Top 10 Colors in Fashion This Summer Season

As the summer season goes still hot and humid, it is advisable to go for colors that are in trend this season. Choosing smart colors for your clothing and accessories can make your look fab in summers. Check out here our color show selection for you to display some coolness this season.


This dreamy blue is a fresh shade for this summer season when you require staying refreshed and relaxed. Aquamarine gives a feel of calming water, and thus, is quite suitable to be used in summers.

Lucite green

This unique color can let you be quite creative with its minty feel in the green shade. Being close to the natural environment, this shade always appears soothing for the hot season.

Scuba blue

This tinge of blue gives a feminine feel and can let you create several innovative combinations of clothes or accessories. Thus, it is also trending among women a lot.

Classic blue

Along with other shades of blue, classic blue also remains a part of summer trends almost every year. This is due to its cool and soothing effect. Almost every dress looks stunning in classic blue.

Toasted almond

This neutral color is quite earthy in appearance. It offers special warmth along with its comfort. This is the reason it is a choice of many this summer season.

Strawberry ice

Girls are especially attracted to the pinkish shade of strawberry ice that gives them a refreshing feel.

Custard yellow

Vibrant personalities are quite in love with this softer shade of yellow, as it seems cheering and natural.


It is an energizing color that has caught up on recent fashion trends. It is modern, attractive and saturated in looks.

Glacier gray

Among classic summer shades, this one is very much in trend due to its warmly cool effect.

Black and white

These extremes hardly go out of fashion, whether it is summer or winter season. Grab them anytime.

Best Online Sites for Customized Gifts

Customized gifts are very common when you decide to gift it to any loved one. As the Valentine’s Day is just around the corners, people have started deciding gifts for their loved ones. Usually it does take time to decide what to pick as a gift and in which way it is to be customized.

In this situation, people usually switch to online options as there are so many sites which provide ravishing range of designs for customized gifts. Recently I went through some sites, which have a great collection of such goods. So I decided to share the names of such sites so that you can also go through it and check out the exciting collection and offers.

customized gifts



We girls can never be tired of buying outfits, accessories, makeup and classy handbags. In fact I know some girls who are just crazy about luxury handbags and never leave a single chance to grab special offers on handbags. Some women consider their shopping incomplete if they do not buy a's topmost handbags brands

And by the way, there are some international brands which avail fascinating range of various types of handbags and every single woman dream of having at least a single handbag from each of these most popular brands. Let’s have a look on the list of the brands;

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Prada
  • Chanel
  • Mouawad
  • Hermes
  • Lana Marks
  • Marc Jacobs
  • Fendi
  • Gucci
  • YSL (Yves saint Laurent)

Some of the brands which are mentioned above in the list are known for clothing, accessories, makeup and footwear also. I would love to know your favorite brand for designer handbags from this list.


In my previous post, I told you about the most popular nail polish brands which rule all over the world. But the main thing is that no one is going to foreign just to purchase branded nail lacquers so I made a list of the famous nail paint brands which are hugely popular India and used by Indian girls. Take a look at the list below;Indian nail polish brands

  • O.P.I. – Yes, you read it right. The brand is admired on International level and is loved by Indian women as well. Every fashionista own at least a single O.P.I. nail polish.


  • Lakme – I know I don’t need to say much about it as this is one of the leading makeup brands in India. The brand is known for its 9 to 5 makeup range and absolute gloss range.


  • Colorbar – I am smitten over the Colorbar lipsticks and heard much about nail lacquers from Colorbar.


  • Maybelline – the price of the nail polishes from this range is quite reasonable and pocket friendly. I own all the shades from Maybelline colorshow range.


  • Revlon – other than a huge range of various shades of lipsticks and lip glosses, the brand avails a variety of nail paints.


  • Inglot – Besides attractive range of lippies, the brand is known for nail colors also.


  • Chambor – I have never tried Chambor nail lacquers, so would check out for some unique shades.


  • L’Oreal – Along with quality makeup and hair care products, the brand provides a variety of nail polishes.


  • Elle 18 – This is one of the most affordable and good makeup brands and is known for classy nail paint shades.


  • Street wear – just like Elle 18, street wear is popular for availing cheap and best makeup and nail lacquers.




We girls love to stain our nails with various colors and attractive shades. I am one of those girls who are crazy about nail arts. And if you are a nail art lover, you will be curious to know the best nail paints which have quality finish and do not chip easily. Let’s have a look at the topmost nail polish brands hugely popular all around the world;topmost nail polish brands

  • China glaze nail polish – the brand is known for the variety of colors and salon finish.
  • O.P.I. nail paints – the brand is popular in more than 50 countries and hugely used by women in Indian as well.
  • Essie nail polish – the best part of these nail lacquer is that they do not chip even after a week.
  • Orly nail paints – Orly nail paints contains a wide range shades for every skin tones and for all seasons.
  • Sally Hansen nail lacquer – the famous range of nail polish is known for not chipping before 10 days. The nail polish nourishes the nails also.
  • Zoya nail polish – the brand of nail paints is used by the topmost salons for nail treatments.
  • Revlon nail paints – besides makeup, the brand is popular for nail lacquers as well.
  • Yves Saint Laurent La Laque – YSL brand! I know I do not need to say much about this brand.
  • Nars nail lacquer – Nars is popular for lipsticks and nail polishes both.
  • Super glow nail polish – nail polishes from this brand glow in the dark. Isn’t it interesting?



In my last post I told you about the topmost lipstick brands of India but in this post we will take a look at some luxury lipstick brands which are hugely popular among women and rule all over the world. The list given below is the list of world’s topmost lipstick brands. Have a look below;topmost lipstick brands in world

  • Bobbi brown – the name of brand’s CCO (Bobbi Brown) was impersonated to the brand. The best part of lipsticks from this brand is that vitamin C, E and beeswax is introduced in the lipsticks which nourish your lips. Isn’t it cool?
  • YSL (Yves Saint Laurent) – except wide range of lipstick shades, the prestigious brand is known for fashion goods and fragrance.
  • Dior – the brand founded by Christian Dior avails a wide range of lipsticks for all skin tones.
  • Chanel – except the mesmerizing shades of lipsticks, the brand is known for handbags, fashion accessories and clothing.
  • Estee Lauder – the brand was created by Joseph Lauder and his wife Estee Lauder in 1946 in NY City. It is famous for hair care and skin care products also.
  • Guerlain – it is one of the most famous luxury makeup brand known for expensive and classy lipsticks has a wide range of shades for pink, red and orange colors.
  • Makeup Forever – makeup from the brand makeup forever are known for long lasting formula.
  • Lancome – the famous brand is endorsed by Harry Potter fame Emma Watson. The brand is popular for fragrance and skin products also.
  • NARS – the prestigious brand was founded by François Nars. The brand is known for lipsticks, blushes, eye shadows and bronzer.
  • MAC – the brand is popular in India and all over the world as well. Besides amazing matte lipsticks, the brand is known for best quality makeup goods.


Hello friends! I have seen complaining ladies that they have to check out so many makeup stores just to get a single desired shade from any specific popular brand. But now I have listed all the topmost brands of lip sticks for the convenience of my friends who bother for searching great lipsticks. Take a look below at the list;tomost indian lipstick brands

  • Revlon – When I have to purchase neutral shades then I check out Revlon store and pick shades from Revlon Colorstay range.
  • Lakme – Lakme brand is one of the topmost makeup brands which are hugely popular in India. After Lakme 9 to 5 ranges, the brand introduced Lakme absolute range which includes marvelous glossy lipsticks.
  • MAC – do I really need to explain about this brand? Besides eye makeup it has a colorful range of glossy and matte lipsticks.
  • L’Oreal Paris – if you are a girl who choose vibrant colors for lip, then you should definitely check out L’Oreal Paris lipsticks.
  • Colorbar – as the name depicts, the brand avails versatile range of lipstick shade.
  • Avon – I do not need to say anything about this brand. Every Indian woman knows the grace of Avon lipsticks.
  • NYX – though I have not used lipsticks from this brand but I have seen many friends going crazy for NYX lipsticks.
  • Chambor – if you are fond of matte lipstick, then you must check out the nearest Chambor store.
  • Elle 18 – this is the most affordable brand in India and its lippies and juicy lip balms are popular among teens.
  • Maybelline – besides its tremendous eyeliners and kohl range, you must take a look at Maybelline lippies.



Online shopping is like a boon for those who do not prefer to consume time for moving outside for shopping. In these days, online shopping is getting hugely popular among people and especially youth. Here I am showing a list of the websites for online shopping which are very popular all over the world;world's topmost online shopping sites

  • Amazon
  • EBay
  • Walmart
  • Asos
  • Etsy
  • Mr. Porter
  • Nasty Gal
  • Zappos
  • ModCloth
  • Fitiquette
  • Rent The Runway
  • Otteny
  • Singer22
  • Shotiques


The trend of online shopping in India came from outer countries. Now the trend is very popular among the people of India and especially among youngsters. Here is a list given below in which the names of popular online shopping website is given. Take a look below;online indian shopping sites

  • Amazon
  • EBay
  • Myntra
  • Flip kart
  • Yebhi
  • Junglee
  • HomeShop18
  • Fashion and You
  • SnapDeal
  • Shopclues



There is a very strong bond between fashion and Indian culture. In styling and fashion, there is a vast contribution of Indian fashion also. Indian fashion designers have been participating in international fashion weeks since a long time and getting appreciation. Here is a list of the topmost Indian fashion designers;India's top designers

  • Manish Arora – Manish Arora is one of the most popular Indian fashion designers. He was born in a Punjabi family. His popular labels are “MANISH ARORA”, “FISHFRY” and “PACO RABANNE (INDIA)”.
  • Tarun Tahiliani – his traditional designer collection is amazing but he is popular for his designs made by the fusion of modern and traditional designs. He works as a hotel interior designer also. He has designed the interior for so many famous hotels.
  • Rohit Bal – Rohit Bal is a famous fashion designer whose designs are very appreciated in various fashion weeks. He launched a label in 1990, “traditional designs for men”.
  • Shantanu and Nikhil – Shantanu Mehra and Nikhil Mehra are known for their contemporary styling and fashion. In 1999, they launched a label known as “Indian men’s wear couture”.
  • Sabyasachi Mukherjee – Sabyasachi Mukherjee is a young fashion designer from Kolkata. He is known for the best designed traditional outfits in India. Almost all the bollywood actresses love to wear traditional outfits designed by Sabyasachi.
  • Wendell Rodricks – he is one of topmost designers in Indian. He is known for his passion of white color. His chic style outfit designing is popular among fashion lovers. He used to write for popular fashion blogs also.
  • Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla – Abu Jani and Sandeep Khosla! The duo of fashion designers makes a great pair because of amazing sense of fashion. There is a great hype among people about their brand.
  • JJ Valaya – JJ Valaya was born in Jodhpur, the city popular for handicraft and traditional designing. He has a vast knowledge of traditional crafts and old age Indian designs.
  • Manish Malhotra – I would call him as the “Marc Jacobs’ of India. This is because Manish Malhotra is the most popular bollywood fashion designer. He has designed clothes for almost all the bollywood actresses of this generation. Actresses love to wear clothes by Manish Malhotra.
  • Ritu Beri Ritu Beri is the first designer to represent her collection in Paris. Her designs are very popular in Mumbai, Delhi, London, Paris and USA.



Hello friends! Today I am going to give you a brief about the topmost fashion designers who are very popular all over the world due to their amazing fashion sense and costume designing. Have a look below;designer

  • Calvin Klein – he started his career in 1968 with a coat shop. After that he made a brand and got popular all over the world for his designs. His brand is popular for watches, eyewear, underwear and perfumes.
  • Valentino Garavani – Valentino Garavani started his career in 1959 in Rome. His brand is hugely popular in United Kingdom and Belgium.
  • Coco Chanel – Coco Chanel was a Nazi collaborator. The brand established by her is very much popular and especially the designer classy handbags of the brand are adored by women. Basically her brand is popular for perfumes, hand bags and men’s classic suits.
  • Donatella Versace – she is the sister of Gianni Versace. Gianni Versace was murdered in 1997. After that Donatella handled the brand and made it more famous. She is known for designer accessories, clothes and fragrances.
  • Giorgio Armani – Armani is one of the most popular brands for men’s wear. The brand was established by Giorgio Armani, an Italian fashion designer. At the beginning of his career, he used to design outfits for football players.
  • Tom Ford – besides his ravishing personality, the dashing designer is known for his amazing fashion sense. His name is connected with the most popular fashion brands Gucci and YSL (Yves Saint Laurent). After that he started his own label known as “TOM FORD”. He has directed a movie also (A single man) which was nominated for Oscar.
  • Betsey Johnson – Betsey Johnson is popular for her unusual designs. She has designed outfits for many rock & roll musicians. She is known among people for her classy designer hand bags, scarves and accessories.
  • Marc Jacobs – marc Jacobs is very popular among Hollywood celebrities. This dynamic designer started his career with a boutique in New York City. His outstanding collection for Louis Vuitton is very popular among fashion lovers.
  • Kate Spade – Kate Spade started her career with designing different kinds of stylish bags. After that, she launched a range of beauty products, eyewear, shoes, perfumes etc.
  • Ralph Lauren – Ralph Lauren is popular among people for her unique designs. In fact her unique collection is shown in Boston museum of fine arts in United States.



People, who prefer style, better understand the importance of quality footwear as style with quality makes you different from others. Fashionable and stylish footwear is the choice of a person who brings the fashion and class in his/her lifestyle. Here I have made a list of top footwear brands that are popular all around the world;topmost footwear brands in world

  • Jimmy Choo
  • Manolo Blahnic
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Miu Miu
  • Gucci
  • Alexander McQueen
  • Walter Steiger
  • Staurt Weitzman
  • Christian Louboutin
  • Brian Atwood


The footwear you choose needs to be comfortable but if you choose that comfort with little styling then it makes you look much different. The comfort and style is important but quality is a big thing. I would never suggest anyone to compromise with quality and especially in case of clothing and footwear. Here I have a made a list of top brands for footwear that are famous in India;topmost footwear brands in india

  • Lee Cooper
  • Woodland
  • Bata
  • Nike
  • Redtape
  • Adidas
  • Reebok
  • Puma
  • Fila
  • Florsheim


It is said that first impression is the last impression, although some people do not agree with it. But here all I want to say that how much importance people give to looks and appearance. Style matters in life if you want to appeal with your personality. Apparels and well clothing contribute in enhancing your looks. Here I have brought the list of topmost brands that are popular for fashion clothing in all over the world. Look below;topmost clothing brands in world

  • Gucci
  • Armani
  • Chanel
  • Louis Vuitton
  • Dior
  • Burberry
  • Versace
  • Prada
  • Fendi
  • Mango
  • Zara
  • Hermes
  • Dolce & Gabbana
  • Guess
  • Calvin Klein


Although, fashion sense is important to emphasize the style but apparels of great quality are important too. Good quality apparels and fashion clothing add spark to your personality. Here is a list which mentions the topmost clothing brands in India. So have a look on the list;topmost clothing brands in india

  • Koutons
  • Wills lifestyle
  • Raymond
  • Monte Carlo
  • Reid & Taylor
  • Van Heusen
  • Park avenue
  • Levis
  • Nike
  • Lee


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Here is the list of ten topmost brands for makeup products and cosmetics which are very popular among Indian women. So have a look on the list;top cosmetic brands in india

  • LAKME – the most popular brand Lakme is known for its highest quality cosmetics and makeup ranges. The brand was started by Tata oil mills and owned by Uniliver. The brand ambassador of the Lakme brand is Kareena Kapoor. The brand is much famous for eye makeup range.
  • COLORESSENCE – the brand is known for its herbal products. The brand was started in India. Coloressence provides the great herbal cosmetic products and makeup range.
  • VLCC – I do not think that I need to tell much about this brand. Besides beauty ranges and skin care and hair care cosmetics, the brand is well – known for its body care products.
  • BIOTIQUE – besides the cool makeup range, the brand provides the great quality cosmetic products for skin and hair care.
  • SHAHNAZ HUSSAIN – the brand was started by a very famous makeup artist Shahnaz Hussain. The brand is known for hair care and body care cosmetics.
  • HIMALAYA HERBALS – the brand is famous for herbal cosmetic products. The Himalaya Neem face wash is very popular among girls and very effective for acne treatment.
  • ELLE 18 – this brand is the most favorite brand for college girls and teenagers because it avails a huge range of colors for makeup products in affordable prices.
  • MAYBELLINE – besides cosmetic products, the brand is much popular for its awesome makeup ranges. Colossal Kajal from the brand is the most popular makeup product for brand.
  • COLORBAR – as the name of the brand depicts, the brand avails the great color shades for various makeup and cosmetic products.

M.A.C. – this brand is the most popular for its makeup ranges and attractive color shades. The brand avails the best eye makeup shades.


Below is the list of topmost brands in the world which provides the best quality makeup products and cosmetics. Have a look below;top cosmetic brands in world

  • OLAY – it is based in United States. Although it provides so many great beauty options but the brand is known for its anti aging cosmetic products. In India, the Bollywood queens Madhuri Dixit and Kajol endorse the brand.
  • AVON – it is based in United States. Avon is popular for its fabulous makeup range. You will get the best color ranges of makeup and cosmetics in the world.
  • L’OREAL – it is base in France. Besides introducing great quality cosmetics and makeup range, this brand is the most popular brand for its hair care products. The Indian beauty queen Aishwarya Roy Bachchan style diva Sonam Kapoor is endorsing the hair care product of this brand in India.
  • NEUTROGENA – it is based in United States. This brand is on the 4th rank in the world’s best cosmetic brands for introducing the best quality of cosmetics.
  • NIVEA – it is based in Germany. Nivea is famous for its cosmetic products and especially for its skin care products. In India, Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma is endorsing the brand for its skin care products.
  • LANCOME – it is based in France. The brand provides the great range of makeup products and so many attractive color shades for makeup.
  • DOVE – it is based in Britain. The brand is very popular among women. This brand provides the best quality skin care and hair care cosmetics. Dove hair shampoos are very popular.
  • ESTEE LAUDER – it is based in United States. Although it is not so popular in India, but the brand is world famous for the quality of cosmetics.