Bollywood raving on Bardot top

Bardot top is the latest summer fashion style which is ruling the vogue. Picking on its summer-infectious vibe, Bollywood beauties are going the Brigitte Bardot way with off-shoulder and ruffled tops. Here’s the celeb brigade, doing it their special way.


Lisa Haydon does it quite effectively and effortlessly. White Bardot top is a hit collection this summer season. She teamed it with a gold glittery pant and a laced black choker. In short she owns the look effortlessly.


Sonakshi Sinha- is another actress who aces the look. She paired her white Bardot top with a black midi. It’s a very high fashion look yet with a easy-breezy vibe to it. She completed her look with dewy makeup and straight hair style. The off-shoulder style is simply summer perfect.


Prachi Desai- in her best fashion forward phases. She is looking like a fashion diva. She definitely this time did it like a pro. The Bardot-inspired top wore by Prachi is a cropped version done with noodle straps. Steal the style in the noodle strap Bardot inspired top with panache. Nail this look with a super cool bob cut, a black tortoise shell glasses and berry red shade lip color.


Athiya Shetty: does it in a very elegant and alluring manner. Even the choice of blue shade is very dreamy and gel with the vibes of summer. She teamed it up with a rigged jeans and cool glares. Her fashion sense perfectly defines why less is more.


Alia Bhatt: is looking very adorable in her stunning striped Bardot top. She teamed it up with a printed skirt and is looking astonishing every bit. It’s an ultra feminine soft girlie look with very natural rosy makeup.


Deepika Padukone: Brings in the boho style with the trending flared bardot top. She teamed it with denims and silver sneakers. She wore the casual look with a classic twist.

shraddha kapoor

Shraddha Kapoor:  Pleated perfect Bardot’s style in white is simply ravishing. The neck brace just add on to the look. She completed her look by teaming it with denim; blow-dry loose curls and mesmerizing red lips.

So ladies, what’s your Bardot style are?


7 Trendiest Nail Art this Summer – Latest Nail Arts

Summer is back with the bang. In summer, everyone wants to feel fresh and keep themselves cool because there is already too much warmth in the air. Now feel the summer with the trendiest summer nail art. We have selected 7 most fashionable trending nail arts for our lovely ladies.

Watermelon nail art: Watermelon is the fruit I could easily associate with summers. Water melon nail art is a very lively nail art.


DoI: While making a nail art always apply a nail tape to protect your skin from the nail paints. Use three base colors in the shades of green, red and forest green and for making dots you can use black nail paint. Take a sponge and dab it on your nails using red, green and parrot color and you can make black marks by a pointed brush. Finally seal it with a top transparent coat and voilà the water melon nail art is ready.

Vibgyor Gel nail art: Gel nail art is relatively easy and it instantly gives you a look as if your nail art has been done by the professionals. Vibgyor nail art is young, fun and flamboyant. All you have to do is mix the different hues on your nail and seal it with a top coat. Vibgyor nail art is quiet trending.

nail art designs

The other two trendiest nail arts will be based on summer vacation theme: When we say summers vacations seems to go hand in hand. We all to go to summer vacations, don’t we

Beach sea shell star fish nail art: Ever body loves a beach holiday. Beach evokes liveliness in all of us. To make a beach inspired sea shell nail art you need three base colors white, blue and sandy golden preferably glitter and a stencil to outline a star fish design. Take a sponge and add three colors on it blue, white and sandy golden. Damp it well on your nails to finish a design with a help of stencils draw a star fish and seal it with the top most coat. You are ready to hit the beach with a stylishly done nails.

nail art

African sun set nail art: It’s an African vacation inspired nail art. Take base color in yellow, orange, black and tangy orange. You have to be good with brush holding and making a tree, a giraffe out of a brush filled with a black color. Its highly innovative and attractive nail art right now.



Pattern base nail art:

Color fun ice cream nail art: ice cream nail art needless to say go very well with summer theme. We all like ice creams. Play your own color riots and add princess pearls to your nails and you are ready with the fun filled ice cream nail art.

ice creamnail art

Fruit nail art: pineapple based design is currently coming in all the running fashion design. You can add stick of coconuts, banana and pineapple as shown in the image. You can change the base color as per your preference and mood.

fruits nail art designs


Pastel manicure: It’s for those who like simple soft feminine look. Choose any two contrasting pastels colors like peach and blue, pink and blue, lime and mint green and add a silver lining to it. You could modify it by adding shells, stars, and hearts to get an extra personal touch.

 summer nail art

The Unseen Short Curly Hairstyles for Women

Have curly hair!! And don’t know how to style it? Here is your style guide for short curly hair. Short curly hairstyles are donned by many celebrities these days. Especially when the summer is approaching everybody is tempted to get their curly hair shorter. Generally curly hair texture is thick and heavily voluminous. For high end fashion look, opt for a spiky curly strand. Here’s listing the most unseen short curly hairstyles for women.

  • Curly vintage style: This curly bob style hair cut is trending the most. Indian celebrity Kangana Ranaut has been spotted in the same trending curly hairstyle. If you are blessed with natural curls then this is most fashionable hair style which you should willfully opt for. This haircut style looks very charming and aristocratic.

 vintage curls

  • Textured curly hairstyles: Short curly haircuts for curly hair are very simple to style into a textured pixie hair cut. Curly hair has natural volume and bounce; spiky strands style for a curly hair gives a very contemporary and high fashion look.

textured pixie cut


  • Retro short haircuts for curly hair: Retro-style hair cut usually looks fabulous on short curly hair. It instantly gives you a diva like sophistication and glam on. This hairstyle looks good on all the face types.

retro short hair


  • Balayage highlights: Balayage highlights look very appealing on curly hair and this particular hairstyle is often use by the hairstylist to soften your facial features and if you face tends to look little harsh then this is your haircut.

bayalage hairstyle

  • Curly bangs: Curly bangs bring instant glamour to you boring hairstyle. Use a texturizing serum to get curly bangs. Curly bangs are also very in this summer season.

curly bang


  • Perfect spirals: No curly hairstyle is complete without a perfect spiral hairstyle. It’s one of the timeless curly hairstyles. This particular hairstyle looks good on an oval face.

perfect spiral

  • Afro– A bold choice to go for. It’s an enduring and daring hairstyle. This hairstyle works better on coarse hair and tight textures than the loose curls because you require the volume to get the fullness.


afro hairstyle

  • Curly shag: If you have a curly hair texture like Rihanna then definitely curly shag is your hairstyle. It is fuller towards the roots and feathery at the ends. This hairstyle works for those who have square faces.


  • Modern Tight curls: Get chopped, your curly hair to the nape of the neck. It gives you a very modern, contemporary and stylish look. This short curly hair style looks really good on round faces.


modern tight curls

  • Tuble down curls: Ask your hair stylist to cut your curly hair really short and let your front hair tumbles down. The front hair should have long bangs which could be made into side swept bangs too. This hair cut looks ideal on elongated face.


  • Partially pinned: It’s a simple sleek look that brings all the attention to your stunning face! This style is apt for those with medium length hair and an oval shaped face.


partially pinned


  • Completely tousled: This curly hair style is a perfect way to frame and enhance your face and bring all the attention to your facial features.

completely tousled


  • A symmetrical curl: This is quite thrilling and outsparks hairstyle. Those who like Goth- look mostly opts this hairstyle. This hairstyle looks best on those who has a square face or define jaw line.


  • Exquisitely coiled curly hair look: These curls are glittery, neatly coiled and frizz free.    All types of face shapes with hair that is naturally curly can achieve this look.

coilded curly

  • Faux bob: This curly hairstyle gives you a glamorous makeover instantly. Again all face    shapes with hair that is naturally curly can achieve this look.


  • Classically edgy: It’s a very fashion forward hairstyle for curly hair. It’s a very formal hairstyle and best part is this hair style will work with any face shape and all hair densities.

classically curl

If you’ve been blessed with natural curls, then these are the trendiest and running short-curly hairstyles. It is also true that some of the ladies aren’t fans of their naturally spiraled tresses and this is likely because they aren’t quite sure how to style them. We these styling tips you sure going to love your curls. With above mentioned short curly hairstyle, you’re sure to rock and become a total lover of your naturally curly hair.

Kazo summer collection 2016

Kazo’s summer look book is here. It’s fun, stylish and full of colors. So we picked some of our absolute favorites which are a must have in your summer wardrobe.

Vanesa Top Kazo– It’s an off shoulder spaghetti strap top available in peach and pink shade. It is made up of BUTTER GEORGETTE and is absolutely trending and will be hot selling product this summer. Team it with a rigged jeans and turtle shades and you are good to go.

vanesha top

Patricia Top-It’s a band neck front overlap top. It is in poly fine twill. A very sheek design available in tangy orange color.

patrica top

Sarah Shirt– This cucumber color is very easy and pleasant to the eyes. A perfect attire for your corporate meetings. It is a Shirt with spread collar with lace yoke detailing made up of poly light moss.

sarah tshirt

Hannah cape– It’s a pretty floral printed cape. Instantly fell in love with this one. It’s a semi fitted one. You can go on a movie viewing and it is also a very good option for your summer brunch.

Hannah cape

Lauren Top-Its one of my favorite in the entire Kazo summer collection 2016. Its a printed textured fabric. It is a printed front overlap crop top. A must have in your summer wardrobe.

lauren top

Theresa Jumpsuit– This off Shoulder Culottes length Jumpsuit just adds oomph’s and oomph’s to your personality. Carry it with a white oversize beach hat or with a soft braid look.


Zuilie Dress-It is a Overlap tulip dress with clasp detailing on the waist in supreme white color. It is a heavy moss twill plus poly interlock. It gives you an instant glamorous diva feel.

zullie dress

You can buy all these summer outfits @ So pretty ladies have you bought any of these from the latest Kazo collection. If yes sent us you fashable photo wearing #Kazo summer collection2016 and get a chance to be our summer diva of the month.

Trend Alert a half bun

Half bun is trending very much these days. Doing the half bun is so simple, and the best part is that it suits absolutely any length or hair type. Every other celebrity is seen with this look.

How to make a half bun?

  1. Brush your hair well and divide it into two parts.
  2. Tie the top half with a hair tie and make sure the ponytail is tied tightly.
  3. Gently tug and tease the tied hair to add a little volume and make your bun look fuller.
  4. Twist the ponytail around the base where it is tied, and then secure the bun with a few bobby pins.
  5. Brush or style the bottom section of your hair that is let loose and finish off by making sure the bun is in the shape you desire.

What things you will need

  • A comb
  • Bobby pins
  • A hair tie

This style could be perceived a bit odd to some of the people. It’s a very casual look with some kind of madness streak to it and unlike many hair styles, the “bun” works well with any texture hair. If you find it too enduring to your sober personality you can do this hairstyle in gym.

The art of dressing upon floral design

With spring setting in, floral designs are back in vogue. As the weather gets warmer dark shades of the winter are replaced with soft pastels, heavy materials replaced with lighter fabric and florals hit the racks again to bring out the warmth in dressing. Floral designs have inspired designers through different eras in creating attire that makes a style statement. Be it in the form of huge flowers in a flowing maxi dress or small flowers in the casual shirt or using an ornate flower brooch to wear on the fancy saree, floral designs can be worn on just about any occasion.

Whether you choose to wear that georgette maxi dress with huge floral print or that pretty floral top or the latest skinny leggings with floral print there are many ways to get the floral dressing right to go with the spring look. Here is a simple guide to refer to when choosing florals so as to highlight your feminine side subtly without overdoing the flower power.

Picking the size of floral print you choose to wear:

If you have a tiny built you can go ahead and choose the dress or the top with bold floral print. This helps in adding to your persona giving you a bolder look which would be subdued if you went with tiny florals. Similarly, if you are on the heavier side, you may want to go with smaller floral prints that give you a smaller appearance. Flowy tops with soft fabric go great with small floral prints and look chic too. Younger girls should opt for smaller to medium size floral look why the older women would go with the bolder florals.


Floral print accessories are awesome to try when going for the floral look. Sunglass frames, hair bands, bandanas and scarves, belts, shoes, purses and whatever you can imagine can be experimented with. The trick to being remembered here is to be subtle and don’t go overboard with the floral print. For instance, a plain peach dress will go great with a pair of floral stilettos, but a floral dress and floral stilettos would make you look like a flower garden.

Create your own edgy style statement:

If you have the right body frame and are willing to go with a powerful floral look, go with a pair of denim or white shirt paired with floral leggings to make your own style statement. Floral shorts with plain t-shirts of pastel shades are a great trend to look out for to get the chic look. Be creative and mix and match to create a look that you will own.

Go floral bohemian style:

Dressing floral for the beach party, experiment with different hair accessories to go with your floral party dress. From wreaths to floral hair pins to using actual and real flowers, style as you please to get the right floral look you desire.

While florals are almost a blind trend for women to follow, always remember to be subtle to bring out the best from your design and try to go neutral rather than being stark. This is two keywords to remember when wearing upon florals designs.

Women Wardrobe Essentials: New color to your wardrobe

Many times, we don’t realize but a closer look at your wardrobe, and your wardrobe only reflects a certain color, a black or blue or any one color. This is the time when you know you need some change and add some color and zing to revamp your wardrobe. A boring wardrobe can be very depressing and can even reflect upon your moods and personality. There are many simple ways in which you add that splash of color to your wardrobe without being too bold. All that you need to keep in mind is to be experimental and open to new things to incorporate in your wardrobe.

1. Bags:

stylish handbags

A bag is one accessory that one can really play around with. Have you been sticking to a brown or a black, well it’s definitely time for you to change that one. A small clutch or a big bag that has the whole world in it, you can leave your inhibitions aside and try funky colors and prints to add some zing with this accessory you carry. Stop thinking a black bag goes with every outfit, experiment with a green or a tangerine and how you add style with that little stroke of color.



Add some color to your wardrobe by getting some trendy scarves in vibrant colors and different prints. Scarves are an inexpensive way to add style to a regular and boring outfit. They are cheap and no one stopped you from stocking multiple scarves in checks, floral, neon, or block colors.



A beautiful and smart neck piece is all that you need to add a vibrant splash of colors to your attire. Beads, chunky stones, Contrast shades, metals, neon colors pick the style you desire and wear colors that make the world look at you.

4.Lip and Nail colors:


Lipsticks and nail paints are the easiest ways to add the dab of color to your style. While browns and maroons were the most commonly worn shades, the trend today has moved to wearing the most unconventional shades. Hot pinks to a deep wine lips and dark neon for the nails are the new trends that let you color yourself pretty.


summer shoes

A plain white of black t-shirt with jeans can be just turned into a fashion to look upon with just a bright pair of flip flops or the pretty floral wedges. Women’s footwear has never been restricted to one color and there are just no rights or wrongs when it comes to mixing match. So go ahead and add a dab of fresh color to those pretty feel.

6.Coats and Shrugs:

women coats and shrugs

A black dress becomes colorful with a floral summer jacket. Printed jackets and bright shrugs have been a trendsetter and it really helps stocking up on them to pair it with your outfit the day you are going low. Bright and vibrant prints in these jackets are sure to pep you up instantly and let you walk around in colorful elegance.

7.Hair Accessories:

hair clips

There are gorgeously cute hair accessories around be it funky hair bands, bows, rainbow clips or even the fun tiaras and wreaths that you can use to add color to your everyday wardrobe. The glitter or mattes or the multicolored whatever you choose to dress your hair, just make sure you wear it with ultimate confidence.

There is nothing more demotivating than waking up to a drab and boring wardrobe. So, just go all out explore skirts, pants or even socks to add in that element of color and transforming your wardrobe into a rainbow of colors.

What to wear at card parties?

Are you invited for a card party? All this talk of card parties around Diwali made us think about what to wear and how to gamble in style.Indo- fusion and contemporary outfits really go well with the essence of the card party. Here are some outfit ideas that you can refer to for a Diwali card party evening.
To begin with a card party is no place to flaunt your heavy designer suit so for something subtle yet fashionable.
1. Kaftan tops and cigarette pants– Kaftan always look nice when you have to wear something Indo fusion theme. Team it up with sleek pants and potli clutch to complete the look. Go for lemon, hot pink shades .It is a very versatile wear.kaftan lemon
2. Contemporary Saree– Contemporary Saree with a nice drap and embellished blouse always look great.You can opt for a velvet jacket blouse or imported fabric blouse. Go for indigo blue color or black color to add more charm. To complete the look carry a clutch and cocktail ring and keep rest of the look minimalistic.deepika-padukone-in-mirror-work-saree
3. Crop top and maxi pleated skirts– crop tops is a versatile buy. You can team it up with cowl pants, dhoti pants and at card parties you can wear it with a pleated skirt. Team it up with wooden boho jewellery.sonam crop top
4.Geogrette central cut kurti and palazzo pants-If grand is your style then palazzo and cut outs is going to be your  perfect attire with Card party. Team it with crystal blingy stilettos.Geogrette central cut kurti and palazzo pants
5. Silk kurta and A line pants– Silk kurtis are very in and are going to be very chick and classic this season. Team it with A- line pants for slimmer look.Complete the look with traditional chappals.Silk kurta and A line pants
6. Mirror work Sarees -is in vogue and is higly trending. Go for pastels shades and pearl jewellery to complete the look. This will stand you apart at card parties.Mirror work Saree
7. Evening gowns– Evening flowy gowns look very nice and elegant at card parties. Go for bold lips and minimalistic accessories if you are going to wear flowy gowns at card parties. To accessories you look have fun clutch.gown
So ladies buck up and gamble in style on this Diwali Card party. Have Fun.

Mirror Work – The newest trend in traditional fashion

Mirror based work is getting quite popular these days. It’s looks very chick and pump up the whole outfit in seconds .Be it Saree, Lehenga or Kurti mirror embellishments just looks simply amazing. Here are a few ideas using on how mirror work can play pretty with fashionable and stylish couture too.
1. Deepika padukone in salmon mirror work -Sarees Bordered with Round Mirrors just look very nice and traditional Abd salmon color is always a hit in festive season.deepika-padukone-in-mirror-work-saree
2. Nargis Mirror gown-Designers ace Abu Jani Sandeep Khosla presented a fun way to wear traditional gown and how to play with mirrors on a choli. This Diwali stand out with this traditional mirror gown.Nargis Fakhri-In Abu-Jani-And Sandeep-Khosla-Outfit-AT-amfAR-India-2013 (2)
3. Mirror blouse– In this outfit Tabu is spotted wearing mirror blouse and red saree. Mirror blouses just add more to the needed sheen in the festive mood. You can team up your mirror blouse with warm color sarees.Tabu-red-saree
4. Mirror embellished kurtis– Kurtis with mirror work look very enriching this Diwali. With mirror work surpass the look for the festive season.mirror kuti
5. Geeta basra mirror lehenga-is perfect outfit for our Bff’s reception and you can also use it easily at festive season. You can go for indigo blue, golden hue and mustard shades for this season.harbhajan-singh-reception
6. Play with grey and ivory colors– Designer Purvi Doshi plays with mirror work the new trend on grey and ivory colors. Team it up with a nice passa or a dangler.Designer-Purvi-Doshi-mirror-work-Designs
With mirror work, keep the makeup and jewellery minimalistic.

Thigh high – high on trend this autumn

These days’ thigh high boots are becoming very trendy. Given that they were over the fall fashion week. Thigh high boots have become a must have for this season. There are lots of options available. Be it different finishes, colors, length and style. Here are top 7 pick of this season.

Christian Dior’s thigh high boots– are absolutely stunning. Its bold looking with a leather .Color is naughty and sultry. It is definitely going to stand you apart.Christian Dior’s thigh high boots

Blue and brow hue-This style is very fun and chic. Whale blue and chocolaty brown color compliments each other very well. Team it up with a monochrome dress or an overcoat.

Velvet thigh high bootsLace it up-laced and open style looks ultra feminine. Be ultra stylist and feminine with this gladiator style high thigh boots. Lace it up

Leather thigh high boots– Nothing beats this classic pair of boots in black. Team it with a black dress or a stylish bike jacket with a plated skater skirt. You look absolutely daring and punk.Leather thigh high boots

Suede boots– Suede boots can never go out of fashion and is always on a top lists as it gives you a very classic look. Now mix it up with little spark by opting more bold colors.Suede boots

Fringe boots– Fringe are hot favorite this autumn. Be it jackets, handbags fringes can be seen everywhere. Go for fawn and earthy tones when picking fringe style thigh high boots.Fringe boots

Velvet thigh high boots– Velvet thigh high boots are very royal and elegant to look at. You can pair it with a velvet crop top and skirt or a velvet dress. Marsala is the color of the season. A add up in this color will only rise your fashion quote.

Christian Dior’s thigh high boots

Look sensual yet elegant at the same time with trendy thigh high boots.

Are you also taking a shopping vacation?

The 2015 Tourism & Travel Trends Report from Resonance Consultancy identifies “shopping safari’s as one of the fastest growing trends to look forward to. The most trending destination are the US and China. Interestingly this trend is making its way to India too. Indian travelers are keenly planning trips according to international annual shopping festivals. Many travelling agencies are making their customized itineraries to visit and shop from premium malls when they are vacating in abroad. Going on vacations purely to shop has become a growing trend, especially among Indians with high earning and spending capacity.

Travelers now explore more and more making best out of what the destination has to offer. So a lot of clients request for customized itineraries which includes visit to boutiques, night markets and carnivals entry. Bookings tend to rise phenomenally at the time of festivals like Dubai Shopping festival, Hong Kong shopping festival and the great Singapore Sale where one can really get a fairly good deal. These festivals offers great discounts on electronics, fashion, jewellery, accessories and more. Another reason for this trend is that the visiting city tends to come alive at this time. Many shops are open 24×7 and there are so many different events all together like concerts, musical performances and shopping carnivals.

Some of the popular festival carnivals are –

  • Dubai Shopping Festival: It is a huge hit among shopping lovers who loves to snag deals in real time.dubai2
  • The great Singapore Sale– Huge discounts are offered in this sale. Loads of buyers flock to the main shopping areas. You can easily fetch discounts up to 70%. , on these shopping treats.singapoor-1
  • Amazing Thailand Grand sale– an ideal place for holidaying and for shopping. They offer plenty of shopping events, great deals and some amazing Thai curries.Untitled-2
  • Shopping carnival in china– You will get some of the best brand replicas and accessories. Even variety of electronics is offer in great prices. You name it and you have it.china-consumer-treadmill-small

So now enjoy happy vacations and shopping together.


Fashionpedia- Suede is the trend of the season

Suede is a type of leather which is made with a napped finish, Suede leather is made from the underside of the skin, primarily from the cattle animals like lamb, goat, cow and deer. Mostly suede is used in the making of boots, gloves, jackets and handbags.

Suede does not include the tough exterior of skin layer, suede is less durable but softer than typical leather. Clothing made of suede demands more maintenance and are harder to keep clean than non-suede leathers

History of Suede

Suede was originally made for making women’s gloves. At that time Wearing suede was considered a luxury and a symbol of status. Many fashion designers prefer suede to work in, especially when they are designing soft, drapey, fluid styles. The term was originally coined in France to indicate a particular type of soft gloves imported from Sweden. Over the time, the word refers to any leather material with a smooth nap finish.

suede gloves

Maintenance of Suede

Suede leather does not include the tough exterior skin layer, suede is less durable. Its texture nature and open pores make it more prone of getting dirty and full of stains. Suede should always be cleaned as per manufacturer’s directions. The best way to clean suede is to use a dry sponge or a suede brush to remove dust and dirt.

Suede popular Uses

Suede leather is also popular in making of upholstery, boots, gloves and other fashion accessories. It is worn in the season of autumns and suede


Mostly suede leather looks good in color like bottle green, black, brown, beige and undertones of grey.

vera moda 1

Suede Trends this autumn

Every top brand from Vero Moda to Marks and Spencer is using suede leather this autumn. Short suede Jackets are very in this autumn. Fringe styles Jackets are also gearing well for this upcoming fall. Marks and Spencer are making fine suede boots for this season.

suede jacket

suede boots

So guys don’t you think suede has plenty to offer this fall.

Tommy Hilfiger watches for men

Tommy Hilfiger is a renowned brand and needs no introduction. It is surely a winning play for timeless style. Its classic and contemporary fusion is amazing. Here’s listing a few picks of this timeless muse.

  1. Style in gold– This golden piece look amazing and very high on fashion style. The finish and style is simply flawless. An ideal add-on in your gold
  2. Tommy Hilfiger in silver– It’s a contemporary, classic finish piece. Its elegant and can be worn on day to day silver
  3. Tommy Hilfiger contemporary watch– It is contemporary, sleek and stylish. Whether you are partying hard or going on a vacation this watch will suit all fun occasion.Tommy-Hilfiger-491605
  4. Sheer Light– This watch is a pure classic Tommy Hilfiger watch. It is very basic but again very stylish. It is perfect for your board black
  5. Its oranges-The shade is very quirky, very young. Why it is in my list like because I like the feel of it, the color of it and the make of it. It is an unusual quirky orange

So, which one you like the most. What’s your time style?

Show Off That Recycled Jewelry in Style

It is the age when people are becoming more conscious of saving their environment and doing some good for future generations. This is letting them recycle and reuse a variety of things that are part of their daily lives. The fashion industry is also not untouched by this green trend. Thus, several designers are creating eco-friendly clothing, jewelry and other accessories.

A latest trend in the jewelry making industry is about the creation and use of recycled items of all kinds. Women can now go to green stores and find such jewelry items for them. Whether it is an earring or a neckpiece, you can get it all in a green jewelry store. Designers at such places utilize a wide range of waste products and come up with innovative jewelry items out of them.

If you look at a recycled bracelet, earring, chain, anklets, hairpins or even a ring, then you will not find any of these less beautiful than the regular artificial jewelry you purchase. There are innovative styles and designs available for such colorful recycled jewelry items. You can match them with your clothes and personality and display them as you would display any other nice piece of jewelry. These do not give a cheap look at all. Additionally, you send some benefits to the environment.

Recycled jewelry may not only reduce your carbon footprint, but may also give you a stylish and modern look. There are wonderful designs and patterns being created by professional designers who have an amazing sense of the latest fashion trends. You can even get some office wear jewelry that adds to your charm with no extra spending. Recycled jewelry can be purchased at much lower rates as compared to the highly priced platinum, gold or diamond jewelry. So, step ahead with the fashion.

Nail Polish Colors That are In Trend This Summer Season

No girl can live without wearing a classy and stylish nail paint or polish. However, everybody wants to wear something that is in trend. Here we have come with some latest nail polish color trends that are hot this summer season but will make you look absolutely cool. Check them out.

Red-hot pink

This pink is not exactly pink. It has a good touch of red in it so it gives a red-hot look to your nails. Still, it is cool and refreshing to the eye. Find out and try this trendy coral red color now.

red pink nail polish

Sea foam green

If you have been to a sea beach and observed the sea foam color, then you would know what we are talking about. The shade of green you find in sea foam is exactly what is in trend for your nails too. Many women would fall in love with this seasonal color and try it out on their nails.

sea foam green nail polish

Blushed pink

For that blushing charm in you, try out this amazing cool shade of nail paint that is called blushed pink. This color can bring beauty and sophistication to your style.

blushed pink nail polish

Metallic navy

While navy blue always remains in trend during the summer season, it has a metallic touch this summer that makes it more attractive. This shiny bright blue can make your nails glow and glitter.

metallic navy nail polish

Peachy nude

When you add a touch of peach color to the nude shades, it becomes peachy nude that looks quite soothing and refreshing. This is quite a color in demand this summer season. So, be ready to paint your nails in peachy nude.

peach nude nail polish

Sunset orange

While orange is a hot color, sunset orange has a soothing appeal to it. If you want a bolder shade, then go for this trendy nail paint color this season.

sunset orange nail polish

Latest Trends in Indian Ethic Wear Can Make You Look Special

Clothing trends keep changing with time, whether these apply to modern or traditional fashion styles. Indian ethic wear also keeps going through several transformations and new trends keep arriving for modern women who like to be dressed in an ethic way. Here we tell you about some of the recent trends that have been giving a new definition to Indian ethic wear.

New kurti styles

Ethnic wear for women majorly includes salwar suits and kurtis. Recently, there have been several experiments with the looks and styles of these kurtis. While you used to see simple rectangular kurtis, these have now changed to cut embroidery of varied types. This gives you a wider choice of terms of fashionable designs.

Focus on back designs

Whether it is a blouse or a kurti, it has become a trend to come up with innovative back designs. Many designers pay special attention to this aspect and use threads and accessories of different kinds to decorate the back of ethic wear.

Experiments with Anarkali suits

It is not that simple Anarkali style that came into fashion years ago. Experiments have turned it into special types of gowns that have a fusion of ethnic and modern clothing styles. These trendy gowns look gorgeous at any event.

Creative color combinations

As many women now feel comfortable carrying bolder looks, the trend has also reflected in the color combos that are being selected for designing clothes like lehenga cholis and sarees. You may notice a lot of mix and match in colors while styling these clothes. Even if you start wearing a brown choli with a green lehenga, it would look trendy.

Trials with layering

Another trend that has picked up in recent times is the use of layering on ethic wear. Ranging from jacket suits to blouses, frills and layering is marking something unique.

Latest Trends for Lip Colors That Can Give You a Special Look

A perfect pout is the latest trend and this trend needs you to be pout-ready all the time with the wonderful colors worn on your lips. While bright lip colors in not-so-tried shades are in trend, sheer and matte looks can be maintained using some unique cool lip color shades launched by top makeup brands. Check out here some lip color secrets to make your look fab and rock.

Go orange

Orange is the latest pout color for all those bold and beautiful women who want to flaunt it high. However, you can use for a sheer look if you want to tone it down slightly. Tangerine also looks great if it carries a coral hue. So, go ahead and strike it orange.

Try it multicolored

Carrying multicolored lip colors is another raging trend this year. If you are wearing multicolored dresses, then you can pair these up nicely with purplish or pinkish shades. To gain a special look, you may go for a bright application of your chosen color on the entire lip and then use another darker hue in the center of your lips. You will simply look amazing.

Pep it up

Have you ever thought of carrying a shade like pastel pink or violet on your lips? If you have not, then give it another thought. This fearless try can definitely bring you in the list of trendy people who arrive with a punch.

Clash the bright hues

If you are wearing watermelon lip color with a similarly bright hue in your dress, then do not worry about your looks. It is one of the hottest lip color trends where bright hues clash with each other.

Pick up grapes

With extreme colors like black and white in your dress, the grape lip color can go beautifully well. Have proper blush and foundation on your face so you can carry this trend creatively.

Summer Party Dress

Hello girls,

How are you? What will you are wearing to summer parties this season. Refresh yourself for this season with gorgeous dress for every occasion. Explore the latest delicate style ideas for summer dress party.

Breathtaking V neck – Make a fashion statement with this eye catching sexy dress feature wide V cut and breathtaking open back.v neck dress

Mock neck – Specially made for spotlight only featuring mock neck trim, sleeve less, ultimate neck outline with 88% nylon. Be ready to shine brighter girls.mock neck party dress

Solid yellow – Fun all around from day to night with ease wear yellow body con dress. It is tailored in regular fit for all day comfort.solid yellow party dress

Royal blue skater dress – It is a simple royal line dress featuring a regular fitted waistline and shirred skirt.royal blue dress

Men Fashion for Summer

Beat the heat in style with fashable guide to summer fashion.

Working daysralph-lauren

  • Let’s start with Working days. For the office day try cotton trouser with a slim fittings Ralph Lauren Polo.

Weekendsmen fashion

  • For weekend go for sport shoes with worn T shirt and swim shorts.

Let’s think out of the box

  1. Shades – I love to wear sunglasses and I think I am religious about them. I recommend discovering latest collection of Louis Vuitton sunglasses for this summer.shades
  2. T-shirt – Check out the Ralph Lauren POLO for regular best fit.Ralph Lauren tshirt
  3. Belt and shoes – Many boys make mistake in this segment. What to do? Pick up shoes and belt of same colour for regular outfit. Hence, black-black or brown-brown.   belt and shoes

Midi Fingers Rings

Hello fashable peeps,

Accessories are having a serious moment right now. I am sure many of you have seen the trend in midi finger rings often called the knuckle rings. Midi finger rings have made a huge splash among celebrity fashion such as Rihana.rihana

How to Wear Them:

1. Place chunky ring on one of your fingers followed by midi finger ring on another.

2. This adds uniqueness because they are simple, easy and sweet.

It’s in trend but why?

I personally feel midi rings are extra ordinary versatile as they are thin and malleable in nature. In other words make perfect for stacking. Last but not the least you can substitute your favourite rings with midi rings.rings


mid finger rings

Perfect size

It’s very difficult to find the right size for girls as i am one of those. Try this to find the right size of your finger. Measure the size of mid knuckle with a piece of paper and measure it with the help of ruler.

So, is the midi ring trend for you? YES or NO.


mid finger ring style


mid rings

midi rings

midi ring trend

midi rings styles