Kids fashion now a days are having more themes and choices in fashion than ever before. Please drop the idea that fashion for kids means fancy dress or Halloween parties. Its more than that and your children are definitely not your canvas for experimentation and infact these days kids fashion are  more breathable, cute even without overdoing. So say  goodbye to those fashion passes like the below mentioned:

  • My little princess : Until your sweetie does not have a fancy dress competition or a party. Do not overload them with the overly done princess looks. Too much pink, shimmer, ruffles and jewelry is really too much for your little princess. Tone it down because years later, when you and princess are going to browse your family albums she probably will ask you what were you thinking when  you were dressing me like this unless you are not planning to reply  “Strawberry Ice-cream”.
  • How not to Dress your Kids in 2012? their age : Do not give your child a Rock star look just because he likes playing the toy guitar and kitten heels to you sweeties. Let their fashion sense grows according to their age. Do not haste and give them inappropriate looks.
  • Designer Labels : Decide whether is it the look or the label? How important is that your child gets the exact label he or she’s asking for? Is the looks that matters or label? Let your kid learn from the beginning to make a right balance between look and label and how to make wise decision.
  • Weather Friendly: So how many times you allow you little one to drench and fall sick the very next they. You can buy your kids fashionable Raincoats and dress them according to the demands of the weather.
  • Tidy and nice : Make your kids learn that it is important that their clothes should smell nice. Tell them it’s more important that it should be prim proper and tidy rather than merely be in fashion.

Let their fashion evoke more of carefree and playful.