Fashion for Skinny and Curvy girls

Women can spend hours in front of the mirror trying to figure out what attire suits them most. Fashion trends come and go but to wear your own style statement is to understand your body type and wear the fashion that compliments you. While every woman dreams of having a combination of the perfect waistline and the perfect curves, very few actually have it. Respecting your body type and dressing accordingly is what your personal fashion is. Here are style tips for the skinny and curvy girls that go a long way in creating your own style statement.

For the skinny girls:

For many you are an object of envy. While there are people struggling with weight issues, you may be dealing with complexes of looking too thin. For the skinny girls, there are a few style checks that go a long way in wearing your personal style statement.

Loose and baggy clothes are a strict no:

While you may think loose clothes add a little weight to your skinny figure, they actually make you look like a hanger. And hence, opt for clothes that flaunt your body. If you find clothes are not available for your size, it would be worthwhile to alter them and stitch them as per size to fit.


Fabrics that cling or are thick both work great for skinny figured women as they tend to accentuate their figure.

Colors & prints:

Dark colors especially black make women look slim, so avoid it. Go for lighter shades with huge prints like florals that add curves around your frame. Horizontal stripes are also a great option for the skinny girls.

Dress pattern:

You are lucky that you don’t have to worry about picking up that flared dress. The flares and layers in tops and in skirts are a great way to add an illusion of curves. Also chunky accessories make you’re otherwise tiny frame some weight.

Hiding thin arms and legs:

Sleeveless can be best avoided by skinny girls as it makes the arms look very thin. Go in for three-fourth sleeves, blazers and puffed sleeves to avoid highlighting very skinny arms. Similarly for the legs, go in for pants with a little flare at the bottom, such as boot cut. Shorts that puff up around the hips add on the curve factor for the skinny girls.

For the curvy girls:

Being plus size can be very demoralizing sometimes when it comes to picking the right fashion. Here are a few handy tips for the curvy girls that would definitely help you in picking clothes that highlight your curves.

What to wear:

Jeans and skirts are the best bit for the curvy girls. Tight jeans hug the curves at the right places giving legs an overall skinny look. Similarly, A-line or pencil skirts give you an overall leaner look.


Oversized clothes are nothing short of a fashion blunder, but the key her is to get loose clothes that do not cling. This just means getting the right size between oversized and tight to fit and highlight your figure right.

Colors and prints:

Dark colors and small prints make a great combination for the curvy women. However, you can select bold prints as long as they don’t make you look huge.
Undergarments: Invest in the right kind of undergarments as they are the foundation for your outfit. Right undergarments can actually help camouflaging the ugly bulges.


Avoid fabrics like wool that make you look bulky. Go for soft cotton that would not stick to your body and will leave you cool and comfortable even for the hot seasons.

Skinny or curvy, there is very little you can do to completely transform your body type but dressing as per your body requirements in what fashion is all about. Most importantly, fashion works for you only if you are comfortable in what you wear and confident about carrying it, after all, being a true fashionista is all about being what you are.

Jacqueline Fernandez at Lonely Planet Travel Awards 2015

Hi fashionistas..

This look was spotted by Jacqueline Fernandez at Lonely Planet travel awards 2015 at a recent event. The look was minimalistic yet impactful.jacqueline-fernandez-lonely-planet-travel-awards-2015

The floral Jacket is so much in this summer. Pastel hues are very much in. Orchid pink, pastel pinks, aquatic shades are very much in. With summer suits it’s good to keep everything minimalistic.

Nice pair of loafers will add up to the attire. While doing a formal pastel look keep it simple and minimalistic.loafers

Do you like it? If you have any suggestions, tell us what can make it more happening?

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Hello beautiful ladies! I am so glad to inform you that I have been nominated for the sisterhood of the world blogger award by Rebecca from indianbeautyy. I am thankful to pretty girl Rebecca for nominating for this award. Though I was nominated some days ago but due to some issues, I couldn’t do the post.sisterhoodoftheworldaward

Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award recognizes the unique voices of women bloggers around the world. To accept this award, here are the rules:

  • Thank the blogger who nominated you, linking back to their site.
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  • Answer the ten questions they have asked you.
  • Nominate 10 bloggers and make 10 questions for your nominees to answer.

And now the answers of question I am asked;

  • How long have you been blogging for?    I am blogging for almost 1 year.
  • What made you want to start blogging?   When I came out of my teenage, I started taking interest in fashion and beauty.
  • If you could choose only one makeup product to keep, what it would be?   It will be Maybelline electro pop pink shock as it complements my skin tone and I love to apply it in my no makeup look.
  • What is your Holy Grail product?    Clinique sunscreen. This is a must have for me throughout the year.
  • Favorite holiday destination?     Andaman and Nicobar/Maldives. Exotic places always fantasize me.  
  • Single/In Relationship/Engaged/Married or Prefer not to say?    Prefer not to say.
  • Favorite Hair Care Product?     L’Oreal Paris 6 oil nourish shampoo.
  • What makes you happy?        Infants and pets. I kill my stress by spending time with my cute nephew and niece or pets.
  • What is your favorite lipstick?        L’Oreal color riche pure red star collection pure brick. Though I admire almost all shades from the tremendous range.
  •  Describe your style?     Simple, comfy and trendy.

I am nominating to;

And here are my questions for my nominees;

  • When did you start blogging?
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  • Which is your dream city?
  • What do you do when you feel stressed?
  • Your favorite haircut/hairstyle?
  • Describe yourself in minimum words?




Hello lovely girls.the versatile awards

I have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award by Preethy from prettykooll. Thanks a ton Preethy. 2014 was very special for me as I was involved in blogosphere and loved the company of lovely people here. Looking forward for an enthralling 2015 ahead for my blog. You must check out Preethy’s blog as her “to the point” reviews are very helpful. Below are the rules of this award;

Rules for the award

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And here are seven facts about me;

  • During my college days I used to avoid reading blogs but now blogging has become my hobby and I love to read blogs as well, especially beauty blogs.
  • I have curly hairs and there was a time when I was crazy about straight hair but now I have started loving them and flaunt my curls happily.
  • I am a lipstick girl and love to check out the lipsticks of various shades from different brands but I wear lipsticks on very special occasions (like marriage) only.
  • I love travelling to different places but I love to stay at home more.
  • Every week I try to bring at least one positive change in myself. And I really do so.
  • If you ask me; bold eyes or bold lips, my answer would be “bold nails”.
  • I am not a brand conscious but for makeup and skin care I prefer trust worthy brands only.

I nominate the following blogs for versatile blog award;

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  2. trystwithvanillagirl
  3. indianbeautymaniac
  4. beautyndbest
  5. anshul90
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Do not forget to check out the above amazing blogs and xoxo to all the readers of




I still remember the colorful and printed night suits I used to wear in my childhood. But if now someone will ask to wear them now, my reply would be a big NO and I am sure that at this age, no girl would be happy to pick such kind of garish night wears. When I found out that Casper, a company that makes memory foam mattresses < >, was doing a Beauty sleep Style Challenge, I decided that I am going to share with you what I love to wear at bedtime;

  • Shorts – shorts are my best friend in summer nights. I do not wear bold colored short and usually prefer neutral colors for shorts.ntsks13f9773rdc
  • Tank top – I love my black tank top and most of the time I pair it with my khaki shorts.images
  • Cami top – just like tank tops, this is the apparel every girl own in her wardrobe. I usually pair this with my afghani pajama and shorts as well.img-thing
  • Afghani pajama – whether it is printed or plain, I love afghani pajamas and pair it with t-shirts, tank tops and cami tops.il_340x270.660053648_izyx
  • Cotton t-shirt – I love my gray cotton t-shirt. I pair this with my printed pajama at bedtime. I do not really like printed t-shirts and own plain or graphic t-shirts in my wardrobe.cotton t-shirt
  • Ordinary printed pajama – I have a colorful pajama and I love to wear this at time as I like the block printing dome on that pajama.ordinary printed pajama



Hi fashionistas! Hope you are doing well. Have you checked out the amazing designs and innovations by Indian fashion designers in the latest session of Lakme fashion week? Here is a list given below in which I have mentioned the topmost designs and the name of designers;lakme fsahion festive

  • Anju Modi – ethnic wears
  • Archana Rao – casual wears
  • Easton Pearson – neon colored outfits
  • Pranav Mishra and Shyma Shetty – Huemn
  • Shikha and Vinita – Ilk
  • Manish Malhotra – Classy ethnic wears
  • Masaba – floral prints
  • Priyadarshani Rao – sheer outfit in deep shades
  • Ridhi Mehra – black and ivory gown
  • Sanjay Garg – classic peach outfit and metallic saree with green blouse
  • Shashikant Naidu – floral print saree
  • Shantanu and Nikhil – ethnic wears.

There is a very strong bonding between the fashion world and Bollywood. Bollywood has always participated in various fashion weeks for showing the love for fashion and innovation. Here is a list of Bollywood Divas who walked on the ramp in this fashion week;

  • Karishma Kapoor in black and ivory sleeveless gown.
  • Juhi Chawla in deep mauve anarkali.
  • Kajol in red and royal blue sheer saree.
  • Priyanka Chopra in light mauve sheer saree.
  • Esha Gupta in bronze lehenga with cream colored choli.
  • Jacqueline Fernandez in red and cream lehenga.
  • Kareena Kapoor in silver and mauve outfit.
  • Sushmita Sen in black stylish gown.
  • Nargis Fakhri in pink and pistachio green lehenga.
  • Shilpa Shetty in cutout black printed dress.
  • Bipasha Basu in red velvet embroidered lehenga.
  • In fact the list of celebs who took part in Lakme fashion week is really very long.




Hello boys! The new college session has been just started. I think college life would be quite boring without style. Isn’t it guys? Every boy would love to look stylish with casual fashion in his college. Well! For that, you will have to set your wardrobe for college. Here I am mentioning a list of college wardrobe essentials for boys. Have a look on the list given below;boys wardrobe

  • Straight leg jeans – straight leg denim pants flatter on every boy and it is in vogue. So I would suggest that if you are a college going boy, then you must keep a straight leg jeans.
  • Casual plain V-neck t-shirts – although t-shirts are the part of boys casual fashion trend but I think V-neck t-shirts suit on every boy. So you must keep a plain V-neck t-shirt in your college wardrobe.
  • Blazers – you just need a black or a navy blue blazer and you are all set to look stylish and elegant in your casual wear.
  • Chino pants – now a day, chino pants are popular among boys more than classic denim pants. In fact a khaki chino is a must for boys.
  • Tailored suit – for any special occasion in college like prom night, a tailored suit should be there in boy’s college wardrobe.
  • Loafer shoes – loafer shoes are in vogue and getting hugely popular among boys these days. So having designer loafer shoes in wardrobe will be cool.
  • Sneakers – when you want to keep fashion simple and casual then sneakers are the right choice of footwear for you. Keep at least a pair of stylish sneakers in your college wardrobe.
  • Sunglasses – there are two benefits of sunglasses. They not only protects eyes from sun rays but also considered as a style statement among fashion lovers.
  • Backpacks – for college boys, backpacks are the best choice in handbags. Although cross body bags are also there for boys but select handbags for college carefully.
  • Watch – watch is sometimes regarded as a style statement. So choose a classy and stylish watch for your wrist which you can wear to your college. A watch completes the casual look simply.


In this 67th Cannes film festival, Freida Pinto was seen in a crimson colored off shoulder heavy gown with no accessory look. I must mention that she is naturally beautiful because even in minimal makeup look, she was looking fab with a simple bun hairdo. Her silver foot wears are also nice but are hidden due to her heavy gown.

Freida Pinto in cannes 2014The gold patch work at the borders of gown is quite good.


In India, Sonam Kapoor is popular for her style statement and fashion experiments. And this time she really deserves appreciation for her outfit and makeover both. Her outfit is really interesting. You must be confused if it is a saree or a gown. But this indo – western outfit can be considered as a saree gown.sonam kapoor in cannes 2014

Besides her dress, her Kundan and pearl choker necklace is suiting with wet hair look and a simple clutch bag.

Aishwarya Rai Bachchan’s outfit at cannes

aishwarya at cannes 2



Oh yeah! This time Mallika Sherawat is looking much better than previous years in Cannes film festival because in previous years, she wore vulgar kind of outfits. But this time I would definitely appreciate her choice of dresses and makeover. In this turquoise lace gown she is really looking great.Mallika-cannes-red-carpet

She used soft shades for her makeup and the hairdo is also nice. Instead of accessorizing herself too much she selected earrings and a statement clutch.



American celebrity Blake Lively walked on the red carpet in 67th Cannes film festival in a red wine gown. She was looking glamorous in a high slit gown and halter neck.cannes festival

She paired her outfit with a beautiful hand piece and classy pencil heel foot wears. She was looking pretty in light smoky eye makeup.


Aishwarya Rai Bachchan is all set to dazzle in Cannes film festival 2014. I am one of the biggest admirers of her beauty and style. She is looking stunning in this beautiful gold and silver off shoulder mermaid gown. Besides her classy outfit and simple hairdo, her makeup and especially her lip stick is grabbing the attention.Aishwarya rai bachchan

She has well balanced her no accessory look with a statement ring. She has shed lots of calories which is really appreciable. She is looking much more beautiful than previous 2 years.


Sonam Kapoor, the style and fashion diva of bollywood! She is popular for her different style and various fashion experiments. Last time she was noticed on red carpet in Cannes film festival because of her makeup experiment and “nath” the pearl nose ring. This time she has improved her fashion senses.sonam kapoor

She is looking great in this black heavy gown with moderate makeup and a classic hair style.  


This is the picture of Nicole Kidman from Cannes film festival 2014. She was looking stunning in this classy and eye catchy blue lace gown. She is perfectly defeating her age with her style. Her beautiful bejeweled lace gown is really enough to create her style statement yet she has paired marvelous earrings and statement bracelet.cannes festival

Her hairdo is making her looking younger and no doubt pretty also! I must say that she is stealing the show in this mind blowing off shoulder gown.


The India bridal fashion week is one of the most prestigious fashion events which are known as “BIG FOUR”.  This event is supposed to be a great platform for newcomer designers to get various marketing opportunities in fashion industry. The 6 day fashion event was held in Mumbai from 29th November to 4th December in which reputed fashion designers and lots of Bollywood stars took part and tremendous wedding trends were introduced in the event.

INDIA BRIDAL FASHION WEEKMore than 9000 visitors attended the event including Bollywood stars, socialites and many famous personalities from fashion industry. A huge bunch of media was present there to cover the event. The Bollywood beauties who walked on the ramp were Jacqueline Fernandez, Chitrangada Singh, Aditi Rao Hadyri, Huma Qureshi, Nargis Fakhri, Urvashi Rautela and the Tennis Diva sania Mirza.

Below is the schedule of everyday shows with respect to the designers;

  • Day 1(29th November) – Jyotsna Tiwari and Tarun Tahiliani.
  • Day 2(30th November) – Pallavi Jaikishan and Gaurav Gupta.
  • Day 3 (1st December) – Falguni/Shane peacock and Raghavendra Rathore.
  • Day 4 (2nd December) – Ashima Leena/Meera Muzaffar and Shantanu/Nikhil.
  • Day 5 (3rd December) – Preeti S Kapoor/Mandira Wirk and JJ Valaya.
  • Day 6 (4th December) – Neeta Lulla and Rohit bal.




DRESS ALANAGrace by kripah…….. A brand to emphasize the fashion through western styling in clothes. It is a fashion company that provides the most preferent clothing.

Dress Alana by Grace by Kripah. A cute dress to wear on casual outings. The classy black dress is detailed with studs on the body of dress and has a little touch of white color making the outfit more lovely and cute. You can try out this dress in more colors if you want. Customize according to your taste. The price of the dress is Rs. 4,000.

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Grace by kripah……….. Providing the ultimate stylish western clothes in the designs which you prefer, which you like to carry.DRESS AGNES

Dress Agnes by Grace by Kripah. A mind blowing combination of beige and royal blue colors. The dress is designed with sequins on the beige colored area. It is a stylish sleeveless dress…….. An amazing outfit to wear on a date. It is the best choice for you if you are not comfortable of wearing a whole sequin dress. Style your look in this outfit with elegant accessories. The customization of dress is available according to your choice. The price of the dress is Rs. 5,500.

How to buy;

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DRESS ANDRIENNEGrace by kripah……. A clothing company to connect you from western clothing styles. Get your designs in your favorite color and texture and enjoy the fashion.

Dress Andrienne by Grace by Kripah. A beautiful multi layered dress with the most classic color combination of white and black colors. The dress is black from the top portion and below it is ivory white. A perfect dress to wear on a dance party. Wear this dress with chunk accessories and rock your style in the dance party with your appealing look. You can get the dress in customized designs. The price of the dress is Rs. 4,000.

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Grace by kripah…….. A new medium to introduce the grace of western fashion to everyone. A fashion company, which asks you to choose your favorite designs in clothing. So pick out, what you want to wear to look trendy and moreover classy in your own way.

A beautiful Abigail dress by Grace by Kripah. It is an elegant dress for a formal night out. Here I mean that if you are planning for a dinner, then this Abigail dress is a suitable outfit for you. The color of the dress is ivory which is in vogue and an earthy brown strap. You can ask for your favorite color combos. Rock this dress with black pump shoes. The price of dress is Rs. 5,500/- only.


  • You can simply place your order with the code of dress in our message box.
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