Indian gooseberries benefits

Untitled-1Packed with vitamin C, amla or the Indian gooseberry contains numerous nutrients that actually help you live a longer and healthier life. Also, the presence of compounds like polyphenols, minerals like Iron and zinc and vitamins like Carotenes and Vitamin B complex in amla make it a very versatile fruit.

Some of the common benefits of Indian gooseberries are

  1. Amla shampoos and hair oil are traditionally believed to nourish the hair and scalp and thus prevent premature grey hair.
  2. Antioxidants act as free radical scavengers thus protecting healthy cells from the attack of the harmful free radicals and prevent your skin from premature ageing.
  3. This versatile edible fruit also helps in proper absorption of insulin leading to a drop in blood sugar in diabetics.
  4. Consume one teaspoon of amla juice on an empty stomach to deal with acidity and resolve a stomach upset. It is rich in fiber and anti inflammatory properties.
  5. If you suffers from mouth ulcers amla juice could be a great remedy for you.
  6. Amla is very useful and beneficial in improving eyesight. It also reduces reddening, itching and watering. Mix 2 teaspoons of amla juice in half a cup of water and drink it every morning to get better eyesight.
  7. Amla helps in reducing pigmentation. With regular use, it brightens dull and dry skin.
  8. Amla oil is also an effective treatment for lice and dandruff.
  9. Drinking amla juice with honey twice daily can relieve asthma and bronchitis complications.
  10. Amla juice can cure obesity by increasing protein levels which helps in reducing unwanted fat.. It reduces the cholesterol levels, thus minimizing the risk of heart attacks.

With its numerous benefits indeed it is regarded as wonder fruit. Drinking amla juice twice a day can do wonders for your body and skin.

Hair care tips for Diwali parties

In festivals our hair suffers too much because of dramatic hair style and styling. Here’s how to have a hip, shiny mane for parties

  1. To make your hair look glossy hair serum and leave in conditioners work best. For oily scalp, apply plain white vinegar before you shampoo so hair does not get flat soon.marigold2
  2. Opt for argon oil treatments or keratin treatments to protect your hair from being damaged and fizzy.10129705
  3. This festive season side swept curls are very on trend. Keep your hair wavy with lots of bounce and movement. This also helps in highlighting you facial features.Exclusive-Beautiful-Eid-Festive-Hairstyles-for-Women-5
  4. An undone messy look and top knot is extremely trending and it also manages to keep hair away from the face when you are dancing. It will also add height for those of you who are short and cannot wear heels.4991316e196958713ccc55948e8c3531
  5. Braids are also trending. Experiment with Dutch braids, waterfall braids, rope braids, princess braids, five strand braid.images (4)
  6. Add more hair extensions and clips on to you locks to get it festive ready.577468b02e62c12a49f3a243e032b4b3
  7. Apply hair masks and do coconut oiling as it will nourishes your hair.DIY-hair-masks

Try and experiment as much as you can but follow a perfect hair regime.


Thigh high – high on trend this autumn

These days’ thigh high boots are becoming very trendy. Given that they were over the fall fashion week. Thigh high boots have become a must have for this season. There are lots of options available. Be it different finishes, colors, length and style. Here are top 7 pick of this season.

Christian Dior’s thigh high boots– are absolutely stunning. Its bold looking with a leather .Color is naughty and sultry. It is definitely going to stand you apart.Christian Dior’s thigh high boots

Blue and brow hue-This style is very fun and chic. Whale blue and chocolaty brown color compliments each other very well. Team it up with a monochrome dress or an overcoat.

Velvet thigh high bootsLace it up-laced and open style looks ultra feminine. Be ultra stylist and feminine with this gladiator style high thigh boots. Lace it up

Leather thigh high boots– Nothing beats this classic pair of boots in black. Team it with a black dress or a stylish bike jacket with a plated skater skirt. You look absolutely daring and punk.Leather thigh high boots

Suede boots– Suede boots can never go out of fashion and is always on a top lists as it gives you a very classic look. Now mix it up with little spark by opting more bold colors.Suede boots

Fringe boots– Fringe are hot favorite this autumn. Be it jackets, handbags fringes can be seen everywhere. Go for fawn and earthy tones when picking fringe style thigh high boots.Fringe boots

Velvet thigh high boots– Velvet thigh high boots are very royal and elegant to look at. You can pair it with a velvet crop top and skirt or a velvet dress. Marsala is the color of the season. A add up in this color will only rise your fashion quote.

Christian Dior’s thigh high boots

Look sensual yet elegant at the same time with trendy thigh high boots.

Olive oil skin and hair benefits


Olive oil because of its numerous health benefits also know as Liquid oil. Olive oil is one of the healthiest olive oil in this planet. There are many benefits of olive oil and some of them are mentioned below.

  1. Olive oil is generously used for nail and cuticle care and many women also use it as an eye makeup remover.
  2. Olive oil penetrates deeply into the skin and provides a cleansing effect for the skin. Use organic olive oil at night as a substitute in place of regular moisturizer. Apply a teaspoon of the oil to the face and neck. Gently pat the skin with a paper towel to wipe away any excess oil for the glowing effect
  3. Olive oil works miraculously for extra sensitive skin.
  4. Olive oil is a powerful ingredient of anti-aging skin as it is rich in antioxidants which help in preventing premature ageing of the skin.
  5. Olive oil bath are very popular in spas. Many celebrities take olive oil bath .It give you very soft, supple and healthy skin.
  6. Olive oil also works as a gentle eye cream. It is one of the natural beauty treatment which helps in nourishing the skin around your eyes and also works wonder for fine lines.
  7. Olive oil is loaded with antioxidants, which can keep the skin of your scalp in healthier position. It can even reduce the damage done by hair care and styling products.
  8. Olive oil massages improves the blood circulation in your scalp. This increased blood flow can stimulate the follicles, which helps in producing thicker strands.
  9. It helps in treating off the rashes very well.
  10. By massaging this oil, you can really improve the elasticity of the skin Massaging olive oil regularly on your affected skin helps in lightening the stretch marks and also prevents the formation of new stretch marks.

Hope with this tips you are going to make your skin and hair healthier than ever.

How to make Dutch flower braid?

Dutch-Flower-Braid-Updo-HairstyleThe Dutch flower braid is very beautiful hairdo. It is quite a elegant and pretty to look at. This hairstyle is perfect for weddings, formal occasions, flower girls, prom, and festivals. For this hairstyle, one usually need to have a good hair length but in case you hair is short you can go for  braided flower bun

Here are simple steps from which you can make a Dutch flower braid

  • Start off with by combing your hair well and then make a parting
  • Take a little section from the front part of your hair and keep braiding until you get to even it out with your eyebrows.
  • Slightly, take other part of the hair and starts braiding along with ongoing braid. Now continuing taking hair from the top of the head to feed into the braid.
  • For the other side don’t grab hair from the bottom of the head, just take those part of hair what is under the braid. Eventually hair will be fed into the braid once you turn it again and again forming a “S” shape.
  • After making the braid start off with the flower portion. Put a water spray and pull your hair out from one side and wrap your hair to make a Dutch flower
  • Loosen your braid and pull the braid till the end some of your hair might come out but don’t worry. On reaching the end secure it with a rubber band and bob pins.
  • Now take it upside flip it around and push it in by rolling in. Tuck it in properly and you will have your flower braid ready. Now secure the bun with bob pins and set it up where you need .Finally when you are comfortable with the braided flower add an accessory you can use clippies or flower pin. That’s it your beautiful hair do is ready.

So lovely girls now flaunt your braid in style.

Trending cocktail rings this Diwali

Cocktail rings are usually oversized jazzed up rings. They are quite a dramatic and a glamorous ring. Nowadays, a cocktail rings can be worn to many different kinds of occasions or even as part of a casual outfit.


Cocktail rings first came into fashion in the early 1930s and they grew in popularity throughout the 1940s and 1950s, as cocktail parties continued to be one of the most popular events. Many people still wears a cocktail ring with huge diamonds, emeralds or other large precious or semi-precious gems for formal dressy occasions and these cocktail rings are especially in very demand for events like premieres of films, Broadway theater productions, and award shows like the Oscars and Grammy.cocktail-rings


Cocktail rings can be worn on any finger but the ring finger of the left hand is where it is worn ideally. The right hand ring finger is also often chosen, though the ring may also be worn on the index finger as well. Anything and everything from the art deco period, to big flowery ring and even with rhinestones, is considered highly desirable. These rings are larger and bolder than the average ring. So many celebrities adorn this look. It looks great with both ethnic and western wear. It looks good especially on those who have big hands.Untitled-1

So girls, let your hand do the talking and be your own lord of the rings with cocktail rings.

Who wore it better? Katrina Kaif Vs Frieda Pinto

who wore better

Fashion face off are common and this time it is between Tinsel down diva Katrina Kaif and slum dog millionaire fame Frieda Pinto. Both the beauties opted for Dolce & Gabbana animal print colored gowns. While Katrina wore it at Hello! Hall of Fame Awards and Frieda wore it at an event. Frieda chooses the forest green color and Katrina opted for striking purple hue. As far as styling is concerned both are keeping it minimalistic and simple. Both Katrina and Frieda chosen dangler as an add on accessory. But overall who carried it great oomph has to be Frieda. It looks like she owns the outfit.

Our Verdict – Frieda has opted for a more beautiful colored and really carried it well with the right sparkling attitude.

Karwachauth 2015 Fasting tips

Ladies, I am sure you are all set for the Karwachauth festival. Till now we have been telling you how to deck up and capturing all the latest trends. Now only one day to go before the actual fasting we are discussing to give you some fasting tips to make you feel energetic and healthy throughout the day. Keeping a whole day fast can take toil on your body. You might face health issues like acidity, nausea, dizziness, weakness and low blood pressure. Hope these fasting tips keep your health problems at bay.

Before the fast

Traditionally, Karva Chauth fast starts by eating ‘Sargi’ which is traditionally prepared by mother in law and generally one eats it early in the morning before sunrise. The meal usually includes sweets like ‘Pheni’ (milk and semolina), flat potato breads or Aloo parathas and some fruits, nuts and dry fruits. After taking the first mean one does not consume even a single drop of water till the moon appears. Ladies, make sure you eat right and really hydrate yourself well to keep going till the moon appears.

Having wholegrain Parantha with is a healthier option. This healthy change ensures that you get some proteins along with carbohydrates. To avoid developing acidity and gas, make sure your meal is low-fat and is not too heavy on the stomach. Too avoid nausea don’t drink too much of water. Also, make sure you have at least 2-3 fruits probably banana and apple and also eat nuts like almonds, walnuts, figs along with it. This will add a satisfying source of energy to your meal. Adding lime water will add more electrolytes and you will feel less thirsty.images (1)

After the fast is over

Normally after worshiping the moon and praying for the longevity for their husband’s life one’s take first sip of the water and after meals. Avoid eating too sweet and fried foods immediately after the fast. A balanced meal along with some celebratory foodies is a best way to start with. A balanced meal includes vegetables, cottage cheese, curds, rotis or chapattis; You can also have some rice with pulses and Dal. Including buttermilk is also a good way to re-hydrate your body. You can have kheer or rasmalai in sweets. Avoid taking tea and coffee directly after the fast as this can really cause discomfort and vomiting.1213873_1437672117So ladies,with these tips enjoy this fast in the healthiest way possible.

Karvachauth Running Colors and shades

This year most of the states including Delhi, UP, Bihar, Maharashtra and Haryana will be celebrating this festival on 30h October, 2015. Mostly married woman dresses their best, apply henna and flaunt their jewelleries. This year many warm colors are making trends for this festival so our top picks for running colors and shades for this Karwachauth are as follows

  1. Salmon orange– It’s a very trendy color in 2015. You can wear a salmon orange lehenga, anarkali suit or salmon orange saree. It’s a very running shade and make your skin appear more glowy and healthy. With this color opt for gold jewellery.db72104-captivating-salmon-orange-macota-and-dupian-saree__39272_std
  2. Marsala Color– This color goes very well with the Indian skin tone. It is a naturally robust and earthywine red color and is very in this season. It is a very stylish tone. You can choose a Marsala Georgette lehenga or a crepe georgette sari . This is a very trendy shade this festive season.IIFA-2015-Deepika1
  3. Tangy orange– Orange is also becoming a very trendy and hip color and also orange color is considered very auspicious. Team your orange designer kurtis with golden lehenga and gold churidars.salmon saree
  4. Metallic golden– Metallic golden color is very fashionable and its embroidery is going to be very trendy this season. Palazzo style straight suit are very in this season. It looks lovely. Golden color goes very well with the Asian skin tone.Surily Goel (4)
  5. Fuchsia- is a very bright bridal color and adds more fun to your outfit. Fuchsia color can be a very good choice if this is your first Karwachauth. It is fun, bridal and a pretty color.Luscious-Fuschia-Pink-Colour-Gown-41195-fuschia-pink_0
  6. Lemon yellow– It is elegant pastel yet colorful color. Those who want to wear a traditional gown this color can be very refreshing to the eyes.lemon lehenga
  7. Cherry red– How can your list be completed without the color red. Red is a significant color in Indian festival and especially in Karvachauth festival. Since it is a traditional Indian bride wear color.Tr_12219868._triveni-red-pure-satinnet-embroidered-lehenga-saree-tsmn2206

This year, celebrate every beautiful color of Karvachauth.

Rosemary oil benefits

Untitled-1Rosemary is one of the most sorted and popular essential oils It is regarded as one of the most popular aromatherapy oils. Rosemary has leaves like flat pine needles touched with silver. It is native to the Mediterranean region. Fragrance vise it is a bit woodsy and citrus like. It derives its name from Latin words – ros (“dew”) and marinus (“sea”) which means dew of the sea. It is believed that The Virgin Mary had spread her blue cloak over a rosemary bush when she rested and suddenly the white flowers turned blue. The shrub then came to be known as the “Rose of Mary”.

Rosemary oil has a clear, rejuvenating herbal smell make it very ideal for spa like services. It is clear in color and is watery in composition. It is extracted from the fresh flowering tops through the process of steam distillation, yielding approximately from 1.0 to 2.0 percent.

Composition of Rosemary oil

The main chemical components of rosemary oil include a-pinene, borneol, b-pinene, camphor, bornyl acetate, camphene, 1, 8-cineole, and limonene.

A study published in Chemistry of Natural Compounds looked at the volatile compounds obtained from the essential oil of rosemary cultivated at the Algerian Sahara. Its analysis found that 30 compounds represented 98.2 percent of the essential oil, with 1, 8-cineole (29.5 percent), 2-ethyl-4,5-dimethylphenol (12 percent) and camphor (11.5 percent) as the major components.

Rosemary oil skin benefits

  • It is an antioxidant which helps in younger looking skin.
  • It rejuvenates your skin .It helps in rehydrating and toning your skin
  • It helps in the reduction and the appearances of scars and spots.
  • It increases the skin’s elasticity which helps in reducing age spots
  • Rosemary is rich in iron, calcium, and phytonutrients so it helps in protecting against harmful sun rays and free radicals.
  • It has natural antiseptic properties, so it is a natural disinfectant for our skin and hair.
  • It is a natural astringent and has anti inflammatory properties.

How to apply?

Apply the oil directly on a freshly washed face with a cotton ball. Allow this rejuvenating oil to dissolve completely into your skin before applying the moisturizer.

Are you also taking a shopping vacation?

The 2015 Tourism & Travel Trends Report from Resonance Consultancy identifies “shopping safari’s as one of the fastest growing trends to look forward to. The most trending destination are the US and China. Interestingly this trend is making its way to India too. Indian travelers are keenly planning trips according to international annual shopping festivals. Many travelling agencies are making their customized itineraries to visit and shop from premium malls when they are vacating in abroad. Going on vacations purely to shop has become a growing trend, especially among Indians with high earning and spending capacity.

Travelers now explore more and more making best out of what the destination has to offer. So a lot of clients request for customized itineraries which includes visit to boutiques, night markets and carnivals entry. Bookings tend to rise phenomenally at the time of festivals like Dubai Shopping festival, Hong Kong shopping festival and the great Singapore Sale where one can really get a fairly good deal. These festivals offers great discounts on electronics, fashion, jewellery, accessories and more. Another reason for this trend is that the visiting city tends to come alive at this time. Many shops are open 24×7 and there are so many different events all together like concerts, musical performances and shopping carnivals.

Some of the popular festival carnivals are –

  • Dubai Shopping Festival: It is a huge hit among shopping lovers who loves to snag deals in real time.dubai2
  • The great Singapore Sale– Huge discounts are offered in this sale. Loads of buyers flock to the main shopping areas. You can easily fetch discounts up to 70%. , on these shopping treats.singapoor-1
  • Amazing Thailand Grand sale– an ideal place for holidaying and for shopping. They offer plenty of shopping events, great deals and some amazing Thai curries.Untitled-2
  • Shopping carnival in china– You will get some of the best brand replicas and accessories. Even variety of electronics is offer in great prices. You name it and you have it.china-consumer-treadmill-small

So now enjoy happy vacations and shopping together.



31OWZmdIg1LCLINIQUE is a renowned brand in the world of cosmetics. Today I am reviewing CLINIQUE BLENDED FACE POWDER AND BRUSH. Known to be Clinique’s signature blended powder.

What product claims – It is a lightweight TL powder. It is suitable for all skin types. Its airy skin-hugging formula delivers a flawless finish .It claims that it makes pores seem to disappear and you can Whisk it off the excess with swivel-out brush

Ingrediants- Talc, Zinc Stearate, Magnesium Carbonate, Kaolin, Squalane, Isopropyl Myristate, Trisodium EDTA, Potassium Sorbate, Methylparaben, Butylparaben, Propylparaben May Contain: Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Mica, Bismuth Oxychloride, Ultramarines, Manganese Violet, Carmine, Ferric Ferrocyanide

Item Weight: 907 g

Price – US $ 25

Shade: Invisible Blend

Finish: Natural Matte

Coverage: Sheer to Moderate

Others available shades-Invisible Blend, Transparency 02, Transparency 04, Transparency05 and Transparency neutral

Packing-Transparent jar packaging with a silver lid .You will also discover white colored sifter which helps in judicious use. The powder comes with a retractable mini brush which is quite cute

Product Review– It is a light weighted airy texture powder. It just spreads into your skin effortlessly. In no times it provides you a natural matte finish.  It feels silky smooth on face and gives you an even toned and polished look. The coverage is sheer, so it won’t cover acne marks or any kind of pigmentation. It does not feel cakey at all and stays on very easily for almost 5-8 hours. The powder itself is very fine and blends easily into the skin very easily. It has no fragrance, is allergy tested and is good for all the skin types.


  • Smooth and airy texture
  • Blends in very well; gives you airy finish
  • Natural matte finish
  • It sets and perfects makeup
  • Allergy tested
  • Offers great shade options
  • Instantly brighten up the skin
  • 100% fragrance free, which is great for sensitive skin.


  • Brush is quite pokey and harsh
  • It does not cover all the pores as it is full of sheen
  • Would not cover acne marks or any sort of pigmentation as the coverage is very sheer

 Ratings – 4.5 stars out of 5

 Final verdict – Great product with a natural matte finish and airy feel with a few passable flaws. A must buy in your makeup kitty.


Top 7 head accessories this Diwali and karwachauth

Festive season is in the air. Hair is an essential part of woman’s beauty. Without beautiful head gears this festival is incomplete.Floral and ethic jewellery can turn the game around for you and make you look very beautiful and trendy. Here are top 7 head accessories which can make you stand out this festive season.

Maangtikka– You can choose from end number of variety to rajasthani tikka to polki Mang tikka to emerald maang tikka all are very in and very trendy. This festive season pep yourself up by flaunting a ravishing tikka.


Passa– is also becoming hot favorite of many. Passa gives you a very contemporary regal feel. Passa gives you stunning look in no times. It is a very popular hair ornament and gives you a very glamorize feel.


Floral crown– Every thought of becoming a princess of paradise this one is for you, Floral crown a head wrap of flowers makes you look ultra feminine. It is one of the prettiest and easiest head accessories to carry. Trust me you will love the both the feel and the look of it.


Flower Garland– Traditionally known as Gajara. Roses, Jasmine and marigold flowers are used in this garland making. It is really high on fragrance. If you are planning to wear a saree you have to don with sweet smelling Gajara.

flower garland

Matta Patti– looks very grandeur set it with high puff and lehenga with a nice pair of danglers.It is a traditional Indian head jewellery usually with one or more layered chains that flow along the hair line to form a jewellery piece. If you like statement dressing this head accessory is surely for you.


Contemporary head gears– If you donot want to go for traditional matta patti then this is a contemporary solution for you.If you find traditional jewellery too heavy for you then this is your real time solution. If you are planning to wear fusion dresses then go with this hair accessory.
head crown

Pearl bun pins-Hair bun pin clips simply look exotic and are a versatile head accessory. You can team it up with traditional gowns to lehenga to kurtis.

pearl bun pins

hair bun clips

So tell us ladies ,which head accessory you are wearing this festive season.

Zumba dance workout for weight loss


Zumba is a complete workout which combines all the elements of fitness cardio, muscle conditioning, balance and flexibility. The perfect combo of fun and fitness has made Zumba most admired form of weight loss.

Zumba origination

Zumba is a dance fitness program originated by Columbian Dancer and choreographer Alberto Beto Perez in 1990.Zumba perfectly amalgamates dance and aerobics together. A survey says, approximately 15 million people take weekly Zumba classes in over 200,000 locations across 180 countries. The name “Zumba” has no particular meaning or sense, it was chosen randomly as a brand name.

Zumba classes

Zumba classes are mainly about an hour long and are taught by instructors who have been licensed by Zumba Fitness, LLC. The exercises include music with fast rhythms and slow rhythms. Zumba has nine different types of classes for different levels of age and different exertion and endurance. Zumba offers different options according to one needs.Proponents of the Zumba program claim that it is safe for all ages and any age group from 0 to 100 can participate in this form of aerobic exercise.With Zumba you can done your abs, thighs, arms, and other muscles throughout the body. It also provides a complete cardio workout.

Health benefits of Zumba

  • It helps in weight loss .It is believed that an average person can burn around 600 to 1000 calories in Zumba classes.
  • It tones your entire body in fun way.
  • It is fun and all those who are too lazy to run on treadmill or do pushups it is an easy way to reduce the extra flabs.
  • It is an absolute stress reliever. The upbeat moves makes you release mood improving hormone endorphins and surely by joining a Zumba class, you’ll be able to feel your worries melt away when you lose yourself in the beat of music.
  • It improves metabolism in your body.
  • It is for every age and you can customize your zumba program by discussing it with your instructor. For example you can take beginner classes first adjust yourself first then succeed for advance Zumba.

With Zumba, now burn your calories without even realizing it.

Diwali and karwa chauth look which can make you look GRAND

Stand out this festive season with your own style statement. Festivals are that time when you want to put your stylish foot forward. This festive season blend in your contemporary and traditional outfit together. With this useful suggestions enhance your look in real time.

  1. Floor grazing Jacket– This couture trending look casts only oodles of glamour and elegance. This piece has floor length jacket in rich red velvet with intricate gold embellishment over a voluminous lehenga. The contrasting hues of this outfit add to the appeal. To finish the glamorous look go for smokey eyes, nudelips shade and soft curls. Statement Polki jewelry such as Mang teeka, Earrings and Cocktail Ring will add sparkle touch to the look.original2.1057546
  2.  Fusion style– Mirror work is very in this festive season. Indulge in colour of riots. Ethnic mirror jacket is a must have this season. Sparkle this festival season in a bright mirror work jacket with tulip pants. Accessorize it with nice studded Waist chain and Polki Earrings.alia-fushion
  3. A floral escapade – Embrace your femininity in this stunning floral pint lehenga.It is subtle to the eyes and so elegant at the same time with peacock and floral print. The pastle shades and the elegance of this outfit are sure to make you stand out in the crowd.floral-lehenga1
  4. Splendor Persian collection– Perisan collection takes you to a reminiscent. Anju Modi woman behinds Bajirao-Mastani costume look. Heavy layered lehenga looks so lovely and going to be very in this season.Bold wine hues, cherry reds and olive golden is going to be the color of the season. A matte lipshade, coral rouge and traditional passa, Hath phool and Glided nath spells magic in this look.anjumodi1
  5. Red silk lehenga– Red silk lehenga teamed with a heavy embroidered blouse adds to a regal appeal. If it is your first karwa chauth don this splendor look. Red , wine reds, cherry red all are very in this season. Floor sweeping designs to traditional zardosi gold look all are very high on grandeur to give you a stellar

This year fashion is getting magnanimous so turn your style quotient to grand.

Glam up with ethnic jewellery this Diwali

Glam up, yourself this Diwali with ethnic and intricately carved jewel pieces. These eloquent pieces give you a very ethnic and dreamy feel. This diwali get inspired from reminiscent of ancient design. These days, jewelry is spruced with Burmese rubies, Colombian emeralds, sapphires, spinels and natural salt water pearls are also very in. Rose cut and uncut diamonds are also trending well.

Trending ethnic jewellery for this Diwali

Bold, big and dramatic jewels are in trend. Bracelets, armlets, bangles, maang teekas, belly chains, anklets, jhumkas, rani haars and chokers will definitely go well with your ethic dresses. Keeping the festival in mind many jewelry designers are keeping their best foot forward and are coming with exquisite pieces.

Here are our top picks to glamorize your Diwali:

  1. A delicate pair of Armlets, adorned with gold bells will just look stunning. Colors like aqua, gold and red are very in this festive season. Bells give the armlets and bangles very traditional and look.armlets
  2. A pair of Jhumkas looks very traditional and beautiful. It is one of my personal favorite Indian accessories. If you are buying artificial designer jewellery , opt for oxidized jewellery.2-letest-jumka-gold-jumka-design-withsilver-stone-300x253
  3. A princess Necklace gives your ethnic outfit a very royal, breezy feel. If you are planning to wear a traditional gown this neck piece will only adds stars to your outfits. It is definitely a classic and timeless piece of jewellery.


Choker-Necklace-Pearls4. A matinee necklace– If you are the one who likes contemporary and emerald pieces. This piece is your baby then. Long necklaces such as matinee necklaces look very nice with ethic

  1. Kundan necklace– Always looks royal and nice. Three lines Kundan necklace accentuates your traditional look instantly and goes very well with lehenga and traditional brocade skirts.kundan

Hope, this jewels ideas is going to make you look like a million bucks.

Bajirao Mastani Jewllery takes you back in time- Style Decoded

The first look of Mastani, looks ravishing and stunned many. Deepika Padukone’s portrayal of a Persian princess catch all the eye balls whether is the regal looks or splendid costumes which has been created Anju Modi. From Persian hat to passa and opulent jewellery surely take you back in time. The representation on screen is looking regal , flawless and majestic. Hyderabadi Nizaam look for Deepika’s Character Mastani has been created to enhance her Persian look and even lot of traditional Marathi Jewellery has been used for Priyanka’s character Kashibai.

The man behind the grand jewellery design

Shri Hari Diagems, The renowned jewelers has designed the jewellery for actress Deepika Padukone for her upcoming Movie Bajirao Mastani. The magnificent jewellery have received great applauds and appreciated. Antique jewellery is back in vogue from Passa to haath phool all are becoming latest trends in jewellery. It truly celebrates the reminiscent of royal lineage.jewl

Hyderabadi Nizaam look and its history

The jewels of Hyderabadi Nizams are among the largest and richest collection of jewels. Even in the present days. It is considered to be one of the finest jewellery styles. There are 173 types of jewels in totality. The collection includes Gemstones, Turban Ornaments, Earrings, Armbands, Passa, Haathphools, Bangles, Toe rings, naths and Heavy necklaces such as Basrah pearl Necklace and Satlada which is believed to have 465 pearls embedded to it.

History of the Hyderabadi Nizaam

After the merger of the Nizam kingdom their heirs were barred by the Indian government from removing the jewellery collection, because it was considered as national treasure. The heirs eventually were forced to sell it at a much reduced price. In reality, the Nizam’s trustees agreed to sell the collection to India in lieu of taxes. At first the government tried to buy the collection for less than $25 million then finally the settlement was done at fixed price of $65 million but lawsuits from the Nizam’s illegitimate descendants have ensured that he has never seen the money and the legal mystery still continues.

This opulent style of jewellery still wins applauses by jewellery lovers and its admirers.

Karwachauth- Fashionable accessories ideas for men

Why should ladies have all the gifts? Men should also be treated special and as lovable as their counterparts. If your husband is too sweet and he always keeps fast with you then he must be shower with nice gifts. Here are some coolest fashionable gifting ideas which he might like

Gym wear– Give him a nice pair of sports shoes of Nike or Reebok. If he wears track suits this could also be nice choice in gym wear.gym wear 2

Jewellery – Men don’t like receiving jewellery that much but once in a while it’s an ok splurge for them to do so. You can opt for a love band or gold Punjabi Kada. A gold chain can also be a nice band

Ties- Men like wearing Ties especially in their board meetings. If you hubby works in big corporate houses this gift will definitely fit the bill.


ties for men

Cell phone, ipad cases- Men pay little attention to accessories unless your man is much updated on style quotient. Their gadget could be very up to date but if you pay attention to their cover or cases, you may find it very boring. So a nice and stylish case could make a nice gift option.ipad caseiPhone-5-Car-Case-for-Me

Perfumes- It’s a one think which men love to receive the most. Whatever their favorite brand may be; be it Hugo boss, Versace or Ferrari a nice addition is always welcome.Untitled-1

Wallets-is something which is going to be with them for most of the time. So a nice wallet from code or Tommy Hilfiger could make a lovely gift in this festive occasion.vollet-1

Cuff links– Stylish cufflinks are now a days in every men’s wardrobe. There are plenty of designs to choose from. You can even gift him a tie and cufflink set. So, I hope this idea will help in making your Karwa Chauth even more lovable.



Fashionpedia- Suede is the trend of the season

Suede is a type of leather which is made with a napped finish, Suede leather is made from the underside of the skin, primarily from the cattle animals like lamb, goat, cow and deer. Mostly suede is used in the making of boots, gloves, jackets and handbags.

Suede does not include the tough exterior of skin layer, suede is less durable but softer than typical leather. Clothing made of suede demands more maintenance and are harder to keep clean than non-suede leathers

History of Suede

Suede was originally made for making women’s gloves. At that time Wearing suede was considered a luxury and a symbol of status. Many fashion designers prefer suede to work in, especially when they are designing soft, drapey, fluid styles. The term was originally coined in France to indicate a particular type of soft gloves imported from Sweden. Over the time, the word refers to any leather material with a smooth nap finish.

suede gloves

Maintenance of Suede

Suede leather does not include the tough exterior skin layer, suede is less durable. Its texture nature and open pores make it more prone of getting dirty and full of stains. Suede should always be cleaned as per manufacturer’s directions. The best way to clean suede is to use a dry sponge or a suede brush to remove dust and dirt.

Suede popular Uses

Suede leather is also popular in making of upholstery, boots, gloves and other fashion accessories. It is worn in the season of autumns and suede


Mostly suede leather looks good in color like bottle green, black, brown, beige and undertones of grey.

vera moda 1

Suede Trends this autumn

Every top brand from Vero Moda to Marks and Spencer is using suede leather this autumn. Short suede Jackets are very in this autumn. Fringe styles Jackets are also gearing well for this upcoming fall. Marks and Spencer are making fine suede boots for this season.

suede jacket

suede boots

So guys don’t you think suede has plenty to offer this fall.

Tommy Hilfiger watches for men

Tommy Hilfiger is a renowned brand and needs no introduction. It is surely a winning play for timeless style. Its classic and contemporary fusion is amazing. Here’s listing a few picks of this timeless muse.

  1. Style in gold– This golden piece look amazing and very high on fashion style. The finish and style is simply flawless. An ideal add-on in your gold
  2. Tommy Hilfiger in silver– It’s a contemporary, classic finish piece. Its elegant and can be worn on day to day silver
  3. Tommy Hilfiger contemporary watch– It is contemporary, sleek and stylish. Whether you are partying hard or going on a vacation this watch will suit all fun occasion.Tommy-Hilfiger-491605
  4. Sheer Light– This watch is a pure classic Tommy Hilfiger watch. It is very basic but again very stylish. It is perfect for your board black
  5. Its oranges-The shade is very quirky, very young. Why it is in my list like because I like the feel of it, the color of it and the make of it. It is an unusual quirky orange

So, which one you like the most. What’s your time style?