Graduates: What to wear to an Interview

‘Dress to make an impression’, the phrase makes sense for every dressing but holds a lot more significance when it comes to graduates going in for an interview. It is important for a graduate to dress smart, as you want the people on the other side of the table to take you seriously and not consider you a kid just out of college.

While being fashionable and trendy is one thing, it is important to not let fashion take over the better part of you as the objective for an interview is the interviewer should remember you and not your attire. Smart and crisp fashion are the keywords to remember when it comes to interviewing fashion for graduates or anyone for that matter. While what you present as your achievements is one part of the interview, one needs to ensure that how you look and dress works in your favor by presenting you in the best possible light.

There are some checks that a graduate should bear in mind so as to not wrong with the interview dressing.

1.How to dress:

You have seen people wearing serious business suits when they go for business meetings, this should be your foundation when you start thinking of your interview attire. An interview is not the place or time to experiment with clothes, accessories or perfumes. Avoid stark and bold patterns, funky jewelry, contrasting colors and an overdose of your favorite perfume. Look neat and tidy. While every industry dressing demands are different interview basics remain the same. Being creative is okay but being formal is a must.

2.What to wear:

For the boys, it’s okay if you don’t want to wear a formal suit but a smart formal shirt with well-fitted trousers is a must. Jeans is a no whether it is for the boys or the girls. Accessorize with a smart belt and matching shoes and ensure you wear your formal socks and leave the funky ones in your wardrobe.


For the girls, formal skirts, button shirts, formal trousers are all great to go with for interviews. Be careful on the colors and be subtle. Another important point to remember is to completely avoid tight, ill fitted or too short dresses when going for an interview. Ensure your clothes are well ironed. Accessorize with comfortable formal shoes and keep the jewelry simple and minimal. Avoid wearing accessories that make a lot of sound as that can be very irritating and distracting at an interview.


3.Hair and Makeup:

For the men it is best to avoid goatees, stubble, long hair and beards. It is best to go with a clean look well shaved, short hair neatly gelled and combed. For the ladies, again hair should be neatly combed avoiding open hair. Women tend to fiddle with their hair and hence pulling them back into a ponytail is the best hairdo for an interview. Go easy with the makeup. You are just a graduate and young, stick to minimal makeup that makes your natural shine. The dark smoky eyes are not for an interview. Energetic eyes with a simple dash of kohl and eyeliner and well-defined lips with neutral or formal lip colors are the only makeup that you would need for an interview. However nervous you may be, get a good sleep previous night as you don’t want to carry puff eye bags with you at the interview.

What you wear at the interview will be interviewer’s first impression of you and your personality and hence take time and effort to get it right. Most importantly, wear your confidence and a bright smile which will be your biggest winner at the interview.

Men Fashion for Summer

Beat the heat in style with fashable guide to summer fashion.

Working daysralph-lauren

  • Let’s start with Working days. For the office day try cotton trouser with a slim fittings Ralph Lauren Polo.

Weekendsmen fashion

  • For weekend go for sport shoes with worn T shirt and swim shorts.

Let’s think out of the box

  1. Shades – I love to wear sunglasses and I think I am religious about them. I recommend discovering latest collection of Louis Vuitton sunglasses for this summer.shades
  2. T-shirt – Check out the Ralph Lauren POLO for regular best fit.Ralph Lauren tshirt
  3. Belt and shoes – Many boys make mistake in this segment. What to do? Pick up shoes and belt of same colour for regular outfit. Hence, black-black or brown-brown.   belt and shoes


Hi boys! If you are a fresher in your college, then this post is a must read for you because after the beginning of the new session, a fresher’s party is organized in every college to welcome the freshers. You must be invited in your college’s fresher’s party so here are some outfit ideas for you;fresher's party outfit ideas for boys

  • 2 piece suit without tie – if you are willing to rock in the fresher’s party, then a 2 piece suit would be perfect but make sure that you are wearing it without tie. A classic black 2 piece suit with a white or even a black shirt is all you need to leave impression on your seniors.
  • Navy blue blazer with denim pant – I think just like me, most of the girls like this combo on men. A dark denim pant with an ordinary t-shirt or a button down shirt would be the coolest if you complete the look by wearing a navy blue blazer with it. You can choose any other dark color also for blazer.
  • Nehru jackets – one of the trendiest outfit ideas for men and especially for teenagers! You can choose dark colored sleeveless Nehru jacket to pair with a simple pant or a denim pant and a button down shirt. I remember the handsome hunk Aditya Roy Kapoor during the promotion of Aashiqui 2 wearing dark Nehru Jacket with casual denim pants.
  • Vests for men – when you are wearing a pastel shirt with a denim pant then choose a classic vest to pair with this ordinary outfit to make it little extra ordinary. This look is perfect for you if you are not willing to make so much effort to choose classy and dramatic outfits for the party.



The fashion trends always keep changing at an interval of time. In fact some trends are there which are revived. Here we will talk about men’s attire trends that are going to overcast in this season. So have a look below;men's attire trend 2014

  • Double breasted blazers – the fashion of double breasted blazer is again in vogue and the trend is revived from 60s men’s attire. You can style such blazers in various patterns for getting a classic look.
  • Check printed blazers – the check prints are in vogue and considered as a hit fashion trend. The classic plaid and check printed blazers are going to rock in this season.
  • Tropical prints – the colorful and classy print is in vogue in this season. In spite of wearing this print on beaches, the print is a hit for casual wears also.
  • Camo prints – this dark color print looks really nice. The print contains dark and solid color shades. In this season, this print is going to one of must haves in men’s wardrobe.
  • Watercolor prints – I love the watercolor prints as the print contains greenish bluish color shades and gives an exotic feel. The print is in vogue in this season.
  • Floral prints – floral print is a hit in women’s fashion attire but in this season this print is going to cover men’s attire also.
  • Mirrored lenses – mirrored sunglasses were very popular in the era of 90s and the trend has revived in this season. Mirrored lenses are there for you in this season.



There are so many differences in men’s and women’s skins. So obviously, the methods to take care of the skin are also different. Women’s skin is softer and more sensitive than men’s skin. So some men do not think that they need to take care of their skin. Rough tough look is good but if your skin is not perfect then you are unable to leave impression. Here are some essential tips for men’s skin care. Have a look below;

Shaving tips;men skin care

  • Shaving is one of the essential activities for men’s skin. Be careful during shaving. Never make haste and shave in the direction of the hair growth.
  • Always start shave after wetting the skin perfectly. Without wetting skin, if you start shaving it would harm the skin. In fact, even if you apply shaving gel, you should wet your skin first.
  • Never go for cheap razors.
  • Aftershave products are good but I would suggest you to choose any oil free moisturizer after shaving.

Basic skin care;

  • Exfoliating – exfoliating is essential to remove all the dirt which is stuck into the skin pores. Some men avoid it because they do not find it necessary but it is important to keep skin clean and dirt free.
  • CTM (cleansing, toning, moisturizing) for men – CTM skin care is one of the important basic skin cares which help to keep the skin not only clean but healthy and much well also.
  • Sun protection – UV rays coming from sun are very harmful for skin and cause skin tanning which is very common in summer season. For men, a sunscreen suitable with the skin type is great but having SPF 30 is a better choice.

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As I always say that fashion is for all whether it is a girl, boy, men, women or kids. There is an interesting fact that men do not take much interest in fashion as compare to women because there is a myth about fashion that it consumes time. But this is not true. Here are some easy fashion tips for men which are quick to follow;FASHION TIPS FOR MEN

  • Fitting of attires possesses importance in styling for men. Wear clothes, which are accurately fit on your body. Too much fitting would also be as weird as loose outfits for men.
  • I must say that nothing is suitable on men more than a casual look. In fact casual wears are not always typical or boring. So do not be afraid of wearing casual wears to look appealing.
  • Mismatch is a fashion disaster for men. For example, if you are wearing a sweatshirt or a stylish cool t – shirt, then please avoid wearing suit pant with them because these apparels would suit with a cargo or jeans.
  • Do not make your style too much dramatic. Always try to be little simple if you are not a band boy.
  • Put some attention on your shoes. Do not think that your foot wears are ignored. If you are wearing shoes, then always check if they are clean and polished.
  • Freak for latest trends is a time waste for those who want to look good quickly. Elegance is more important than trend so always have faith on what you are wearing.
  • A brand can never guarantee about your style. Brands always focus on the quality of clothing. So do not be crazy about the popular brands.
  • Avoid sports shoes, if you are not doing any sports activity. Dress shoes are a good choice for you. As you are not a school going boy anymore.


Wedding season is like a fashion week in itself. The quality and selection of apparels, accessories and footwear always matter in weddings. Especially when we talk about the fashion for men. Here, we will discuss that what is hot in this wedding season for men’s fashion.

WEDDING TRENDWe will start from the apparels for men. Now a day, silk choga with churidar is in vogue. For this outfit, ivory color is supposed to be perfect. Although any other color will also be suitable such as red wine, sea green, sky blue and mustard. This would be great apparel for the day of wedding. If you want to select something nice for pre – wedding functions, then a linen achkan with a silk dhoti is a good choice for you. If it is a bachelor party, then a tweed suit is there for you to wear with an elegant dress shirt. In fact tweed suits are worn in weddings and pre wedding functions. The choga and achkan would be more stylish if the embroidery work is done on these apparels with traditional touch.

Usually men do not accessorize there outfit as much but for wedding and other pre – wedding functions, designer turban accessories are very popular among men. You can choose a designer patch like accessory for your turban to look like a king.

Now let’s finish it with the foot wears. Jootis are very common in wedding functions. You can have sherwani shoes with your wedding costume. Now a day, sherwani shoes with curved tips are very much in trend. So you should definitely have a trial of these shoes to get a royal look in a traditional way.


CUFFLINKS FOR MENThe options of accessories for men and boys are very rare and in this short list a new thing is added which is known as “cufflink”. As the name depicts, cuff links are like studs and are used to link the cuffs of shirt. The cufflinks are used from a long time in foreign countries and now a day becoming popular in India also. Basically cuffs were linked by the buttons which is a very old style. It is becoming very popular and men use cufflinks even in professional attires.

The trend of cufflinks is in vogue and is used mostly with dress shirts. You may see many famous business personalities and even celebs use cufflinks with their shirts. Usually a button on the cuffs is visible and when it is replaced by stylish stud like cufflinks it can add more appeal to a man’s look.

Now a day, when you will go for choosing a cufflink for you, you will get a huge range with innovative designs and various trendy colors. You will get the designs like studs or accessory style. If you do not want any heavy style, then simple solid colored cufflinks are available there for you. An infinite range of cufflinks n different shades and colors is available. So pick out your choice which suits to your personality.


SUITS AND SHIRTS FOR MENSuits and shorts for men are one of the latest fashion trends for men. A set of shorts with suit is called a short suit. The fashion of short suit is a very unique and innovative invention and is admired by fashion lovers. For some men, it may be little tricky to carry the shorts with suit but let me inform you that it is in vogue and definitely it is going to be an essential part of summer fashion attire.

A short suit is a great choice for summers and a much cooler fashion for summer. In fact most of the men would like it because in summers, men usually used to wear shorts. The most suitable colors for short suits are light gray and navy blue colors, if you are making a start to wear these suits. Color matching is not so good idea in case of short suits. If you are carrying a short suit and want to appeal through your looks, then a color mismatch is a great option for you. I would suggest the color of shirt different from the suit top for an attractive look.

As I have suggested you above about the color mismatch so you can try different color variations according to your favorite look. The set of shirt and shorts with typical suit top is not compulsory, as you can try the short with vest coat over the shirt and a tie to emphasize your style in a professional way.

Fashion is all about variations and versatility, so experiments in fashion are very natural. Keep trying new things with confidence and raise yourself among the crowd. Good luck guys.


HAIR DRESSING FOR MENA cool hair style can emphasize the masculinity of a man. Most of the men get confused about getting a suitable hair style for themselves. Here are some tips for men’s hairdressing according the hair and shape of face;

  • If your face has sharp features, then a classic vintage look for you is suitable. Keep it little simple and do not make it too dramatic because a typical retro look does not go great and especially with sharp features.
  • A trendy hair style for men with any face shape is the modern mess hair style. In this hair dressing, the texture is provided at the top and the sides are remained with short hairs.
  • This tip is especially for those, who do not have thick hairs. If your hairs are not so thick then do not keep the length of hairs too short otherwise you scalp will be visible.
  • This type of hair dressing is especially for summer’s look. Provide a texture through the sides and keep the hairs longer at the top. I must say that this is the coolest hair style for men in summer season.
  • This hair style is for men who have round shape. The hair cut in square shape with sharp edges is perfect for round shaped faces.
  • If the shape of your head is square, then it is better for you to keep your hair longer in length. 


Most of the men do not like to spend time on styling their hairs. In fact some men think that it takes so much time to get a classy hair style. But this is not just true because I have some easy hair styles which are quick and classy. So follow me and have a look on the styles;QUICK AND CLASSY HAIR STYLES FOR MEN

  • If you want to look stylish and professional as well, then this hair style is for you. Apply gel on hairs and then part with a comb. Now style the side parting with fingers upwards and then backward.
  • It is a fringe style for guys and it basically covers the forehead. I think that it is the simplest hair style. Apply a leave in conditioner to the hairs and then simply blow dry the hairs.
  • This is much textured hair style. Apply a texturing product to the dry hairs and then style with fingers in your favorite way.
  • To the dry hairs apply little gel and then part the hairs to a side. Now with fingers, style hairs on the top to side and after that flatten the sides backwards.
  • Blow dry your hairs to the center and upwards. Now apply gel and style it properly with fingers. Do not try this look if your forehead is broad.

Apply gel to dry hairs and then blow dry the hairs with a comb by lifting upward from the front side.


If you use spectacles, then it may be little embarrassing for you to wear them wherever you go. Contact lenses are the solution of this problem. But you need to be careful as well as choosy while you looking for eye lenses for yourself. Here are some tips for men, when they have to select eye lenses;EYE LENSES TIPS FOR MEN

  • Your own natural eye color matters in this situation. Know the range of your eye color, if the color of your eyes is in light or dark range.
  • If your eye color is in light range, then lens color options for you are; ocean blue, emerald green, aquamarine, pearl gray, deep blue and hazel green.
  • When you get to know that the natural color of your eye lens is in dark range, then lens color choices for you are; blue, topaz, gray, hazel, aqua green or brown.
  • If you are not satisfied with the above specific colors, then a different type of choice is available for you. In the market, lenses are available in blended colors. These types of lenses contain 3 different colors in a single lens.


INSTANT GLOWING FACIALS FOR HIMYou cannot wait for a long time if you suddenly need to go somewhere and especially with someone special. Here are some easy tips for you to get the skin glow quickly;

  • Make a face pack with a teaspoon of yogurt and add a pinch of turmeric and gram powder.
  • For getting instant glow on your face, scrub your face with tomato or a potato at least for ten minutes. It is very helpful in removing skin tan.
  • Papaya pulp is unbelievably effective on the skin. Bring out some papaya pulp and rub it on your face for 5 – 10 minutes and see the effects yourself.
  • This is especially for your black heads problem. Mix the white part of an egg in oatmeal and apply on the face. Keep it on your face for at least 15 minutes and then rinse with water.
  • If you want to feel a refreshing glow on the face, then apply grated cucumber on your face for effective results.
  • Take milk which is not boiled and add few drops of lemon in it. It is not only nourishing for skin but also helpful in curing sunburn naturally.
  • Aloe Vera gel is a mind blowing thing for you. Bring out some gel from the aloe Vera plant and massage on the face gently. After massaging, wash your face. Aloe Vera is tremendously effective, you can see the results.


ZODIAC GIFTS FOR HIMThe zodiac sign of a person accumulates idea about the choice and personality of that person. Here are some gift ideas for your Mr. Valentine according to his zodiac sign;

  • Aries (21 march-19 April) – these men are sporty and adventurous. So tickets of game or any sports event would be great for him.
  • Taurus (20 April 20 may) – to a Taurus man, gifting a sweatshirt or a shirt of earthy colors would be really worthy.
  • Gemini (21 may-20 June) – if you man is a Gemini, then you should gift him his favorite book or a novel.
  • Cancer (21 june-22 July) – these men are sentimental and they like to spend their time at home being free and relaxed. So sweatpants are perfect gifts for him.
  • Leo (23 july-22 august) – for Leo men, a branded leather wallet is the most suitable gift.
  • Virgo (23 august-22 September) – a gift card or a spa voucher is the best gift for a man who is Virgo.
  • Libra (23 september-22 October) – Libra men are considered as the most romantic men. For them, you can gift him a cufflink or something that seems romantic to him.
  • Scorpio (23 october-22 November) – these men are very fond of their personality and enhanced looks. You can gift him a branded perfume.
  • Sagittarius (23 november-21 December) – the men with this sign are fun loving. You can gift him a jacket or a down vest for his outings.
  • Capricorn (22 december-19 January) – for a Capricorn man, exclusive gifts such as wrist watch or stylish sunglasses are really cool.
  • Aquarius 20 january-18 February) – these men are little introvert. So you should gift your man useful gadgets.
  • Pisces (19 february-20 march) – these men are art and music lovers. So you can get them a ticket of any play or a music concert, or branded headphones.


WORST GIFTS FOR YOUR MR. VALENTINEValentine’s Day is a very special day for lovers and that is why people celebrate this day by giving gifts to their loved ones. But if you give wrong gifts, then it can ruin your day of love. Here I am informing you about the worst gifts that you should avoid to give on Valentine’s Day;

  • Teddy bears and stuffed toys – remember that you are not going to give the gift to a kid.
  • Homemade jumpers – look out because you are not his grandmother. So do not just think of this type of gifts.
  • Perfumes – all men try to keep themselves attractive and fascinating. It would make him actually irritated.
  • Tie – a tie cannot be considered as a gift off course. Men do not wear a tie regularly unless they have to go for an official meeting.
  • Chocolates and bouquets – you need to differentiate between your friends and him. He is not a girl to whom you can fantasize with these things.
  • Hygiene products – hygiene products such as shower gel, shaving products or other shower products are one of the worst gifts to give him.


VALENTINE GIFTS FOR MENSometimes it becomes very hard for a girl to choose an appropriate gift for a guy and especially if the occasion is the Valentine’s Day because guys do not like much romantic gifts such as flowers, chocolates etc. Here I am telling all the girls and wives that what to gift to your boyfriend and dear hubby respectively;

  • Classic wrist watches – classic wrist watches are one of the most suitable gifts for guys. A stylish and branded wrist watch in gold, silver or copper coating is a gift for your man.
  • Leather duffle bag – your man would be very happy after getting such kind of gift from you because it is very useful and for those persons who travel a lot due to their work.
  • Cuff links – cuff links would be very unique and cute thing to gift. This cuff link on your man’s shirt would always remind him about your love.
  • Gadgets – gadgets are the gifts that every boy and man wish to get from someone. Gift your man the latest type of gadget which you think your Mr. Valentine would like the most.
  • Quality leather wallet – a branded leather wallet is the perfect gift for your man, if he is a simple and sober person.
  • A cool statement T– shirt – you can give a statement T – shirt on which cool messages or love quotes are printed.
  • A spa voucher – I think this is a very different idea of gifting a spa voucher to your man where he can remove all his fatigue and stress with a whole body spa.


Hey boys, if you are planning for your valentine’s day with your valentine and want to look special then here are some tips for you that how to dress up for various places;

  • If you are planning for a movie – When you are planning to watch a movie with your Miss Valentine, then you should opt for casual styling. Do not dress yourself in a very classy way. Choose simple and sober casual wears but they should be trendy. A cool printed T – shirt with jean and a leather jacket over it would be good. Please avoid formal foot wears like dress shoes in this style. (View Popular Hairstyles for Men)

mens outfits for movie

  • If you are planning for a dinner – The place of dinner matters in this case. If you have booked a famous and reputed restaurant for dinner, then a black or dark colored chick suit would suit on you. If you want to try something more stylish, then go for a classy blazer over a T– Shirt with a boot cut jean.


  • If you are planning for an outdoor date – an outdoor date is mostly planned on picnic spots where a person can spend quality time with his partner. Here you need to wear elegant attire. A button down shirt in solid colors would suit on you if the vertical stripes are printed on the shirt with a simple pant. A little wrap of sleeves would make you look more elegant in your sober wears. Dress shoes would emphasize your gentle man look.


  • If you are planning for going in a pub or disc – We do not discuss as much in this section because for pubs or night clubs people go for semi – casual fashion. This semi – casual fashion includes cool v –neck T- Shirts with stylish and designer jeans. Sneakers are the most suitable foot wears for such outfits. MEN’S OUTFITS FOR VALENTINE’S DAY

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CORDUROY TROUSERS FOR MENIt is true that the scope of styling and fashion is more for women than for men. But men also have so many choices if they want to get a special and appealing look. Here we will talk about the corduroy pants and trousers for men which are very much in trend now a day and admired by lots of men.

Corduroy is a special kind of fabric which sometimes resembles like a velvet cloth but it consists of a specific pattern of parallel lines due to its way of knitting. Corduroy pants are popular for girls also. But with new and successful experiments in the fashion for men, the designers have brought stylish corduroy pants and trousers for men.

Here is a long list of celebs from Hollywood and Bollywood which use to wear these kinds of trousers. It would take so much time, if I would start mentioning the name of those celebs. The colorful corduroy trousers are in vogue and admired by men because they are tired of wearing typical jean and denim pants.

These trousers can be worn over a sweatshirt, a jumper or even with button down shirts. Various bold colors such as mustard and khaki colored pants are available. These trousers are best for you, if you want to look simple and sober but stylish.

Bomber jacket for men

Bomber jackets Bomber jackets are perfect apparel for winters and these jackets can be worn in any season irrespective of the effects of weather because bomber jackets are available in different fabrics.

For winter season, leather bomber jackets are perfect for men. Leather jacket look much stylish and moreover it prevents from cold wind. For a cool look, wear it over a sweatshirt and jeans. In winters, desert boots will be more suitable than ordinary shoes. Even in seasons other than winters, bomber jackets are bearable. In normal seasons, a light weight jacket will suit with a slim – fit t-shirt.

Under a bomber jacket, a check button down shirt will be more appealing. If your shoulders are broad (roomy shoulders) then unzipping of jacket will make you look more stylish. A brown leather bomber over a white t shirt and blue denim pant is perfect for a younger look.

Basically coffee brown, gray, black and navy blue colours are preferable for bomber jackets and especially for men but you can try more colours with different prints on jackets as it will look more attractive than a plain jacket.



Denim is the most versatile fabric and worn across the globe. Denim is cotton rugged interweave textile. Denims are unisexual in nature. Denim was traditionally colored in blue but with the changes in vogue now availability of denim is present in almost any color.

Denim is an indigo-dyed cotton twill fabric the weft passes. Denim reached its iconic status with the creations of jeans. Then there was no looking back now denims are available in dresses, skirts, tops and shirts. Originally Denim is derived from Serge de Nimes which was cut short to (de nimes) Denims.

Today denim comes in printed, striped, stone washed and river washing fabrics. Most common various types of denims are-

  • Natural denim– It is type of uneven denim in warp and weft.
  • Ring Denim– A traditional type of denim in the late 80’s and 90’s using ring spun yarn for the warfs.
  • Over twisted Denim– This denim is made from yarn that is over twisted giving the fabric more of crinkled surface.
  • Open end Denim– Open denim was introduced in 1970’s. Open end denim is bulkier, coarser and darker.
  • Pinto wash denim– It is made by running the fabric irregularly through a solution and it gives it more faded and patchy appearance as soon as it entered in a fashion world it becomes an overnight hit.