How Shahrukh became Gaurav in the movie Fan


Enchanting prosthetics and a lot more efforts brought to screen helped in to bring live to Gaurav.  Hollywood make up artist Greg Canon created the whole 3D prosthetic makeup look. Greg said, “Normally he take 10-15 days for such transformations but he had to do this in just seven days.

Prosthetic is the process of using prosthetic sculpting, molding, creating and casting techniques to make advanced cosmetic effects.

Perhaps, it is not just SRK who should enjoy all the credit for Gaurav – VFX technology, digital enhancing, prosthetics and a lot more effort together with Khan’s engaging acting skills brought to screen the character that is now ruling hearts.

To fortify a realistic grade that worked with the emotions and story, over 500 hundred hours were spent grading the VFX plates and fine-tuning for the grade of the movie, Ken added.

Gaurav’s making and character required a lot of research and prosthetics makeup. The irony was, Gaurav had to look alike yet different.

It almost took Shahrukh khan four five hours daily to put on silicon based prosthetic makeup which is created by Oscar winning makeup artist Greg cannom. That’s how Shahrukh turned into Gaurav and wins accolades.


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