New Era for Men Cardigans

New Era for Men Cardigans	Now a day’s Cardigans has apparently catching and gaining more popularity in men mainly because of the versatility it offers as it can go well with a casual or a formal look. No matter whether you are comfort lover or a runway fashionista it can stunningly go well ensuring a timeless look, mostly available in hand knitted forms or are made with machines that opens at the front with buttons and zippers. Men cardigan sweaters are made with various fabrics such as cotton, wool, acrylic, ecological leather etc   Prices of cardigan depend upon its craftsmanship, fabric, texture and style.

A cardigan can be a smarter way to expand your wardrobe. You can layer it over a button-up shirt and it can surely be a stylish substitute for a blazer or a jacket with the below mentioned:

  • Team up your sleeveless cardigan with a shirt to get an appropriate formal office going look in no time
  • Add sparks and bright color to your life by adding cheerful bright and contrasting color textured cardigans best suited for youth, college going students
  • Ensure a timeless and classic look with full zip sweaters or a toggle front cardigan
  • V neck full sleeve cardigan is ideal for those who are looking for a hip look with a ribbing around the neck cuffs and hemline. In short style to get hilt and snug fit to the body, you can complete the look by pairing it with denim and suede shoes to complete the look
  • If simplicity, elegance and comfort hold prominence in your buying agenda then cashmere button mock neck is tailor made for you. Pure and simple, this cardigan for men is all about comfort and elegance to accentuate your silhouette.
  • Become a runway fashionista by owing a hooded cardigan with long sleeves, sharp neckline and ribbed cuffs to get a high end sophisticated look to complete the look you can team it up with a winter cap and ugg boots to achieve the desired look.
  • If you want to create a laid back yet stylish look  choose a sleeveless cardigan with a long sleeve shirt by rolling up the sleeves a bit and wear the collar over the vest to get a stylish sophisticated look.



Waxing is one of the easiest hair removal methods as regular waxing results in slower hair growth over the time. Home waxing tips could be a great help when you are looking for instant waxing solution and have no time to visit parlor. So following are the easy to do waxing tips

  • Buy a read made wax or you can go for home made wax also
  • If you are buying a ready made wax read the instructions carefully before opening
  • Get waxing strips from the market
  • If you are choosing hot wax either buy a wax heater or heat wax in the microwave
  • Wash your hands, armpits and legs neatlyNOW WAX AT HOME EASILY
  • Dust the area with the powder on which you are going to apply the wax
  • Use spatula or butter knife to the area which you want to wax
  • Take waxing strip and place it onto the area which you want to wax and press it in the direction of hair growth
  • Hold your skin taut by pulling it from the edge of the strip in the opposite direction of your hair growth
  • When waxing is complete, wash your hands, legs and armpits with cold water

    A word of caution : Do not use wax if you have skin allergies, acne, pimples and other skin disorder and other unskillful warning can result in bruising, blisters and skin allergies



Khadi is back !!

Khadi is back !!

Todays youngsters are very much attracted towards khadi due to its unique fabric quality. Whether it’s kurta or bag with an elegant beads work, khadi is increasingly becoming the fashion statement for youth. They are liked equally in college campus as well as in office.

Various kind of khadi kurtas are available in market in different colours and designs. It is also easy to carry it on. It is more liked in summers as it keeps you cool.

Only meant for politicians some times ago, the khadi is now also preferred by fashion designers. The new experiments in khadi are attracting more people than ever. Those who liked khadi believed that by buying its stuff they are encouraging the local weavers.

The style mantra of khadi is ‘Comfort feel with elegant look.’ So, come and be a part of new khadi brigade.

How you are planning to dress up at this Valentines day?

How you are planning to dress up at this Valentines day?So finally Valentine week has begun and someone for whom you’re longing secretly has finally asked you out for a date and obviously the first think which is running on your mind is to look stunning,ravishing and appealing to your beloved eyes. There are some basic rules for both men and women to rule out the appropriate dressing for your V-day or some Valentines day dress up tips.

  • Clothes should suit your overall personality: three basic steps and they are fitting, color and design. Wear clothes which flatter your appearance. Choose fabric, color and the overall outfit according to your body type, height and complexion . Avoid wearing too flashy, body hugging and revealing clothes.
  • Choose the clothes according to the venue: is very crucial factor when deciding or choosing an outfit as venue plays vital role when choosing the outfit and you definitely do not want to feel out of league. For example if your beloved has ask you out for a movie then wear more of a casual outfit and if your date is taking you out at some fancy restaurant or lounge then you can try more sophisticated outfits.
  • Try the outfit before: Ensure that you try your outfit two days before as your measurement might have changed and also you have to look out properly whether it requires any stitching or altering. So its best to try your outfit before.
  • Make sure your clothes fit well: What so ever you chooses to wear, make sure it fits well. Clothes which are baggy, ill-fitted, skimpy clothing takes away the charm from your outfit. Avoid wearing them.
  • Too high maintenance: Do not give an impression that you are only in love with designer labels and wearing. As it may appear that you are trying too hard to flaunt and exhibiting yourself as they say wear your attitude which you can carry without an effort.
  • Be comfortable: If you’re not comfortable in six inches stilettos then avoid wearing it .Similarly it goes off with the guys too if your not comfortable in wearing tight jeans and heavy boots then avoid it because it very important to look comfortable and be at ease as it far better to look comfortable in whatever you choose to wear rather than being a messy mishap by trying something which is not you.

As finally your beloved has chosen you to date and not your outfit, So make most out of it..

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valentines day dress



Cure acne quickly

how-to-treat-acne-acne-cured-helpDealing with acne can be very difficult at times because acne take time to cure and occur repetitively if not taken care aftermath. By following below mentioned tips you can actually treat acne quickly

  • Use apricot juice – Cut an apricot and apply the juice to the pimples for about ten to fifteen minutes daily. See the magic in a few days you will be amused to see acne vanishing so quickly
  • Honey mask – Apply a honey mask to your face twice a week. Honey is a great way to treat unwanted blemishes
  • Tie your hair well– If you have long hair or bangs and fringes. Tie and pin up your hair well especially from your face as hair contain oils and it can contribute in multiplying your acne
  • Avoid wearing make up– If you’re applying make up it will only going to worsen the situation as make up products only contributes in clogging your pores as a result more pimples and acne will occur on your face
  • Purchase a toothpaste and apply it to the affected areas, leave it overnight and wash it off in the morning.
  • Use oil free soap– when suffering and dealing from acne always use oil free soap.
  • Wash your face with a sulfur based soap to cure acne quickly
  • Make sure you drink enough glass of water as one of the most common reason behind people getting acne is that because their producing toxins that should not be produced. So drink minimum 8-10 glasses in a day
  • Avoid junk food & spicy food and rather opt for fruits and salads instead.
  • Do not squeeze please– squeezing and popping your acne will only spread more oil to your face which ultimately will cause more acne

If problem still persists then visit dermatologist.

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Choose right Aviator Sunglasses for you?

Aviator sunglasses are counted as one of the most trendy eye wear this season. Aviator glasses look classic and iconic. These luxury eye wears are making a huge comeback and definitely will stay in fashion for all seasons. Consider following tips while buying a perfect aviator glasses for you:aviator sunglasses

  • The frame color : The frame has to go with the majority of the outfits that you wear. Make sure you are going with the right color. Aviator style glasses comes mostly in black,brown,and white frames. Consider your face shape and skin tone before choosing the right frame for you.
  • The brand : Brand names really matters when it comes to luxury items. Invest in a good brand of aviator sunglasses. Consider the level of ultraviolet protectors of the glasses. Ensure a trusted brand name to end up buying a nice one for you.
  • The Fit: A nice pair of glasses should fit well. Make sure it must be hugging your temples and your ears. Discomfort can certainly spoil the look. In case it does not fit well on top of your nose bridge, ask your optician to adjust it.
  • The Lens Tint: There are ample of black, blue,brown, gray and amber tones. The lenses can come in all sorts of tints. So plenty of options to choose from. However Amber color lens are good options for those who drives mostly in day light as it keeps the objects sharp while blocking the bright light from the sky.

Aviator glasses not only make you look good but also keep your eyes protected from harmful UV rays. Although knowing your budget makes it much easier to choose and you also ended up buying a good pair of fashionable aviator sun glasses.

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If not bikini, then what to wear in a beach party?

Dealing with cellulite and love handles but can’t afford to loose your best friend’s beach party and do not want to be spotted wearing a bikini then how to choose right beach wear for yourself . The key to conquer beach wearing is to play casual and colorful.

Following are the tips to choose a right beach wear excluding a bikini

  • Give yourself heady mix of color, style and comfort
  • Beaches mostly have hot and humid climate so wear light weighted clothes
  • Buy clothes in material like cotton and linen
  • Ideal beach wear is sarong try to choose bright and colorful sarong’s
  • If you not comfortable in wearing a sarong wear a spaghetti tops with hot pants
  • Noodle straps tops, halter tops are also in this season
  • Team your tops with harem pants
  • Accessorize yourself go funky wear flip-flops and floral accessories to complete your beach look
  • It is advisable to carry a light stole and beach shrugs

Sun Hats, sunglasses and sun creams are must have. Let beach party not be an excuse behind your skin tanning and skin related problems.


If not bikini, then what to wear in a beach party?

How to wear Pre-Stitched Sarees?

Pre-Stitch Sarees are best options for those women and girls who have no idea on how to drape a Saree and easy option for the lasses who often faces time constraint but are fan of this Indian graceful attire. With Pre-Stitched Sarees , make Saree wearing one step easier.

  • Pre-Stitched Saree wearer just needs to wear it like a skirt and drape the loose end of the outfit over the shoulder.
  • Saree is draped in such a way like pulling over a skirt onto waist line . Saree pleats are Pre-stitched at centre and you just have to wear it over a petticoat without tucking or adjusting the Saree.
  • Pre-Stitched Pleats are very easy to drape because of its uniformity and there is no excess fabric to carry therefore making it more stunning and sophisticated.

How to wear Pre-Stitched Sarees?

  • However petticoat and blouse have to be worn separately like in normal stitched Sarees

It takes around 3 to 5 minutes to slip into a Pre- Stitched Saree and can be worn by anybody without actually struggling with the draping part.

pre stitched sari 5

pre stitched sari style 2

pre stitched sari style 3

pre stitched sari style 4

Take care of your dry lips

Take care of your dry lipsDry lips can be caused by number of factors such as dry and color weather, over exposure to the sun, and by eating very salty foods. Chapped lips can also be caused due to the thyroid hormonal imbalances. Following tips can be helpful to cure dry chapped lips :

  • Apply a thin coat of petroleum jelly to your lips with cotton. Keep it around 15 minutes, then apply a thick coat of moisturizing lip balm. Look out for a lip balm which should have SPF 15 or higher
  • Do not lick your lips at all. It will only put you in worst condition. Licking your lips may makes you feel better  but when the saliva evaporates the pain will increase
  • Combat dehydration by drinking plenty of water. Drink around 6-10 glasses of water in a day.
  • Apply olive oil on the lips
  • Aloevera, drop of sweet almonds can provide sigh of relief
  • Apply vitamin E ointment
  • Milk cream are often applied on the lips to remove dry dead skin  to make them smooth

If problem still persists visit and consult a doctor.



Pre-Stitched Sarees – New Fashion Mantra

Pre-Stitched SareesA Saree is a traditional outfit wore mostly in South Asia. So when it comes to traditional ethnic wear this six yard clad elaborates the beauty of woman. Even over seas fashionistas are fascinated by this graceful outfit.  Hollywood celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Julia Roberts can’t stay away from the charm of Sarees and ended up, trying the one because of its elegance and high glamour quotient. But in todays hustle- bustle life and fast moving world where girls and women are juggling between their home and office they often find it a tedious task to drape a Saree and still managing day to day work. Saree is undoubtedly graceful, elegant and stunning but also the art of draping Saree is time consuming and tricky especially if you’re novice to this ethnic wear but as they say “Necessity is mother of all the inventions”.

Keeping all these problems aside the Saree designers came up with new options to bring back ‘Saree’ as a regular day to day outfit. The very talked about and much innovative is the newly introduced is Pre-Stitched Sarees in Indian fashion world.  A Pre-Stitched Saree is a tailor made, ready to wear without being involved in the tedious draping and is available with Pre- Stitched pleats and petticoat and all you have to do  it is just to pull it over the waist cutting  excess fabric which makes it easy to manage. Saree lovers are flocking are cherishing over the new trend as it is fulfilling the desire without being tedious or time consuming.

Pre-Stitched Sarees are available from party wear to daily wear offering wide range and arena. Pre- Stitched Sarees suits every body type no matter whether you are size zero or size eight. Pre- Stitch Sarees are fulfilling the desires of every women and girls who often desire to wear this ethnic attire but fails to master the art of draping. Now with Pre-Stitched Sarees more and more women can make a Saree their fashion statement without any hassles. Pre-Stitched Sarees have taken care of the problem effectively, efficiently and enticing the women to shop for Pre-Stitched Saree to look fabulous without struggling with it.

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How to do French manicure at home?

French manicure at homeA French manicure always gives you a natural elegant classy look and you do not have time to visit spa and parlors. French manicure can easily be done at home with right products and in couple of minutes you can give your nails the desired classic look.

Firstly Get it clean – Good manicure always starts with scrubbing your hands and removing all the dirt and grim until it is completely been removed.

Use a good quality File – Use a good quality file and shape your nails in an oval shape look. Use cuticles to remove stray hangnails that are generally caused by dry skin.

Color them – After filing the nails and giving desired shape to the nails. Color your entire nail with the base coat white color and let it be dry. Keep the base color thin and even.

Tip – Apply petroleum jelly to give nails a smooth and even look before applying the base coat

Clear Finish – Finish your French manicure by painting the entire nail with a transparent coat of polish as it gives a glittering and dazzling gloss to your nails.

Are you considering updating your winter wardrobe?

 winter wardrobeWell if your answer is yes! Then this article is surely a tailor made for you. Fashion is unpredictable  and so are their followers. Experimenting is the mantra for all the fashionista’s the more you do, the more you come up with the brighter solutions. Coming back to the original question – What is your  winter  purchasing  plan? How you’re going to decide what’s in and what’s not this season, probably by browsing high end fashion magazines or by following your favorite star style quotient or else play safe with the same minimalistic look? Well  here are few winter fashion tips that might help you, before you decide about updating your winter wardrobe.

  • While remain a smart buyer, be a fashionista
  • Invest in a couple of must have and fabrics like cashmere and silk
  • Proper fitting is  utmost criteria before selecting any outfit as body shape and ideal fitting gives life to the garment and the outfit
  • You may consider shopping at stores who are providing winter discount as it is a matter of few months
  • Electric color tops are in and  a must have
  • Fingerless gloves with smart fitting jacket teamed with streamlined jeans and you’re ready for funky college look
  • Those who are minimalistic and  believe in the same can go for a black over coat teamed with fish net stockings or colorful leg warmers
  • Oversize hats, colorful stoles, scarves are very much in and must have accessories this season

Fashion is playful and this fall and winter experiment with all the electric colors as they are back in vogue visibly.

Keep it stylish without loosing a touch of smart buyer who knows what’s he/she wants.

Be a health conscious with body, mind and spirit

Be a health conscious with body, mind and spiritThe meaning of Health in India has revolutionized over a decade. White rice has been replaced by brown rice, mustard oil has been replaced by olive oil. These days people are looking for a healthier options but side by side giving rise to a budding debate “Are we health conscious or just want hourglass figure and six pack abs?” How about considering a overall healthy body which constitutes of a physical, mental and spiritual well being. If you are conscious about all the three mentioned criterion then only you are really a health conscious person mere being a master of thin frame doesn’t make  you health conscious. Fashable brings to you this topic “How to be health conscious with Body, Mind and Spirit” from its health articles.

After reading this, your motives of remaining “health conscious is under question”. Because being health conscious is not about burning fats or hitting gym. In fact it’s about overall development of health not only physically but mentally and spiritually also. It’s about altering destructive habits and building good ones. Firstly in order to be healthy you need to decide which path to take, there might be many directions which you plan, for example if you want to be mentally fit and want to combat stress then try meditating or get a massage or rather do an activity like swimming, gardening or cooking which makes you happy from inside to decrease your stress level. Once in a month treat yourself with pacifying yoga classes to reduce stress. See the point is being health conscious is about loving your body and its different aspects be it physical, mental or spiritual needs and try your best to incorporate in order to live healthy lifestyle. Following are a few quick tips which will help you in order to stay healthy and fit.

  • If you are fighting from obesity and want to change your wrong eating habits so what if fast food is your first love and world doesn’t look believable without deep fried Samosas, burgers, french fries and desserts try switch over to buy a recipe book that focuses on your most recipes  with alternative  style healthy of cooking which focuses on nutrition fact and intake.
  • Well some people simply don’t enjoy exercising. Think logically if you don’t enjoy an activity, can you maintain it for long. Mere enrolling yourself into gyms, health centers will not lead to a healthy life. The fact is you should enjoy the activity so that you can practice it on a daily basis If you don’t like   crunches, squats or tread mill walks try substituting it with swimming, skating, dancing and try talking your dog for a walk so that your healthy habits lasts for long.
  • Ever tried healthier eating options like wheat grass, spinach, eggs, dosa, baked snacks instead on bunging on deep fried and fast lane food. Experiment with healthier food options so that you can be benefited from their nutritive values.
  • Meditate and smile a ton for your mental and spiritual well being.
  • Every time you take new year resolution of quitting drinking, smoking and drugging but fails miserably at the end leading you and your near ones disappointed . So this year don’t take New Year resolution. Try to figure out why I am failing, is this lack of will, addiction and what works in order to get rid of it.


A healthy mind dwells in a healthy body. Only opting a fitness regime is not enough as it easy to start any good habit but it is a challenge to maintain it through out. Understand the fact your body is not meant to be taken granted to live a disease free healthy life one has to look after their body. If you love your body, your body will love you too. Be health conscious not only physically but mentally and spiritually too.

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So ladies, which jeans flatter your body types?

jeans flatter your body typesJeans are undoubtedly every wardrobe must have. Jeans are trousers made from denim. Jeans are apt for every occasion be it formal one or a casual one and are considered one of the most comfortable outfits worldwide. In every closet jeans can be easily found because of its versatility and comfort. Levi Strauss invented jeans. Levi Strauss ordered a twilled cotton cloth fromFrancecalled “serge denimes” The fabric later became jeans popularly known as denim and were nick named jeans. So ladies we all have different body types then why same set of denims for each one of us and why not, pick a denim which suits and flatter your body types instead of going for the traditional ones.

  • Bell jeans : is a tailor made for enviably long legs.Bell jeans flatter those body types who have long legs and are of taller frame.
  • Boot cut jeans : are flattering on most of the body types, but they are the best for pear shapes (smaller torso and heavy and thick lower body) as boot cut jeans gives an image of minimize thighs and a balance to the wide lower areas. The best way to wear boot-cut is to team it with high heeled boots or stilettos.
  • Trouser Jeans: So you have short legs and are short heighted then get yourself a pair of trouser jeans which has a higher waist line that provides a longer vertical line.
  • Skinny Jeans: If you have an hourglass figure then this one is for you. To complete the look team it up with flats or with ugh boots.
  • Boyfriend Jeans: Please do not go by the caption. Boy friend jeans are one of the favorite casual jeans for women. Every other Hollywood star has been seen wearing the trendy baggy jeans but If you have thick or short ankles avoid turning the bottom too much as high and thick cuff legs will draw unwanted attention to them.

No matter what type of jeans you buy always wash them in cold water to keep the color free from fading and fabric shrinking.

jeans types

Winter Tips for a glowing, hydrated and flawless skin

Winter Tips for a glowing, hydrated, flawless skinWhat constitutes a great winter skin? Healthy skin is always a well hydrated skin. The cold rough winters often leave your skin dry and can really take toil on your skin resulting in dry and crack skin. In order to have a perfect flawless 10 on 10 skin, you need to follow a proper skin care regime which includes the below mentioned:

  • Hydration : One of the easiest ways of keeping skin hydrated during the winter is to provide water to it. Drink almost 8-10 glasses to keep your skin well hydrated.
  • Exfoliating  your Skin :  Weekly exfoliating your skin will help you to remove the dry, patchy skin.
  • Moisturize it : Cleansing and moisturizing is the quintessential elements to get the flawless skin but before selecting your moisturizer it’s important to know your skin type, choose moisturizer according to your skin type-oily, dry and normal. Deep skin moisturizing is very important when it comes to skin care.
  • Apply Sunscreen : Before stepping out, don’t forget to apply sunscreen as it  protects you from harmful UV-rays as it can cause a lot of damage to the skin. Buy yourself a built in sun protection factor of atleast  SPF 8-15 according to skin sensitivity level.
  • Moisturizer containing natural oils like Jojoba and Avocado helps you to have a healthy glowing skin and creates a shield of protected layer on top of the skin.

One of the easiest, natural remedies for dry skin is to drink plenty of water  and  eat a well balanced diet which is rich in fibers. Avoid alcohol, smoking and caffeine. This let alone will increase your skin moisture content. Let your skin breathe to its fullest.

Choosing an appropriate color for suits for different occasions

Suits for different occasionsSo whether it is your first company interview, board meeting or some other special occasions. Suits are something which can never go wrong and always remains a classic choice in the apparels for men. Suit wardrobes should be built on a foundation of its versatility and when you’re choosing suit, color plays the major role as colors like black, navy blue and gray suits can be worn nearly in every occasion.

How to choose a color for your suit?

  • When buying a suit, purchase basic color suit for its versatility : Basic colors can be worn nearly in any occasion without a second thought  while Blue, Black, and Gray shades  are acceptable in almost every formal situation and are must have in every men’s wardrobe.
  • Choose gray suit for maximum flexibility : Gray color complements any skin tone and can be team up with black, blue, and brown shirts offering more flexibility and are best suited for men with medium bodies.
  • Black suits for every occasion : The black suit is appropriate for almost any occasion be it a board meetings, interviews, weddings  or a date. Black color matches every skin tone and can make the appearer look more lean and tall. A black suit is must have in your wardrobe and if you are looking for a dinner suit then you can choose tuxedo stylish yet elegant to complete the look go for a bow tie.
  • Choose a navy blue for the interviews and formal meetings : When it comes to suit, a navy blue is a very common and traditional color so that you never feel out of place. The blue color looks nice on men with lighter skin tones.
  • Choose brown for casual events : Some men look better when wearing suits with earthy suits with earthy shades specially who have a fair skin tone. You can team it up with scarves instead of ties to get a fresh new look. Brown suits are appropriate for all the casual set ups like for day lunch or in clubs. When you are in mood of experimenting then brown suit is appropriate for you.

Lastly good suits need to be accompanied with nice shirts, ties, shoes, and socks.

How not to Dress your Kids in 2012?

Kids fashion now a days are having more themes and choices in fashion than ever before. Please drop the idea that fashion for kids means fancy dress or Halloween parties. Its more than that and your children are definitely not your canvas for experimentation and infact these days kids fashion are  more breathable, cute even without overdoing. So say  goodbye to those fashion passes like the below mentioned:

  • My little princess : Until your sweetie does not have a fancy dress competition or a party. Do not overload them with the overly done princess looks. Too much pink, shimmer, ruffles and jewelry is really too much for your little princess. Tone it down because years later, when you and princess are going to browse your family albums she probably will ask you what were you thinking when  you were dressing me like this unless you are not planning to reply  “Strawberry Ice-cream”.
  • How not to Dress your Kids in 2012? their age : Do not give your child a Rock star look just because he likes playing the toy guitar and kitten heels to you sweeties. Let their fashion sense grows according to their age. Do not haste and give them inappropriate looks.
  • Designer Labels : Decide whether is it the look or the label? How important is that your child gets the exact label he or she’s asking for? Is the looks that matters or label? Let your kid learn from the beginning to make a right balance between look and label and how to make wise decision.
  • Weather Friendly: So how many times you allow you little one to drench and fall sick the very next they. You can buy your kids fashionable Raincoats and dress them according to the demands of the weather.
  • Tidy and nice : Make your kids learn that it is important that their clothes should smell nice. Tell them it’s more important that it should be prim proper and tidy rather than merely be in fashion.

Let their fashion evoke more of carefree and playful.