Turkish Bath or Hammam- Retreat and relax


Turkish Bath better known as hammam is the Turkish variant of roman style bath. It’s a method for deep cleansing and relaxation. Turkish bath is similar to that of a sauna but with a twist of ancient Greek and Roman bathing practices. The Turkish bath or hammam starts with relaxation in a warm and high temperature room that is heated by a continuous flow of hot, dry air, allowing the bather to sweat heavily and freely.

Procedure: On entering the Turkish bath or Hammam, the first room is much like the changing room with wooden benches around the perimeter of the room, and hooks to hang your clothes while you are getting ready for the Turkish style bathing experience. There are ladies on duty as you enter and you will be given a black soap (olive oil soap) for exfoliation of the skin and a lava clay. Afterwards the scrubbing process will start. Moving on from the changing rooms, you will passed through huge tiled rooms with domed style ceilings filled with steam and shower panels and you have to recline all over the floors to receive steam and perspire. After performing a full body washes with a black soap and receiving a massage bathers finally retire to the cooling-room for a period of relaxation and rejuvenation.

In Turkish baths mostly lining of the walls were tap with piping hot water from which we filled our buckets before retreating back to the mats. To start with slosh the water all over yourself, then you are covered in black soap and therapist penetrates the pores to remove excessive dead skin. In the hammam baths spa’s mostly conveys the atmosphere and magic of oriental bath, with a pleasurable relaxing atmosphere. It’s a very effective treatment with numerous healing and retreating properties. Traditionally, bathing sessions ends up with oriental pastries and mint tea.

Image Source: theistanbulinsider

Graduates: What to wear to an Interview

‘Dress to make an impression’, the phrase makes sense for every dressing but holds a lot more significance when it comes to graduates going in for an interview. It is important for a graduate to dress smart, as you want the people on the other side of the table to take you seriously and not consider you a kid just out of college.

While being fashionable and trendy is one thing, it is important to not let fashion take over the better part of you as the objective for an interview is the interviewer should remember you and not your attire. Smart and crisp fashion are the keywords to remember when it comes to interviewing fashion for graduates or anyone for that matter. While what you present as your achievements is one part of the interview, one needs to ensure that how you look and dress works in your favor by presenting you in the best possible light.

There are some checks that a graduate should bear in mind so as to not wrong with the interview dressing.

1.How to dress:

You have seen people wearing serious business suits when they go for business meetings, this should be your foundation when you start thinking of your interview attire. An interview is not the place or time to experiment with clothes, accessories or perfumes. Avoid stark and bold patterns, funky jewelry, contrasting colors and an overdose of your favorite perfume. Look neat and tidy. While every industry dressing demands are different interview basics remain the same. Being creative is okay but being formal is a must.

2.What to wear:

For the boys, it’s okay if you don’t want to wear a formal suit but a smart formal shirt with well-fitted trousers is a must. Jeans is a no whether it is for the boys or the girls. Accessorize with a smart belt and matching shoes and ensure you wear your formal socks and leave the funky ones in your wardrobe.


For the girls, formal skirts, button shirts, formal trousers are all great to go with for interviews. Be careful on the colors and be subtle. Another important point to remember is to completely avoid tight, ill fitted or too short dresses when going for an interview. Ensure your clothes are well ironed. Accessorize with comfortable formal shoes and keep the jewelry simple and minimal. Avoid wearing accessories that make a lot of sound as that can be very irritating and distracting at an interview.


3.Hair and Makeup:

For the men it is best to avoid goatees, stubble, long hair and beards. It is best to go with a clean look well shaved, short hair neatly gelled and combed. For the ladies, again hair should be neatly combed avoiding open hair. Women tend to fiddle with their hair and hence pulling them back into a ponytail is the best hairdo for an interview. Go easy with the makeup. You are just a graduate and young, stick to minimal makeup that makes your natural shine. The dark smoky eyes are not for an interview. Energetic eyes with a simple dash of kohl and eyeliner and well-defined lips with neutral or formal lip colors are the only makeup that you would need for an interview. However nervous you may be, get a good sleep previous night as you don’t want to carry puff eye bags with you at the interview.

What you wear at the interview will be interviewer’s first impression of you and your personality and hence take time and effort to get it right. Most importantly, wear your confidence and a bright smile which will be your biggest winner at the interview.

DIY- Hair mask- The secret of soft looking hair

Tips to apply Using a hair mask after shampooing prevents it from drying and getting rough. It adds to the natural layer of oil on your locks and gives dry hair a shine as well as bounce and strength. There are variety of hair masks such as almond hair mask, ginger hair mask and orange hair mask. Masking your hair weekly repairs it very quickly. It helps in repairing the damage hair and smoothens the hair cuticle which gives your hair a very natural hair glow and bounce. It also prevents fuzziness.

Tips to apply hair mask

  • After shampooing your hair gently squeeze out the excess of water from your hair
  • Comb you hair well with a wide toothed comb to avoid tangles and hair breakage
  • Take a coin sized amount of hair mask in your hands and run it through the length of your hair
  • Start by massaging your scalp well and good for about 5 minutes and then gently smoothen the mask in the downward direction
  • Keep on the hair mask for about 10-15 minutes
  • Rinse thoroughly first with lukewarm water and then will cool water to seal the cuticles of your hair
  • You are done with masking and rinsing your hair

Nourish your locks well with hair masks

Indian gooseberries benefits

Untitled-1Packed with vitamin C, amla or the Indian gooseberry contains numerous nutrients that actually help you live a longer and healthier life. Also, the presence of compounds like polyphenols, minerals like Iron and zinc and vitamins like Carotenes and Vitamin B complex in amla make it a very versatile fruit.

Some of the common benefits of Indian gooseberries are

  1. Amla shampoos and hair oil are traditionally believed to nourish the hair and scalp and thus prevent premature grey hair.
  2. Antioxidants act as free radical scavengers thus protecting healthy cells from the attack of the harmful free radicals and prevent your skin from premature ageing.
  3. This versatile edible fruit also helps in proper absorption of insulin leading to a drop in blood sugar in diabetics.
  4. Consume one teaspoon of amla juice on an empty stomach to deal with acidity and resolve a stomach upset. It is rich in fiber and anti inflammatory properties.
  5. If you suffers from mouth ulcers amla juice could be a great remedy for you.
  6. Amla is very useful and beneficial in improving eyesight. It also reduces reddening, itching and watering. Mix 2 teaspoons of amla juice in half a cup of water and drink it every morning to get better eyesight.
  7. Amla helps in reducing pigmentation. With regular use, it brightens dull and dry skin.
  8. Amla oil is also an effective treatment for lice and dandruff.
  9. Drinking amla juice with honey twice daily can relieve asthma and bronchitis complications.
  10. Amla juice can cure obesity by increasing protein levels which helps in reducing unwanted fat.. It reduces the cholesterol levels, thus minimizing the risk of heart attacks.

With its numerous benefits indeed it is regarded as wonder fruit. Drinking amla juice twice a day can do wonders for your body and skin.

Hair care tips for Diwali parties

In festivals our hair suffers too much because of dramatic hair style and styling. Here’s how to have a hip, shiny mane for parties

  1. To make your hair look glossy hair serum and leave in conditioners work best. For oily scalp, apply plain white vinegar before you shampoo so hair does not get flat soon.marigold2
  2. Opt for argon oil treatments or keratin treatments to protect your hair from being damaged and fizzy.10129705
  3. This festive season side swept curls are very on trend. Keep your hair wavy with lots of bounce and movement. This also helps in highlighting you facial features.Exclusive-Beautiful-Eid-Festive-Hairstyles-for-Women-5
  4. An undone messy look and top knot is extremely trending and it also manages to keep hair away from the face when you are dancing. It will also add height for those of you who are short and cannot wear heels.4991316e196958713ccc55948e8c3531
  5. Braids are also trending. Experiment with Dutch braids, waterfall braids, rope braids, princess braids, five strand braid.images (4)
  6. Add more hair extensions and clips on to you locks to get it festive ready.577468b02e62c12a49f3a243e032b4b3
  7. Apply hair masks and do coconut oiling as it will nourishes your hair.DIY-hair-masks

Try and experiment as much as you can but follow a perfect hair regime.


Olive oil skin and hair benefits


Olive oil because of its numerous health benefits also know as Liquid oil. Olive oil is one of the healthiest olive oil in this planet. There are many benefits of olive oil and some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Olive oil is generously used for nail and cuticle care and many women also use it as an eye makeup remover.
  2. Olive oil penetrates deeply into the skin and provides a cleansing effect for the skin. Use organic olive oil at night as a substitute in place of regular moisturizer. Apply a teaspoon of the oil to the face and neck. Gently pat the skin with a paper towel to wipe away any excess oil for the glowing effect
  3. Olive oil works miraculously for extra sensitive skin.
  4. Olive oil is a powerful ingredient of anti-aging skin as it is rich in antioxidants which help in preventing premature ageing of the skin.
  5. Olive oil bath are very popular in spas. Many celebrities take olive oil bath .It give you very soft, supple and healthy skin.
  6. Olive oil also works as a gentle eye cream. It is one of the natural beauty treatment which helps in nourishing the skin around your eyes and also works wonder for fine lines.
  7. Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants, which can keep the skin of your scalp in healthier position. It can even reduce the damage done by hair care and styling products.
  8. Olive oil massages improves the blood circulation in your scalp. This increased blood flow can stimulate the follicles, which helps in producing thicker strands.
  9. It helps in treating off the rashes very well.
  10. By massaging this oil, you can really improve the elasticity of the skin Massaging olive oil regularly on your affected skin helps in lightening the stretch marks and also prevents the formation of new stretch marks.

Hope with this tips you are going to make your skin and hair healthier than ever.

How to make Dutch flower braid?

Dutch-Flower-Braid-Updo-HairstyleThe Dutch flower braid is very beautiful hairdo. It is quite a elegant and pretty to look at. This hairstyle is perfect for weddings, formal occasions, flower girls, prom, and festivals. For this hairstyle, one usually need to have a good hair length but in case you hair is short you can go for  braided flower bun

Here are simple steps from which you can make a Dutch flower braid

  • Start off with by combing your hair well and then make a parting
  • Take a little section from the front part of your hair and keep braiding until you get to even it out with your eyebrows.
  • Slightly, take other part of the hair and starts braiding along with ongoing braid. Now continuing taking hair from the top of the head to feed into the braid.
  • For the other side don’t grab hair from the bottom of the head, just take those part of hair what is under the braid. Eventually hair will be fed into the braid once you turn it again and again forming a “S” shape.
  • After making the braid start off with the flower portion. Put a water spray and pull your hair out from one side and wrap your hair to make a Dutch flower
  • Loosen your braid and pull the braid till the end some of your hair might come out but don’t worry. On reaching the end secure it with a rubber band and bob pins.
  • Now take it upside flip it around and push it in by rolling in. Tuck it in properly and you will have your flower braid ready. Now secure the bun with bob pins and set it up where you need .Finally when you are comfortable with the braided flower add an accessory you can use clippies or flower pin. That’s it your beautiful hair do is ready.

So lovely girls now flaunt your braid in style.

Tricks to Make Your Small Eyes Look More Gorgeous

eyebrow shapes for girls

Many women with small eyes find it difficult to make their eyes look bigger and wider, even with makeup. It then seems that their eyes are sleepy or inactive. However, it is a very common issue among women and can easily be sorted out with some eyes makeup tricks. Check out below a few tips to make your eyes look elongated and gorgeous.

Shape your eyebrows right

If you shape and groom your eyebrows, then it can also affect the looks of your eyes. When you trim your brows right, they can give the illusion of having wider eyes. In addition, it is important to shape them according to your facial shape. This can give your entire face a harmonious look. Do not keep very thin or thick eyebrows. These should be just right.

how to shape eyebrow

Keep eyebrows elongated

You may use an eyebrow pencil and give an elongated look to your brows at the outer corners. Try to do the same with the shape of your eyes using a liner. If there is any stray hair around the shaped brow, then remove them off so they do not draw the attention away from your eyes.

Conceal dark circles

Puffiness around the eyes can make them look smaller than they are. Treat it if you have puffy eyes. Do the required corrections for any dark circles too. Use a concealer to hide them so your eyes may look more active and may stand out.

remove dark circles

Use lighter eye shadows

With small eyes, avoid using dark-colored eye shadows that make eyes look smaller. Go for lighter shades so your eyes may be highlighted. You may try a light shimmery look or nude shades.

light eyeshadow

Curl your lashes with mascara

Mascara is a great thing to use if you have small eyes. Apply it and then use a nice curler to curl your lashes. You may also use false lashes for a big eye effect.

eyelashes with mascara

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Tips to Give That Perfect Winged Look to Your Eyes

Have you been trying to get those winged eyes, but could not get your eyeliner right? Now, here is the solution that we give you through these tips that make it easier and quicker for you to grab that winged look for your eyes that you always wanted. Check out.

Start with light pencil eyeliner

If you are not experienced at creating a winged eye, then you should start by using pencil eyeliner. It will help you avoid the spread of liquid eyeliner in case you go wrong. Make the free-hand sketch of a wing on your upper eyelash using pencil eyeliner. If it does not go right, it can be corrected faster.

Measure it right

Measure the extent to which your wing should go and start sketching from the inner corner of your eye to the outer area. When you reach the end of your lash line, hold the eyeliner and drag it up diagonally to your measured point. Keep it too thin and you can use a small tape to keep it straight. Then, join the wing to the inner corner of the eye with the desired thickness and fill up the outline with the liquid eyeliner.

Create it at the right time

It is better that you start creating a winged eye before you apply mascara on your eyes. Else, it may also spoil the mascara. However, you should start doing this task after you are done with the application of eye shadow. It will help avoid covering the winged eye creation by any chance.

Work naturally

If you are seeking the right shape for your winged eye, then make sure to keep both your hands free. Use a hands-free mirror so you can apply the eyeliner properly. In addition, move your hands naturally according to the shape of your eye while applying the eyeliner. It will avoid making your eyes look smaller.

The Right Way to Select and Use Your Lip Balm

baby lip balmsLiving with rough, dry and chapped lips is not an easy thing. Sometimes, it bleeds and pains too. Thus, it is always better to take precautions and use ointments or lip balms before you reach that condition. However, you may not know how to apply the right amount of balm and how to choose a proper one. You do not need to worry about it. Check out the following tips on applying your lip balm correctly.

Pick up the right balm

When you select your lip balm, make sure that it moisturizes well. It is critical to give moisture to your chapped lips in order to make them softer. Thus, less moisture in your balm may not heal your lips. However, you may go for your favorite colors, scents and flavors. You may try out lip balms from brands like EOS, Maybelline or Nivea. Else, there are any other effective options too.

Check the applicator

Most of the lip balms come with such applicators that can be rolled up and down using a wheel. However, you may also have one in a squeeze tube. If you have a tube, then make sure to press it to release the right amount that you need for a single application. Else, roll up the wheel rightly if you have a rolling applicator. Roll it to have the right height.

Cover your lips properly

Do not hesitate to apply a generous amount of balm on your lips if these are chapped badly. A lighter application will not help you faster. Thus, start rolling over your lip balm from one corner of your lower lip to the other and cover the entire lip, especially the cracked areas. Do the same with your upper lip.

Work at corners

It is the right way if you start applying the balm from the corners of your lips. Apply it at least five times to gain quick relief.

Quick Tips to Give a Slimmer Pose for Your Next Picture

slim pose pic

While everybody wants to look their best when their pictures are taken, not all are able to give a great pose that makes them look fit and slimmer. Women are especially conscious of their flab, but they can also beat it if they give the right pose to their photographers. Check out how you may look slimmer the next time you are clicked.

Stay at an appropriate angle

When somebody takes a shot of you, make sure that it is not taken from below. If you are at a higher platform than your photographer is, then you may look shorter, as well as fatter. A shot from below can give an appearance that you have a double chin. Your face and body will look heavier than it is. Thus, ensure that your photograph is taken from a higher angle or at least from the eye level. You will look slimmer than you actually are.

Keep the neck stretched and chin up

If you elongate your neck slightly, then you will avoid showing a double chin. You should also practice keeping your chin a little up so your next pose can be perfect. However, make sure that you do not look awkward while stretching your neck. Do it only to an extent required.

Keep the red carpet pose

You may know about the red carpet pose where you keep your best foot forward by bending slightly on the back leg and also bending your knee a bit. Keep this pose while you are clicked so it can add a nice dimension.

Position your arms rightly

Another nice way to give a slimmer pose is by keeping your arms away from your body, especially the waistline. You may also try placing one hand on the hip, but avoid flattening them against your body. Additionally, practice improving your posture to look confident in your body.

How to Keep Your Lips Soft and Supple

Do you know that your lips are always exposed to rough weather and dehydration? Yes, it is true. It happens more in winters when your water intake is less and you go out in cold winds. Since the skin on your lips is thin and is without oil glands, it is easily chapped. Thus, here we tell you about some ways in which you can protect your lips from getting dry and chapped. Check out for that soft and supple feel on your lips.

Try lip balm

Choose a high-quality lip balm to protect your lips. You should see that it contains sufficient amount of ingredients like emollients, petrolatum and dimethicone. These ingredients help in sealing the moisture in your lips, as well as mend the cracks and splits. You can also go for some lip oil or ointment to heal your dry and cracked lips.

Protect lips and apply balm frequently

When you choose to apply lip balm on cracked lips, do it more often. You should do at least six to eight coats daily. Additionally, apply the balm before you apply your lipstick. Further, give protection to your lips while going out. Cover your mouth using a scarf so the extreme heat or cold does not dry your lips.

Stay away from licks

If you have the habit of licking your lips frequently, then do away with it. Instead of wetting your lips, your saliva makes them drier. It actually takes away more moisture when it dries.

Keep drinking water

If there is less dehydration in your body, then there will be less cracking of lips. Thus, make sure that you drink water often or have an intake of other liquids to keep your lips moisturized. This is an effective way to fight chapped lips.

How to Give Your Hands a Younger Look and Feel through Manicure

Your hands go through a lot of roughness and start looking dull and wrinkled with time. However, nobody would want to keep that look for long. Here are some at-home manicure tips that can take away the dullness and make your hands feel smoother and younger.

Use a high-quality filer

If you have been using a rough filer for filing your nails, then there is a chance to face nail splits and peels. A rough filer can make your nails go weaker and chipping. Thus, use a nice filer with a fine grit so your nails may remain cleaner and healthier.

Shape them right

Many people file even the sides of their nails and snip cuticles. This makes your nails weaker and thinner. Thus, keep your hands looking young by filing your nails properly. Avoid filing the sides and keep your nails shorter to make them healthier. In addition, push the cuticles back and keep them moisturized.

Clear the yellow

Sometimes, dark-colored polishes make your nails yellowish in appearance. To avoid it, always ensure to apply a base coat before you apply nail paint. You can also rub your nails with a lemon wedge in order to whiten them.

Use metallic nail paints

Since metallic nail paints reflect more light, they make your hands look younger and shinier. Choose a high-quality, pale metallic nail paint that is free of ingredients like formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate, and toluene. These ingredients may be harmful for your nails and skin. Do not forget to do a top coat on your polish.

Use non-acetone remover

Acetone is usually a part of nail paint removers. You should try to bring an organic remover that does not contain this element so your nails may not be made drier by acetone. It will keep your nails stronger and your hands younger.

Summer Skin Tips

Hello guys,

How are you? It’s the start of hot season. As you show more skin, get ready to face more UV rays. Here are some summer skin tips that will make you feel fresh and charming all the day out.

Daily supplement

  • Glycolic acid helps to whisk away dryness and lighten up the skin.
  • Lactic acid works similarly to glycolic acid.
  • Vitamin C fights against melanin production and lighten discoloration.daily suppliment

Right product to fight against hot weather

  • Olay total skin effect moisturizer
  • Vichy BB creamolay

Skin Hydrate

  • Boosters are best when layered underneath a moisturizer.
  • Toners act as moisturizer app.Nivea

Sun protection

Sun’s rays are biggest enemy of your skin. It’s important to apply sunscreen 30 minutes before you step out.

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How to Lose Belly Fat in Just 30 Days?

I personally feel belly fat make my jeans feel extra sung and more serious it leads to some health trouble. And 30 days are not much for those persons who wants to lose belly fat. They need to be disciplined and turn up the intensity to extreme. Check out tips to lose belly fat. 🙂


Load up with proteinprotein rich food

Protein plays a critical role in belly fat loss. Protein increases energy for daily work hence weight loss. In take heavy loaded protein diet.


Stock up on vinegarvinegar

2 tablespoon of vinegar actually shows significant decrease in belly fat.


Say NO to COKEsay no to coke

Numerous studies have shown soft drinks are linked to obesity per each daily serving. Avoid sugar sweetened beverage.



Yoga helps in lowering down the levels of the stress hormone cortisol which is directly linked to belly fat. Read more about Yoga postures to reduce belly fat.


Track how much you eattrack how much you eat

Many people don’t have a clue how much they are eating. It is recommended to eat more protein rich food to cut belly fat. Read about foods that can ruin your skin and health.

Solutions for Fighting Summer Hair Woes

Hello guys,

How are you? Many people visit Dubai, Qatar for summer holidays. For gulf countries visit, I personally recommend to be ready with good solution for fighting summer hair woe as humidity, from the sun and styling damage cause huge damage to hairs. So we’re sharing 5 easy hair care tips for summer holidays:

  • Combat UV – UV rays is just fraught with hair danger, and prevention is to be sun smart. For complete protection slick hair back with conditioner as it acts as a barrier to sunlight. For extra moisture, I suggest adding a deep conditioner like Matrix Biolage Deep Smoothing Conditioner.UV-Rays
  • Omg! FRIZZ – For frizz-freeal ways smooth the cuticle. It’s like prunting a flower you can do it for yourself. Also try to utilize an anti-frizz serum.

hair serum

  • Second Brush it – After smooth cuticle. Go for hair brushing as it will not only keep it free from knots, but it will stimulate circulation in the scalp.brush it
  • Say NO to daily wash – Give a break of one day between shampoos allows your scalp’s oils but condition them daily.avoid daily shampoo
  • Use a scarf – Best way to protect your hair from summer is to wear a hat or something cuter. I personally recommend go for the scarf for style and safety of hairs.hair care

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Tips for Hair Care After Hair Coloring

After hair coloring, no doubt there is a smashing change that one could discover in their personality but at the same time hair texture becomes frizzy and dry. Following are certain fashion tips for our readers who make most out of it and save the texture of your locks while it still got colored.Hair-Color

  • Take hair spa as hair spa nourishes your hair from deep within. Once in a month hair spa is must to keep your hair texture smooth.hair spa
  • Try to use professional shampoos and conditioners for colored hairs.professional shampoo
  • After consulting professionals if you don’t like or cannot take hair spa due to financial or time constraint take keratin treatment as it single session has to be taken in span of 6 months.keratin-treatment
  • Trim, trim and trim. Yes secret for hair growth and for maintaining good hair care regime all you have to do is trimming. Trim the extra tresses.trim your hair
  • Oiling and masking your hair is necessary to retain moisture and nourishment for your hairs.oiling-your-hair
  • Try to use ammonia free colors half of your job is done here only.zeroAmmonia
  • Try to avoid sun as much as you can since its harmful UV rays make color fade fast.avoid sun
  • Apply hair serum to lock in your locks with lustre shine.Serum
  • Don’t do much of shampooing frequently as it will make it frizzier.avoid shampoo
  • Avoid pastel color as maintaining them in day to day life is not very easy. Avoid high maintenance hues as their dye molecule is incredibly small and that’s why it fades out more easily.avoid pastel colors

No doubt a colored hair can give you an instant makeover but it’s equally important to maintain your hair texture and to protect your locks from damage.  As no matter how artistically your hair color has been done if your hair is not healthy the color will fade faster.

5 Extremes of Summer Beauty Tips That Every Girl Need to Know

Summer days are great, but sweltering, sticky summer elements are terrible. It is a great time to begin prepping for the same, not only with clothing but makeup and hair as well. So we’re sharing 5 easy, affordable summer beauty tips to keep look cool, calm and collected.

  • Say NO to harsh hair products – Before deploying any product check the ingredients especially harsh chemicals. Use honest shampoo, conditioner which is all free from sulphate. Best alternate is to go for easy home remedies.say no to harsh hair products
  • Try this one as well – Use daily water based sunscreen stick during the hot months as it is light enough on the skin to keep you looking fresh all day. Read Beauty tips for Summer here)try this
  • HONEY – To cure your chapped summer look, try a few drops of organic honey on skin and let it dry and then wash. (Read also summer makeup tips)honey-for-skin
  • Orange/Tomato astringent – After facing the scorching sun your skin need of cooling off. Tomato is a great source of Vitamin C along with great toner for your skin by tightening the pores. For best result try rose water as a natural refresher. (Tips to remove tanning)tomato astringent
  • Maintenance keeps the summer skin problem away – This summer make a promise to continue the self-care for damage free skin.skin care

Essential Makeup Tips for Summers

Summer season is basically all about hot weather and sweating. Even though sweating is a natural process but it is a big problem in itself and especially for ladies because sweat is the biggest factor for ruining makeover in summers. And skin tanning is another part of summer skin problems. Below, I am giving you some makeover tips for summer season;

  • Oil preventing cleansing – Oil production from skin increases in summers. So it is important to prevent more and more oil production. I would suggest for a cleansing which can prevent the formation of oil in skin. (Beauty benefits of Rose Water)oil cleansing
  • Primer usage for makeup – May be you do not feel the need of primer in makeup but for summers, primer before makeover is supposed to very essential. So pick a primer after cleansing and before makeup. (Common makeup mistakes you should avoid)makeup primer
  • Say no to foundation – This is my special suggestion to avoid foundation as much as possible. But still if you think that you cannot ignore then go for minimum usage of foundation. (Beauty tips for Summer)avoid foundation
  • Tinted moisturizer – Tinted moisturizer is my favorite. It is not only moisturizes the skin but also protects the skin. So, before makeup do not forget to apply tinted moisturizer. (Choose Right moisturizer for your Skin Type)tinted moisturizer
  • Water resistant eye makeup – Eye makeup should be as lighter as possible according to my suggestion for summer’s makeover. And opt for the makeup which is water resistant or water proof. (Eye makeup tips for beginners)eyemakeup
  • Cream eye shadow – For makeover in summer season, I would prefer the cream eye shadow over powder eye shadow or any other eye shadow.cream eyeshadow
  • Lip stain – Lip coloration is of course an important part of makeover. Lip stain should be preferred over lip glosses. (How to choose correct Lip gloss)lip stain
  • Tinted lip balm – Tinted lip balm is another great option for coloring lips. So if you do not like lip stains much, then go for tinted lip balms. (Choose Lip shades for your skin tone)tinted lip balm



#Asymmetrical earringsaccessories

Asymmetrical earrings are very popular in these days. For summer funky parties these are the coolest option one can have. From feathers to ear cuffs to simple studs all are very in these summers.

#Midriff ringsaccessories

If you have it then flaunts it with midriff rings and crop tops. Retro chain drop belly rings are very popular.

#Upper finger ringsaccessories

Mid finger rings or upper finger rings instantly pepped up the entire look and can make you feel glamorous and glitzy. All this summer go minimal with accessories.

#Layered necklacesaccessories

Layering necklaces are very in this season. Whether it is a cross or a cupid style or else a key whole all are very in. Layered necklaces can be easily found at Kazo, Forever 21 and Claire’s.

#Floral scarfFloral-Scarf

Floral scarf are going to be very hip in these summers. It can also save you from unwanted tans. Anything in floral is a must have for summers.

So get summer ready with these stylish summer accessories.