7 Trendiest Nail Art this Summer – Latest Nail Arts

Summer is back with the bang. In summer, everyone wants to feel fresh and keep themselves cool because there is already too much warmth in the air. Now feel the summer with the trendiest summer nail art. We have selected 7 most fashionable trending nail arts for our lovely ladies.

Watermelon nail art: Watermelon is the fruit I could easily associate with summers. Water melon nail art is a very lively nail art.


DoI: While making a nail art always apply a nail tape to protect your skin from the nail paints. Use three base colors in the shades of green, red and forest green and for making dots you can use black nail paint. Take a sponge and dab it on your nails using red, green and parrot color and you can make black marks by a pointed brush. Finally seal it with a top transparent coat and voilà the water melon nail art is ready.

Vibgyor Gel nail art: Gel nail art is relatively easy and it instantly gives you a look as if your nail art has been done by the professionals. Vibgyor nail art is young, fun and flamboyant. All you have to do is mix the different hues on your nail and seal it with a top coat. Vibgyor nail art is quiet trending.

nail art designs

The other two trendiest nail arts will be based on summer vacation theme: When we say summers vacations seems to go hand in hand. We all to go to summer vacations, don’t we

Beach sea shell star fish nail art: Ever body loves a beach holiday. Beach evokes liveliness in all of us. To make a beach inspired sea shell nail art you need three base colors white, blue and sandy golden preferably glitter and a stencil to outline a star fish design. Take a sponge and add three colors on it blue, white and sandy golden. Damp it well on your nails to finish a design with a help of stencils draw a star fish and seal it with the top most coat. You are ready to hit the beach with a stylishly done nails.

nail art

African sun set nail art: It’s an African vacation inspired nail art. Take base color in yellow, orange, black and tangy orange. You have to be good with brush holding and making a tree, a giraffe out of a brush filled with a black color. Its highly innovative and attractive nail art right now.



Pattern base nail art:

Color fun ice cream nail art: ice cream nail art needless to say go very well with summer theme. We all like ice creams. Play your own color riots and add princess pearls to your nails and you are ready with the fun filled ice cream nail art.

ice creamnail art

Fruit nail art: pineapple based design is currently coming in all the running fashion design. You can add stick of coconuts, banana and pineapple as shown in the image. You can change the base color as per your preference and mood.

fruits nail art designs


Pastel manicure: It’s for those who like simple soft feminine look. Choose any two contrasting pastels colors like peach and blue, pink and blue, lime and mint green and add a silver lining to it. You could modify it by adding shells, stars, and hearts to get an extra personal touch.

 summer nail art