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Fashion for Skinny and Curvy girls

Women can spend hours in front of the mirror trying to figure out what attire suits them most. Fashion trends come and go but to wear your own style statement is to understand your body type and wear the fashion that compliments you. While every woman dreams of having a combination of the perfect waistline and the perfect curves, very few actually have it. Respecting your body type and dressing accordingly is what your personal fashion is. Here are style tips for the skinny and curvy girls that go a long way in creating your own style statement.

For the skinny girls:

For many you are an object of envy. While there are people struggling with weight issues, you may be dealing with complexes of looking too thin. For the skinny girls, there are a few style checks that go a long way in wearing your personal style statement.

Loose and baggy clothes are a strict no:

While you may think loose clothes add a little weight to your skinny figure, they actually make you look like a hanger. And hence, opt for clothes that flaunt your body. If you find clothes are not available for your size, it would be worthwhile to alter them and stitch them as per size to fit.


Fabrics that cling or are thick both work great for skinny figured women as they tend to accentuate their figure.

Colors & prints:

Dark colors especially black make women look slim, so avoid it. Go for lighter shades with huge prints like florals that add curves around your frame. Horizontal stripes are also a great option for the skinny girls.

Dress pattern:

You are lucky that you don’t have to worry about picking up that flared dress. The flares and layers in tops and in skirts are a great way to add an illusion of curves. Also chunky accessories make you’re otherwise tiny frame some weight.

Hiding thin arms and legs:

Sleeveless can be best avoided by skinny girls as it makes the arms look very thin. Go in for three-fourth sleeves, blazers and puffed sleeves to avoid highlighting very skinny arms. Similarly for the legs, go in for pants with a little flare at the bottom, such as boot cut. Shorts that puff up around the hips add on the curve factor for the skinny girls.

For the curvy girls:

Being plus size can be very demoralizing sometimes when it comes to picking the right fashion. Here are a few handy tips for the curvy girls that would definitely help you in picking clothes that highlight your curves.

What to wear:

Jeans and skirts are the best bit for the curvy girls. Tight jeans hug the curves at the right places giving legs an overall skinny look. Similarly, A-line or pencil skirts give you an overall leaner look.


Oversized clothes are nothing short of a fashion blunder, but the key her is to get loose clothes that do not cling. This just means getting the right size between oversized and tight to fit and highlight your figure right.

Colors and prints:

Dark colors and small prints make a great combination for the curvy women. However, you can select bold prints as long as they don’t make you look huge.
Undergarments: Invest in the right kind of undergarments as they are the foundation for your outfit. Right undergarments can actually help camouflaging the ugly bulges.


Avoid fabrics like wool that make you look bulky. Go for soft cotton that would not stick to your body and will leave you cool and comfortable even for the hot seasons.

Skinny or curvy, there is very little you can do to completely transform your body type but dressing as per your body requirements in what fashion is all about. Most importantly, fashion works for you only if you are comfortable in what you wear and confident about carrying it, after all, being a true fashionista is all about being what you are.

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